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Buy white banarasi sarees for women in India @ Limeroad

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White Banarasi Saree

A Banarasi saree is a saree made in Varanasi, a city which is popularly called Benares or Banaras. The sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The sarees are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate design, and, because of these engravings, are relatively heavy.

The special characteristics of the sarees are inspired by Mughlai designs. They are intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs, kalga and bel, a jhallar which is a string of upright leaves and the edge of the border is a main feature of this saree.

Other features are gold work, compact weaving, figures with small details, metallic visual effects, pallus, jal (a net like pattern), and mina work. The sarees are often part of an Indian bride's trousseau.

Depending on the intricacy of its designs and patterns, a saree can take from 15 days to a month and sometimes up to six months to complete. Banarasi sarees are mostly worn by Indian women on important occasions such as when attending a wedding and are expected to be complemented by the woman's best jewellery.

Plain White Banarsi Saree


When it comes to a wardrobe staple item that every women should have it has to be Banarsi saree. The royalty of it portrays takes you on an another level. But a plain white Banarsi saree can do wonders. It looks absolutely amazing with a variety of borders in different colours and embroidery.


A plain Banarasi saree will always have the inclusion of golden colour in it. Be it zari work or simply the print. The border colours that are popular with a white Banarasi saree are red, black, golden and pink. These are the colours that would look great on a girl or a women. With a white saree you can go heavy with the jewellery. A gold choker necklace with stones studded on it and earrings would go with the saree. Plus some bangles or a bracelet will add to the look. You can rock this look for a friend's wedding or for a diwali party.

Printed White Banarasi Saree


Plain Banarasi sarees are quite common these days. A little print will add the variety to the saree.


Printed sarees differ in the prints and the colour combination. Usually the printed Banarasi sarees also have thick golden border paired with any suitable colour. Printed Mina Buta sarees are quite trending these days among women and girls. It is ethnic and classy at the end same time.


Also, solid colored saree have golden work on it with thick borders and woven motifs. Basically the pallu of a Banarasi saree adds the vibe to the piece. The fall it created at the back and the embellishments on it are so versatile. Dual tone Banarasi sarees also do great among women.


The pallu area is of different colour and the pleats area is of a different colour. However the motifs on the whole saree are of the same design and colour which in most cases is golden. Banarasi sarees are characterised by brocade borders and pallus, and often have woven butas or jaal on the body.


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