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Buy Wedding Suits For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Wedding Suits For Men


Every person on the planet wants to have a perfect wedding. Be it food, arrangements, decor or the clothing. Bride and the groom are the prime focus of attention. Brides usually shop a lot for the wedding but men don't seem to bother a lot with the dresses. But time is changed, men also want their big day to be the happiest and the perfect one. Wedding should also be one of the best dressed day of your life. Whatever form your ceremony takes, it certainly merits your sharpest appearance.


In many cases it’s also going to require some coordination with groomsmen or general wedding themes. And since you’ll be making up 50% the pictures, thinking carefully about your clothing is almost as important as the bride’s. The options for dressing sharp on your wedding day are as varied as wedding ceremonies. However, these basic guidelines will steer any man straight.


On the wedding day, the goal should be to look the best as much as you can. You don't need to over do but the basics should be followed properly for a worthy appearance. Your wedding is a special moment, and your appearance should be as well.

We at LimeRoad help you to make it even more special.


What is Appropriate for the Big Day?


Your outfit should be a classic example of whatever style you’ve chosen. Tuxedo wearers will probably go with the black-tie style – suits wearers should be fitted perfectly and ornamented with a carefully made boutonniere.


Suits and tuxedos are the best options for the wedding day. A simple two piece suit is often the simplest and most striking option for a groom. Tuxedos and morning coats are amongst the fancier ones and do well with a theme wedding. Also the rules with them are enot familiar with the normal people. Such as a tuxedo isn't work before 5pm, it has to be worn in the evening or the night.


For suits, dark formal colors are entirely appropriate for a wedding day and many men will be just fine using a suit already in their wardrobe assuming it’s in excellent condition.

Worn with a white or other light colored shirt and a simple tie, a dark solid colored suit gives a man an understated elegance that pairs well with most bridal styles and fits the importance of the occasion.


An equally formal yet more versatile option is a three-piece suit ensemble; this adds formality and elegance to the basic men’s suit by matching it with a vest. Matched waistcoats fill a similar role to double-breasted jackets, but can always be removed to make the outfit a simple single-breasted two-piece suit.

Groom Tips


It’s never okay to wear sandals, shorts, or short sleeved shirts unless specifically requested or invited by the wedding couple.

Avoid brightly-colored suits as are novelty item and too gaudy for a wedding.

Avoid heavy patterning which distracts the eye and can clash with bridal styles.


Accessorize Yourself


When it comes to accessories, apart from the tie, a pocket square is really fantastic because it elevates your outfit, it’s very easy to fold, just takes a few seconds, and just underlines the event and its importance. A boutonniere suddenly makes the man the groom. But a boutonniere and pocket square would make the suit look overloaded. You can opt for either one. The flower adds to the vibe of the wedding and calls for celebration.


Comfort is all you need at the wedding with all the hectic rituals going on, sort for your comfort at LimeRoad.