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Buy Wood Watches For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Wood Watches For Women

As the world is becoming more conscious of its environment, the fashion industry is taking small initiatives to help the world in its endeavour. Many renowned companies are using recycled products like wood to help reduce wastage.


Adding wood to our daily lives, in the form of furniture, pen, card holder or the wood watch we admire it as it connects us to natural world amid all artificial things that surrounds us. Wood watches have become a top choice for many of us, who are passionate about nature inspired products.


Why Wood Watches?


We love being in touch with nature and living a simple casual life. The very fashionable wooden watches are the latest rage. These timepieces are becoming popular because of the unique spin to your style.


These watches standout because they are naturally beautiful and different.  Natural differences in wood grain ensures that no two watches are exactly the same. As nature produces variations in wood grain patterns even within the same tree. This adds to uniqueness, warmth and character of each watch. Plus, the rustic look of these watches makes you stand out from the crowd.


In terms of status symbols and the ability to add a touch of class to any ensemble, wooden watches are the most reliable accessory as it is redefined in a palatable manner. A great amount of time and effort goes into the making of these watches.


In this era of smart technology, watches have taken a backseat in being a necessity as women’s accessory. But a wooden watch helps in keeping your roots with the Mother Earth intact even in this urban jungle.


Generally, wood watches are lightweight. Women usually prefer on every occasion to be light including their accessories. So wooden watches are the best option. These wood watches are half the weight of a watch with a metal band.


Wood watches are hypoallergenic with their non toxic finish. It is just the best choice for many of us who are allergic to metals.


General Characteristics Of Wood Watches For Women

  1. More ornamentation is used such as diamonds and crystals. These are especially use around the dial and bezel.
  2. Face to bandwidth ratio around 3:1 or 2:1 that is the band will be significantly smaller in width compared to watch face. As women’s wrist is smaller having large band will look less proportional than a smaller one.
  3. The watch face is smaller and typically ranges from 11 inches to 15 inches in diameter. As women have smaller wrist so band length of women’s wood watch is short.
  4. Unlike metal watch, wooden watches don’t retain heat. Wood watches are insensitive to heat. Plus, they are comfortable and much lighter.
  5. Wood watches are significantly cheaper despite being handcrafted.

Points To Consider When Buying Wood Watches

  • Quality wood- Majority of the woods for these watches comes from furniture remnants. Small pieces are recovered to contribute to watch links. The quality should not be compromised. Good quality woods like maple, walnut, ebony, sandalwood and bamboo for not so expensive look.
  • Battery life-  Should be durable for minimum 5 years.
  • Price- Should be affordable.
  • Straps- Preferable if adjustable.

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Frequently asked questions
Are these watches waterproof?
Wood watches are splash proof. That is for normal wear and use including kitchen activities, a day in the gym and on beach, etc. But full submergence in water is not recommended both for the watch and wood itself.
1 answers
Are wood watches allergic?
Wood watches of reputed make uses 100% natural wood. It refrains from using any toxic chemicals for protection or treatment of wood.
1 answers
How can I take care of my wood watch to prevent crack?
The biggest enemy of wood is sudden change in temperature and humidity. It means if by chance you leave your watch in a car on a hot summer day, the high temperature has the ability to swell the wood and cause it to crack. Same with on a cold day or night. The cold will shrink the wood, putting pressure on glass and pin causing a breakage. Humidity control is also important. So when not using your watch be sure that it is inside, protected its original packaging or in a jewellery or watch box.
1 answers
How can I increase the durability of my wood watch?
Keep your watch stored in proper box when not using. The other best thing is proper conditioning that is protecting the wood from weather elements. Use Lemon oil or Tung oil found in hardware shops.
1 answers
How can I adjust my wood watch to fit my wrist?
To have your watch sized, you can do the following Take your watch to your preferred watch repair shop or jeweller to have them size it for you. The team of the company you are purchasing the watch from can size your watch before delivery. When purchasing online visit home page and click on the ‘Custom Sizing’ link for getting your watch sized.
1 answers
How to wind the automatic wood watch?
After receiving your wooden watch be sure to read the instructions provided. Initially, wind the watch at least 15-20 times before wearing it. After initial winding, your daily activity should suffice to keep the watch going, if worn everyday for minimum everyday for 8 hours.
1 answers
Is it possible to change batteries in my wood watch?
Yes, you can change the batteries. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual and perform the battery changing operation or if you are not comfortable please take it to the authorised watch repair shop or to a jeweller.
1 answers
Can these wood bracelet length in the watch be adjusted?
Usually, each watch that has a wooden bracelet comes with an adjustment kit. It requires minimal manual skills to change the length. If you do not feel comfortable doing it, take your watch and kit to local watch shop or watchmaker.
1 answers
Is using a wood watch ecological?
Many companies making these wood watches uses woods that are certified and approved by the Forest departments. Trees in forest have to be cut down so often to make room for new ones in order to preserve other animals or plants living there.
1 answers
How to find a wood watch of my size?
Wood watches can be easily adjusted using the spare links provided with your watch. Make sure that you keep the remaining parts so as you can swap out the links when damaged any on your watch. If you want to know the exact dimension of your watch go to the site and check the information on the individual product page under the heading specifications.
1 answers