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Buy Vibro Kitchen Appliances For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Vibro Kitchen Appliances


Vibro is best known for induction cooking appliances and blenders and mixers. Induction cooking is soon becoming the new norm all across the globe. There are various reasons for this drastic change in the way household cooking works. And induction cooking also has a vast number of advantages over traditional cooking that makes it popular among the common masses. Induction cooktops have become more and more common in middle class and lower-class Indian households.

Induction cooking is often quite faster when comparing heating with traditional gas cooking. It is one of the most important features of induction cooktops. Induction cooktops also provide very precise control over the heating and the temperature of the cooktop while cooking, much like traditional gas cooking. Induction cooktops have much better thermal efficiency. What this means is that they produce significantly more heat in the same energy in comparison to traditional gas burners. They are far more energy efficient and therefore, preferred over traditional cooking methods these days.

In any typical induction cooktop, a coil of copper wire is placed underneath the cooking pot. This wire is then made to conduct and alternating current which results in an oscillating magnetic field which induces an electric current in the pot. This produces a large eddy current in the pot which flows through the resistance of the pot and results in resistive heating of the cooking pot. For almost all typical models of induction cooktops, the cooking vessel used with it must either be made up of, or have a ferrous metal like cast iron or stainless steel. This is important for the proper heating up of the vessel and therefore important to the cooking of the food inside the vessel.

Speciality Of Vibro Kitchen Appliances

Another specialty for vibro kitchen appliances is that of blenders and mixers. Blenders are some of the most versatile and useful of the kitchen equipment. They are quite powerful as well. The latest models are also able to crush ice which makes them even more useful for a lot of recipes. They can be used to make a lot of desserts and other sweet and cold foods that require the blending and puréeing of stuff. Milkshakes are a great example of the stuff that can be made using blenders. And with their portability and ease of use, they can be used to make milkshakes in a vast range of containers, thus making it easier to serve and make milkshakes for various occasions. Other drinks like piña colada and margaritas can be made with the help of hand blenders.

Why Choose LimeRoad?

Limeroad has a vast collection of hand blenders. And with the attractive prices that Limeroad offers on these products it is quite easy to look for and find a product that will suit your culinary needs perfectly.

Vibro is a trusted brand and has one of the best products on Limeroad. You are sure to be satisfied with Vibro products at your home.

Frequently asked questions
What are blenders?
Blenders are devices that are used to make purées and other mixtures of ingredients.
1 answers
What are electric tandoori makers?
Electric tandoor makers can be understood as spacious ovens that are specialised for making tandoors.
1 answers
What are the different types of blenders?
Blenders are of various types. There are hand blenders and worktop blenders. These are of different strengths and for different food materials.
1 answers
Are Vibro products reliable?
Yes. Vibro products for your kitchen are extremely reliable.
1 answers
Are Vibro products expensive?
Vibro has some of the most reasonably priced products on Limeroad.
1 answers
What are hand blenders?
Hand blenders or immersion blenders are blenders that have a more mobile design as compared to the more set worktop blenders.
1 answers
Are hand blenders expensive?
No. hand blenders are quite inexpensive. Limeroad offers attractive discounts on these products so that you find the perfect hand blender for your kitchen.
1 answers
How big are hand blenders?
Hand blenders come in various shapes and sizes.
1 answers
Are hand blenders manually operated?
Hand blenders, despite their name, are not manually operated. Hand blenders run on electricity and they are called so because they can be directed inside a vessel using your hands.
1 answers
How are hand blenders better than food processors?
The worktop blenders and food processors require food to be in special containers to be blended. And also, they require more energy to function. Their permanent position limits their versatility and utility.
1 answers