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Uppada Pattu Sarees For Women


Uppada is a village located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The Uppada Pattu sarees are famous for their beautifully designed cotton sarees. In Uppada modernization and upgrading has not yet found its place. So, only non-mechanical techniques are used to produce these sarees. Padmasali community is majorly engaged in the weaving of these sarees which have artistic zari work in their beautiful designs. The age-old Jamdani weaving method is used to produce these beautiful sarees. Jamdani is a hand loom woven fabric that is made of cotton, which traditionally was referred to as muslin. No doubt that these sarees are so historically enriched.


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The Uppada Jamdani Sarees have their roots in Persia where the words Jam means flower and Dani means vase. That’s why these sarees have the intricate floral motifs which are inspired by the Persian art. Pure gold and silver zaris are used in the making of these sarees originally. Now there are imitation ones available.


Here are some styles for you to consider before buying:

  • Big Border Uppada Sarees: These are suitable for all occasions and events. Considered to be one of the classics, this is one of the most beautiful traditional sarees you can wear.
  • Simple Jamdani Uppada Sarees: Simple is always the best way to go. These usually have intricate patterns all over the sarees and bold borders.
  • Multicolor Plain Uppada Sarees: These are color blocked sarees that look quite alluring. There are patterns on the border and it is one of the most highlighting features of the saree.
  • Half And Half Uppada Sarees: This is a trend that has been very famous recently. Like all other styles, it has encroached the Uppada Sarees too. Beautiful colors and paired with each other to create a masterpiece and this will be a great addition to your collection.
  • Big Pallu Uppada Sarees: As the name suggests, these have a delicate design in the middle and bold, big designs on the pallu.

Given the cost of the sarees, because of the gold and silver zari work, Uppada Silk sarees are used mainly during occasions of weddings, festivals, and formal gatherings. But they are quite light in weight and can be worn comfortably throughout the year. They are held in great esteem all over the world and are seen as one of the foremost contributors to India’s textile chronicles. In fact, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London possess a fantastic collection of Uppada Silk Sarees. Taking care of these sarees is equally important to maintain them properly and get the fullest use out of them. They are known to be passed from generations to generations. For proper maintenance, Uppada Silk sarees, for the first time, only dry cleaning should be done. The second time onwards, a mild detergent may be used. It is recommended that they should not be dried under direct sunlight.


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