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Buy Turtleneck T-Shirts For Girls in India @ Limeroad

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Turtleneck T-Shirts For Girls

What Is A Turtleneck?

A turtleneck is the perfect piece of clothing for transitional months because it keeps you cozy without making you look bulkier weighing you down. A slim-fitting black turtleneck can change your life and how! Yes, it totally adds to your beauty. A cropped turtleneck is fabulous under boyfriend overalls and helps you to look absolutely stunning. A cable knit turtleneck sweater will bring you joy and confidence as the leaves start to change.

Fashion History

The New York Times posted on the evolution of the turtleneck from utilitarian work wear, to a style tied to social movements, to a pretty damn dowdy item of clothing, to today's present era, the refined incarnation that's equally at home ruling a boardroom or rocking the red carpet. Talking about this, here is a generally true but not entirely historical account of the ebb and flow of that much maligned, but totally sexy and stylish, garment - the turtleneck!


Turtlenecks are above all, practical and formal. They can be made of a warm material or as simple as a woolen cloth, endure a hard day, and allow for freedom of movement. They were popular among workers in the late 1800s for these reasons only. The reinvention of the turtleneck to be your go-to staple in a gorgeous nude that works in all environments.


It's like a flower that needs to blossom, a love affair with turtlenecks had to go through a rocky period to experience the gorgeous gift it can be now.

Fashion And Trends

Turtleneck or Roll-neck is a garment usually a sweater with a close-fitting, round, and high part similar to a collar that folds around the neck and covers the neck. It can also refer to the type of neckline i.e the folds, the style of the collar itself, or be used as an adjective.

A simpler yet fashionable variant of the standard polo neck is the mock turtleneck, that resembles the polo neck with the soft fold at its top and the way it stands up around the neck, but both ends of the tube forming the collar are sewn to the neckline. This is mainly used to achieve the appearance of a polo neckline where the fabric would fray, roll, or otherwise resemble as badly unless sewn. The turtle neck clings to the neck smoothly and it is easy to manufacture, carry, and works well with a zip closure.


The turtleneck was one of the boldest of all the affronts to the status quo. It was the picture of masculine poise yet feminine attitude and arrogance, redolent of athletes, sportsmen, even U-boat commanders. The effortlessly stunning and simplicity of its design made neckties seem fussy and superfluous by comparison.


Turtlenecks are the most comfortable garment you can wear even daily during winters. They move with the body, and they're flattering too because they accentuate the face and help to elongate the figure. They make life so easy, you can wear a turtleneck to work or formal meets or hangouts and then afterward throw on a jacket, and it becomes very dressy. You can go anywhere you like with your go anywhere look with the turtleneck top!


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