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Buy Van Heusen Suits for Men in India @ Limeroad

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Van Heusen Suits for Men

Vanheusen: The Brand


Vanheusen india is an initiative of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle is India’s largest and fastest growing branded apparel companies and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector. After consolidating its market leadership with its own brands, it introduced premier international labels, enabling Indian consumers to buy the most prestigious global fashion wear and accessories within the country.

The company’s brand portfolio includes product lines that range from affordable and mass-market to luxurious, high-end style and cater to every age group, from children and youth to men and women. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is defined by its brands — Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England — that personify style, attitude, luxury and comfort.


The Power to choose From Collar to cuff and Everything in between


A revolutionary innovation from Van Heusen, the Van Heusen suits are all about the power to have your shirts, trousers and suits made just the way you want them. From the fabrics to the fits, from the collars to the cuffs watch your ideas come alive in our apparel.


The Linen Suits


Rarer than either wool or cotton suits, linen suits are something of a luxury item. Linen is expensive but has a few advantages over cotton or wool for specific circumstances:

  1.     Breathability – Linen can be woven loosely for an even lighter, breezier fabric than cotton. This makes it lack weight, however, so it billows easily and will not drape close to the body like wool or pressed cotton. Linen is also much less absorbent than cotton, and will dry much faster when wet.

  2.     Light-Wrinkling – Linen has less “memory” than cotton or wool. It wrinkles easily because of its natural lightness, but the wrinkles tend not to stay or become pronounced the way they would in cotton. However, repeated creasing or pressing at the same place will break linen fibers entirely, which makes frequently-pressed suits wear out quickly.

  3.     Texture – While cotton suits tend to be a bit stiff, linen suits are supple and flex easily. They are typically quite comfortable and look good in a relaxed setting. A bit of wrinkled or billowing unevenness is considered part of the look and the charm of a linen suit.

Silk Suits

A pure silk suit is a rarity and a luxury. The majority out there are made either as very expensive novelty items often carried over into more Western clothing styles.

If you are considering a silk suit you should be aware of both the positive and negative characteristics of the fabric:

    Texture – Quality silk is smooth to the touch and light on the body. It is sometimes used as a lining inside wool suits, though sturdier acetone is usually preferred by tailors.

    Comfort – Silk is both light and breathable, making it more comfortable than heavy wool or water-absorbing cotton in hot, humid climates.

    Delicacy – Even quality silks are light, delicate garments. Traditionally Asian clothing styles compensate with multiple layers; a suit offers no such layering. They tend to wear out quickly and have to be stored and cleaned very carefully.


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