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Buy Van Heusen Sandals For Men in India @ Limeroad

Van Heusen Sandals For Men


Van heusen is a very old and reputed american clothing brand which formerly just tailored clothes for men but since a very long time now women's range of clothing has also been made available. Being one of the oldest and biggest brands in the fashion industry you don't have to worry about the quality stuff that they manufacture. Well, not just for women but there's a reason for men to be glad as well.


Van heusen has a whole range of fashion sandals for men which are as comfortable as ever and as stylish as they could be. Being van heusen they've specialised in mens formal wear and we're proudly telling you there are sandals that you can wear at work too just start scrolling and shopping. We've got everything at limeroad under the brand name of van heusen specially curated for your fashion buds.

Style Especially Curated For Men


Van heusen has always specialised in men's fashion and they won't disappoint you now. They're as good as ever serving quality and fashion to their loyal customers and we hope they keep doing that for an indeed very long time. When we say sandals you might think the old school floaters but that's not true anymore. There are men's sandals which are as stylish as ever and as full of variety as you couldn't even imagine of.

  • Men's sandals come in a slipper range so when you step out of the house you don't have to go through the hassle of wearing your shoes everytime just wear your slipper sandals and you're good to go.

  • There are leather sandals with strips and cuts which you can wear while travelling or even with formal shorts.

  • Sandals are unique and different so they give out a message loud and clear that you have a fashion sense.

  • Sandals can be worn with anything from lowers to shorts to denims.

  • If you're up for friday dressing wear formal shorts to work with leather sandals and astonish everyone with your bold style statement.

  • Don't wear formal shorts with a shirt wear them with a t shirt so they give you a formal and casual look all in one.

  • There's a huge variety of sandals waiting for you to choose from just take a look and find the perfect sandals for the perfect occasion.

  • Sandals are comfortable so you can always preferably wear them while you are travelling. They'll keep you comfortable and stylish.

  • Not much men wear sandals so you start wearing and get ready to stand out.


Make a statement


Since a lot of men don't wear sandals that's all the more reason for you to go for them. Men are generally considered lousy in fashion but make that false for you and start experimenting with stuff you've never done before. One of the most vital things we ever look in fashion is that does it make you feel comfortable?


You won't feel the problem with sandal because probably they're the most comfortable piece of footwear ever designed for men. So step out of the house and make a statement, tell the world you're stylish and not lousy.