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Buy usha kitchen appliances for home kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Usha Kitchen Appliances

The brand Usha is an international brand and has a variety of appliances in a quite affordable range. Kitchen appliances, fans, sewing machines, desert coolers, dry irons, steam irons,  instant water heaters and electric water pumps are all available under this particular brand.

Why the brand, Usha?

  • In 2000, Usha International Ltd. entered into a tie-up with Honda Siel Power Product Ltd.(HSPPL) to market light-weight kerosene pumpsets. The company introduced e-commerce and was the only company in the country to have an ISO certification for marketing. They launched Sterling, a chrome plated series of table, wall and ceiling fans. In the same year, they also launched a new fan series, the Mist Air Series and a range of water heaters called Spectrum.

  • In 2001, the company launched Lexus Quartz fan heater cum humidifier. They also launched Oasis, a portable tall body room cooler in the same year. They joined hands with Menon Pistons.

Being so successful, the brand certainly has the right product for every corner of your house. Now, ask yourself, “Why not the brand Usha?”  

Electric Kettles and Coffee Makers

Usha has a variety of electric kettles and coffee makers in store for you. Caffeine lovers are in for a treat in the morning. We’ve got kettles with an egg broiler and also portable coffee makers.


  • We’ve got the whole deal, you name it. Limeroad provides you with the filter ‘novelty feature’. Just tick off your preference and lo and behold, you got your product right in front of you.
  • The brand also provides both metal and plastic(cool to touch) kettles.
  • There are different capacities for each one. Limeroad also provides you a filter for capacities. Need a cheap one for travelling? You can get a  portable kettle and at the lowest price with the best discount offer on Limeroad.

Toasters And Sandwich Makers

I bet every millennial teenager is living that ‘Premium Rush’ life. Nobody got the time to heat a pan and toast the really thick bread pieces. It would make your morning very disappointing.


We only want the best for you. Therefore, Usha brings to you the best toasters and sandwich makers in the game. Get ready to have the breakfast of a champion every morning. Queue Bravo’s track.


  • The toasters allow the bread to be defrosted and also be reheated.
  • The sandwich makers come with an improvised lock system and a non-stick plate.

You can find the toaster and sandwich maker of your choice on Limeroad. All you have to do is tick the right filters and voila! You got your mornings set in the easiest way possible.


Electric Pressure Cookers

I gotta admit, we all love efficiency. We love to haste into things, kinda gives us the thrill of living life in a millisecond.


Pressure cookers are a solution to every food problem in the world. Yes, exactly what you’re thinking. Usha has this too! That’s not the only surprise. We got the all the goodies here.


Introduce yourselves to the newest and hottest pressure cooker ever with automatic time and pressure control.


  • It’s got a manual pressure release valve and a shock proof body.
  • It also works with an open lid for saute.

Go get yourself one of these multi-purpose wonders on Limeroad to set your life straight.

OTGs and Halogen Ovens

Crush coming over tomorrow on Christmas night? The best option would probably be to bake a pie and some chocolate chip cookies. Give them a warm meal and make them feel at home. That should definitely do the trick.


Usha has a wide range of ovens to choose from. The ovens let you bake, grill, thaw, roast, slow-cook, barbeque, braise, toast, air dry and air fry. I don’t think there is anything left.


  • These ovens certainly make your dreams of 100% oil-free food a reality.
  • It’s 360 degree convection heating ensures that the food is cooked from all sides.

So, don’t hold back from experimenting new recipes in the kitchen. Limeroad gives amazing offers on Usha ovens.


You should definitely buy it from Limeroad. You wouldn’t need to worry about it being broken as Limeroad provides the safest transportation.


Cook It Up, Senorita!


Feeling like your kitchen and you aren’t there yet? Fill the corners with these wonderful appliances from Usha and make your life a bit easier.


Just select Usha under ‘brand’ and the type of appliance you need under ‘category’. Put your jam on, shake a leg and tune into having the coolest kitchen ever.