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Buy Windcheater Jackets For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Windcheater Jackets For Women

Times were ancient when nature defined the course of humankind. Human activity altered with altering seasons. All they were concerned back then was to adapt to the situation by gathering more food and staying indoors in winter. But, with the evolution of science and the rationalization of human attitude, nature is no more paralleled with divinity. Although we cannot change nature, we have learnt to face it. That ain't just cool but smart!


As a first fact, Winter is not the favourite for most of the high spirited souls. Winter semi-hibernation, forced couch potato style of living, holding up all the energies inside us, just makes us more and more likely to emotionally explode. Our rescue mission to save ourselves from chilling winters starts with putting on our armour. Yes, that's the windcheater jacket.


What Are Windcheater Jackets?


Windcheater jackets are a thinner version of otherwise bulky jackets. They are made with an aim to provide a protective cover from chilling winds. They are surprisingly thin, single-layered and also provide more breathability. Hence, you can also wear thick clothes inside without feeling packed or suffocated. Windcheater jackets come with a mesh lining or fleece lining. Super-dry windcheater jackets have a high double collar and keep the occupant warm and dry under diverse weather conditions.


Type & Fabric


Windcheater jackets are panelled along the center on the front side, which can be perfectly locked with velcro patches or zippers, whichever is provided. Jackets come with full sleeves and elastic wrist bands which expand to comfortable let your wrists through and contract to fit the size of your wrist to prevent chilling wind from entering through the gaps.


Lightweight and thin fabric enable a women-friendly design that perfectly compliments a feminine physique. Women and flabby are poles apart enemies. With slim fit windcheater, you can shed the worries of looking flabby. Zipped pockets provide secure spaces to store things and also provide shelter palms when needed. Put on a windcheater and face those chills that put a break to your enthusiasm and physical activism. Run on the streets like you own the seasons. Pair with wind pants for complete protection. It is necessary to wear protective cover before venturing into chilling streets. In extreme cases, these preventive measures are our only saviours from hypothermia till we can get some help.


Windcheater jackets come in attractive prints and colour like vibrant orange, tulip blue, black, maroon, grey etc that match most of the bottom wears. All branded jackets have a prominent logo design that reflects your taste, comfort level and class. All jackets come with fixed or removable hoods that have drawstrings or adjustable buttons for a stable fit.


But like all the best things this too comes with few limitations.

  • The fabric makes a very light annoying noise when your arms rub against your body. Like all problems, this too has a simple solution. Just tune into your favourite playlist while you jog and you wouldn't even feel the rub. Other than jogging, other simple activities do not cause so much annoying sound.
  • Most windcheater jackets run only till mid hip. However, this only is a limitation, when you do not pick proper bottom wear to pair it up. When coupled with bottoms that have quilted layers or wind pants and comfortable running shoe, complete protection can be achieved.
Frequently asked questions
Why is it called a windcheater?
Windcheater jackets are meant to provide a protective cover against the chilling winds and hence the name. Often, it is interchangeably used with the term ‘windbreaker’. Moreover, the term is catchy, self-explanatory, easy to remember and hence, a great marketing approach to attract the target consumers’ attention towards the product.
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How is it different from a rain jacket?
The first difference is the length. Windcheaters extend up to mid-hip while rain jackets extend up to and even sometimes a little beyond waistline. The next differentiating factor is their level of resistance to water. While both types are water resistant, rain jackets are waterproof. Windcheaters only resist light drizzle.
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Is it waterproof?
Waterproof character means to tolerate heavy rains and still keep the wearer dry. Windcheaters are made of nylon or polyester fibres. But they are not completely waterproof. They cannot resist heavy drenching. However, they are water resistant and protect the body from getting wet in light rains. A little advantage here is that they dry very fast because they absorb less in the first place.
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What is a Super-dry windcheater?
Super-dry is not a category but one of the many brands that make windcheater jackets. Super-dry claims to use ripstop fabric that is a derivative of nylon. The threads are interwoven skillfully in a crosshatch pattern that makes them more resistant to damage. This brand offers both men and women windcheater jackets but at a slightly higher price range.
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How can one differentiate between women and men’s windcheater jacket?
The material and technology used for both men and women windcheater jackets are exactly the same. The only difference comes with the type of fit. For a given size, men’s jackets are longer than women's jackets. The bust area of the jacket is wider for women. Hip size for a women's jacket is less than bust size. For men, hip size is almost equal to bust size.
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When can I wear a windcheater jacket?
Winter outgoings are the perfect occasions for windcheater jackets. You need not any more cut short your morning jogs due to unbearable chilling weather. Windcheaters can add a layer of clothing to your skiing, trekking in winters on snowy mountains. However, this protection might not be enough for winter bike rides. Specially made biker jackets would be a better option for that purpose. Only because, the speed of wind you face on a bike is much greater than what you face while jogging.
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What all fabric is used in the making of windcheater jackets?
Polyester, nylon, ripstop are the materials used in making these jackets. Each material has its own advantages. Nylon is soft and strong. Polyester dries faster. Ripstop with its crosshatch weaving is more resistant to tear and damage. The outer layer made of these layers has a lining made of fleece or mesh.
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What are the washing instructions for windcheater jackets?
Normal detergents or fabric softeners may rip away the water resistant chemical composition of the fibre. This need not be the case always. Look for washing instructions if any specific cleaner is recommended. Otherwise, these jackets can be gently washed in cold water in a washing machine. Just make sure there is no soap residue left over the fabric.
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What are some of the best brands offering windcheaters in the affordable price range?
Quechua, USPA, Wildcraft, Superdry, Adidas, Nike are high-end brands that offer quality jackets with a starting price range Rs 499. Adidas, Nike products are available from above Rs 2500. Super dry products cost a minimum of Rs 9000. At Limeroad, good quality windcheater jackets are available from brands like People for a little above Rs 1000.
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Why are artificial fibres like nylon chosen over natural fibres like wool in the manufacturing of windcheater jackets?
Natural fibres like wool are not waterproof. Natural fibres are either protein based fibre like wool or cellulose fibres like cotton, linen etc. Protein-based fibres are elastic and abrasion free. Cellulose fibres are more moisture absorbent but easily prone to abrasions. On the other hand, artificial fibres have the best of natural fibres without their limitations. They are soft, water resistant, abrasion-free and moreover cheaper and easier to procure raw material and produce products.
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