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Every household poses one thing for sure, that is a tumbler. A tumbler is a straight walled bottle or container which is used to carry and drink liquid in usually made up of plastic or metal. It gives your drink a new feel.


Are you willing to spend on tumblers? Here is a quick research on which tumbler you should buy according to your requirements.


One Time Use


These are available for a one-time use only. These are often plastic or thermocol tumblers which are not reusable. They are suitable for functions, parties and other occasions where the users are high.


Metal Tumblers


They are made up of stainless steel or aluminium.  They are very popular due to their reusability and durability. Tumblers made with food grade stainless steel do not leach into water and do not transfer their odor. These tumblers are affordable and can be used for daily up down routines as they do not easily break. They can be a good companion for travelling, or to your offices or colleges. Other than water they can be used to carry any liquid.


You can judge a metal tumbler on the basis of:



Should Be durable enough to go on long run.


Spill proof

The lid of the tumbler should be airtight and should not let the liquid inside it to spill outside.



The design and grip of the tumbler should be convenient to use. It should not slip easily from the hand or the mouth of tumblr should not be too wide.


Ease of opening

The lid should be tight but at the time should be easy to open by a person.


Ease of maintenance

The very most important factor is its ease of maintenance.  As it a daily use item, it should be easy to wash and clean.



A very most factor is insulation property. The liquid should remain in the state as they were originally. Hpt liquid should remain hot inside and cold should be cold. There are many types available in different type and time of insulation power.


Glass Tumblers


Nowadays these glass tumblers are becoming the choice of many people around the world. They are very much eco friendly as they can be recycled.


Also they can be used a fancy and decorative cutlery for guests.


Health conscious customers are moving towards these tumblers as they do not react with liquid inside them and do not transfer their odor. Acid liquids like juices can be easily carried in them without any leaching.


But they are not safe to carry around while travelling as they may break.


Vacuum Insulated Tumblers


These tumblers are best to keep water cool for an entire day and hot for about 5 to 6 hours. These tumblers have an insulation which helps to maintain the temperature of the water. So you can carry chilled water in summers and hot water for coffee or tea in winter with these super tumblers.


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