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Mysore Sandal Soap, 75g (Pack of 16)
OxyGlow Body Spa Treatment Kit 1.14kg
 Mysore Sandal Soap, 75g (Pack of 10) -  online shopping for soap
Mysore Sandal Soap, 75g (Pack of 10)
Mysore Sandal Soap, 75g (Pack of 12)
Mysore Sandal Soap, 125GR (Pack of 6)
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It’s Time to Unwind with Luxurious Bath and Body Products

In the age of ever-increasing stress and anxiety, luxurious bath and beauty products are quite a boon. They help you kick start your day with vitality and end it with a splash of rejuvenation. For women of this and age, these products are the absolute basics for a stress-free lifestyle., as a women centric online shopping portal is proud to be a catering to the needs of modern Indian women by pampering them with most revitalizing personal care merchandise.

Embrace a Range of Soothing Body Treatment Products on Limeroad

Ladies, Limeroad welcomes you to sit back, relax and rejuvenate yourself with the most soothing range of body treatment products which not only pamper your skin but go deep down to cuddle your senses.

Indulge in the enticing aroma of essential body oils from our range. They calm your mind and make you feel rejuvenated from the very inside. We also bring to you a vitalizing body wash collection that offer you a daily dose of freshness. You can also go for fresh and deodorizing shower gels available in our collection. Pick from our assortment of exotic bath salts that add more relaxation to your special bathing sessions. They are a must have for all you hardworking women who deserve to unwind and replenish themselves with nourishment.

Coming to the basics of personal care, we bring to you, a wide variety of moisturizing body lotions. They are enriched with ingredients that go deep down your skin, nourish it and give it a breath of freshness. For extra hydration and nourishment, you can also go for a selection of body butter that we bring to you.

For those of you who believe in the therapeutic power of aroma therapy, we have some of the most nicely scented body mists for you to indulge in.

So why go anywhere else when you have a deluxe collection of bath and beauty products on Experience the Pleasure of Online Shopping

Limeroad greets you with the most pleasurable experience of online shopping. We offer someof the most luxurious women beauty products for you to treat yourself with. With our reasonable price points and over the top deals and discounts, we make sure you have heavy savings on your purchases. With hassle free returns and prompt customer support, you will surely enjoy shopping on