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Buy Water Dispenser Kitchen Storage For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

Water Dispenser


Remember the time when water used to be kept in matkas or big clay pots to keep the water cool? A little later, taps were added to ease the whole water drinking process. They probably became the first water dispenser.


But with the ease of refrigerator, the clay practice is long gone. But water dispensers are here to stay for winters, for parties, for just the storage of water or things alike.


The Power Of Copper


Clay was not the only water storage turned dispenser in India. Copper was considered to be the more healthy choice. It’s also scientifically proven that copper helps because of its antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.


Not only that they also help in producing melanin, build up bone strength and much more! That's the reason more copper utensils were used earlier.


A water dispenser like Copper 13 Litre Water Dispenser From Taluka is one of the wonders that can add natural goodness to your drinking water.


A water dispenser and a healthy addition to your kitchen? It's a win-win.


Water On The Go


Planning to go on a trip or out with your family on a picnic? Find your perfect travel companion with water dispensers like Silver Stainless Steel Jug From Monet.


Easily storable on your car or any vehicle you might be traveling in plus the handle gives you easy grip to hold an otherwise really heavy water dispenser.


Alternatively, you can also use the same dispenser at home in case you are not traveling. It's like a two in one deal.


The Fancy One


Besides the basic uses, one might just be looking to add a beautiful water dispenser instead of the old jug into their dinner parties or brunch.


In such cases, people usually prefer glass dispensers. Small Glass Dispenser 215 Transparent From Kayesse fits in. It's elegant and does the work of serving up to 4 people which again depends.


Party On!


When did water dispensers got limited to water only? Add some lemon, sugar and ice… voila, you now have lemonade for your blasting party which your guests can just have themselves with dispensers like Mason Jar Dispenser Glass Pitcher 3 liter. Mason jars have been such a huge hit and to have them as water dispensers would be the talk of your party.


Be it alcoholic beverages, lemonade or ice tea, Table Top Transparent Water Dispensers are aesthetically a good addition to any party.


Not to forget, they are totally Insta worthy.


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