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Buy Clothing Value Packs For Girls in India @ Limeroad

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Clothing Value Packs For Girls


Even kids these days are not anyway less than adults in fashion, because of the influence of social media, fashion magazines and the knowledge they gain from their circle of friends is quite astonishing. Adults and children nowadays know what to wear and how to style up themselves with no doubt they are always being levelup from the great fashion icons. Finding an attractive value pack clothing can be tricky, especially when it comes to well-worn staples like kid’s shirts. You want a kids t-shirts that’s functional, meaning it will keep its shape and color after countless spills and stains and cycles in the washing machine.


So to find the best value pack t-shirts for kids and adults that strike that balance between fashion with function for kids ranging from toddlers up to an age of up to 12 years. Like we adults have varied choices to choose from for kids for both girls and boys also have their own set of value pack collections for their dresses and other accessories with variations in patterns,clothing etc. Here, let’s have a glimpse of value pack clothing for boys and girls.


Usually boys value pack t-shirts they come with full sleeve otherwise called as long sleeve, short sleeve or half hand shirt or sleeveless. Long sleeve or full hand t-shirts are less preferred when compared to the other two types of sleeve so these kind of long sleeve t-shirts can be made to wear for kids in colder climates. Online shopping for kids value pack clothing has exploded over the past few years and today there are several major players in India offering a fantastic range of kids value pack clothing with great offers. The best brands of boy’s clothing are known for the fashion-worthiness, and more importantly durability. Kids value pack clothes need to allow flexibility for the many mishaps that happen throughout their day.


Brands To Look Forward


This list includes the best brands value pack clothes to name some United Colours of Benetton, Allen Solly, Provogue, Miss & chief, Gkidz, Flying Machine, Cherokee, FanTage, Snobby, Diaz, Haig-Dot, Eteenz, casotec, Lee Cooper, US Polo kids, British Terminal, FIFA, Adidas,Romano, Star Wars, First clap, Fritzberg, Grand Derby etc.


A Plethora Of Colours & Fabric


Cotton boys value pack t-shirt comes with a variety of colours that kids love as blue, white, red, yellow, grey, multi colors, purple, beige etc with sizes chosen according to the kids ages. When coming to the fabric quality plays a vital role with varieties like cotton, cotton blend, denim, linen, rayon and polyester and out of this cotton t-shirts will be very comfortable and absorb excess sweat and dirt.


Spoilt For Choice


Kids these expect varied neck patterns which is also available as shirt collar, mandarin, button down, hood etc. With the chapter of prints and patterns as like adults there are huge choices such as printed, checks, solids, stripes, camouflage, florals, polka dots, colour block, paisley. Chevron, geometric, ikat , tie and dye types . As it is kids they even have an option of their favourite characters to choose from like angry birds, Batman, Pokemon, Chhota Bheem, Dora, Daisy, Captain America, goofy, Iron Man, Donald etc. At LimeRoad we offer your kids with most fashionable boys value pack cotton t-shirts range suitable for all age groups with the choice of collection among top brands with various patterns and sizes.


Quality, intricately designed dresses are now a choice for a number of people and children's cloth designing is getting a prime place among high-end fashion retail outlets. While designing children's wear the fabric choices, openings, fit and ease, trimmings are all the major considerations to be kept in mind. Some other factors a designer designing for value pack clothing should focus on are the changing shape of the growing kid and different proportions of the different parts of the body. Usually girls like to wear short dresses like frocks as they feel more comfortable and look pretty and stylish almost suitable for every trendy occasion. Small Frocks look really nice and cool especially on girls so if one wants to have a beautiful and cute appearance then you can effortlessly get them by wearing a cute little frock to get a trendy girl look. Small Frock design dresses of value pack are more in fashion nowadays because of their comfort and convenience; as the girls can carry them easily. So if your girl wants to look trendy and stylish you can make them wear frocks with suitable accessories.


Value Packs In Trend


Following are some of the trendy value pack frock designs which are in trend:

  1. Small Frock Model: Girls are more inclined towards colorful dresses that are short for both formal and informal occasions, because they look cute and create a bubbly and lively look. It’s available as a fully readymade frock which is the best choice for small girl’s frock which is made with fabrics like jacquard, soft net and raw silk.
  2. Printed Frocks: A floral print A-line cut frock dress will have a gorgeous look among girls. One can also try different types of V-neck, short sleeves printed frock for party wear also. The waist belt loops will help make the frock comfortable.
  3. Simple Frocks: These simple looking frocks are designed to be in short length type. The plain colors with piping and ribbons work of dark color is the frock of this dress and the color combination of this small frock will offer a simple yet superb look. This kind of simple frocks can also be used as a formal wear too.
  4. Sleeveless Frock: For unique style pick a stylish and attractive sleeveless small frock. These frocks are available in eye-catching patterns and It is highly recommended for their wear and tear resistance property. It has enhanced features like V-neck collar, nipped-in waist as suited for daily usages.
  5. Teenage Frock: This western wear piece is excellent for school, college and evening party look for girls. For comfort and fit, the lining materials have some stretch which does not irritate. These kind of special small frock for girls is made with comfy and high quality non scratchy material of chiffon silk and it is meant for special occasions like Birthday, Theme and Costume party for girls and not for daily use.
  6. Plain type Frock: Plain small frock with string, closure or belt are in trend as always. The waist belt will keep the waist part fit tight to look the torso part like loose and baggy blouse hanging on strings. This is specially decor for girls who love a simple yet comfortable wearing.
  7. Pakistani Style Frock: For new stylish dress, one must also update the new fashion trends. Even small age group girls are very passionate about the trend and don’t want to lag behind anyone in fashion trends. Today’s in the trendy world of frocks is the Pakistani small frock which is famous for among young girls for their unique cuts and the choice of colors have made best in the world of fashion.
  8. Party Wear Frocks: It’s time to get tremulous for girls with small frock for party wear. Wearing small and volume tops will make them appear taller and the curves of the frock, Gehra’s volume and trousers bell perfect fits and it looks magnificent.
  9. Festive Wear Frocks: This kind of simple special net frock small frock is great with any festival, family get together and even for parties. A sleeveless small frock design has comfortable fit and fabric is completely soft and comfort to skin. Accessorize your girls with a bright colored small frock and hair band and make her different in the crowd.
  10. Designer Frocks: Small short Frock come in a host of different designs and colors, enabling you to choose the best style to suit your girl’s comfortness. In most of the cases small girl frock design features exquisite embroidery details, sequins and pearls can never go out of style as girls love to wear ornamented frocks giving a royal look.
  11. Casual Frocks: Little girls love to wear frocks and for that the whole fashion market place has been crowded with this style. A casual small frock is ideal for parties with many types of patterns and shape add glamour to the small baby frock. Casual frocks with light colors with the same color trouser will make her look like an angel.
  12. Winter Frocks: Winter frocks will add the colours of your girl to apparel for new freshness in her everyday wearing. These kind of small baby girl frock comes with maximum confidence, comfort and 100% cotton that your kid will make it daily choice in the winter. As being stretchy and lightweight, your baby does not get irritated.
  13. Full Sleeve Frock: The full sleeved frock types are nothing less than your girls very best look so discover a look of elegance with this kind of small frock. Fresh floral print throughout the flattering dress with full sleeve will create a fantastic look. Added to this the high-neck construction and Georgette like smooth fabric will give her a comfortable feel.
  14. Polka dot & Patterned Frock: Polka dot prints with or without sleeves are the most comfortable type of clothing to wear in summer season. Similarly patterns like paisley comes with an ornamental pattern with motifs in cotton fabrics are the most comfortable summer special fabrics.These dresses also allow air circulation and comfortable movement for the children in hot and humid climatic conditions. Apart from traditional paisley prints choices are available in 3D prints which look very pretty in a summer wear frock.
  15. Cotton Swing Dress: A cottage swing pattern is a comfortable summer wear and kids can do somersaults in this dress because of the fabric quality and gives a twirl factor to the dress. It comes with an elastic neckline and a ruffled look at the bottom of the dress. The abundance of the buttons in the front will add cuteness to this pattern.
  16. ● Princess Type Frocks: Dress your little one like a princess with a bright coloured dress with a floral net pattern on the bodice with puff sleeve pattern. A princess style baby fancy dress in pink colour and encrusted with diamonds is never a wrong choice as birthday dress.
  17. One shoulder Frock: The one shoulder design is available in an attractive design and vibrant pattern with gorgeous pattern bringing out a chic elegance in beautiful colours. These dresses are made of soft material like cotton or cotton blend which is more comfortable to wear. The sleeveless pattern are an added advantage which allows maximum comfort and air circulation.

Thus online shopping at Limeroad offers value pack frocks for your girls with all the leading brands of different sizes for all age group of girls with eye catching colour choices.