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wooden spoons

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Wooden Spoons

The wooden spoons existed way back when the concept of utensils was in existence. People starting from the Iron Age Celts used to carve wood and mould them into a shape where they can put on something to eat. Not only this, the word 'spoon’ has also derived from an ancient word which also means something carved out of a large piece. This was the start to the trend of using wooden spoons. Though people have not stopped using them and they've somehow become a rare thing, but there are many people who always search for items and products like these.


Wood was the cheapest and the most easily available raw product in the market and therefore gained popularity in time back then. But now with the advancement in technology and with introduction to other elements, it's usage has fallen to a great extent. But some people still do prefer it because it's amazing properties which involves:

  • It can resist high temperatures and does not melt or demould while being in contact of hot food.
  • While other substances reacts and at times corrode when in contact with air and water, the wooden spoons are non reactive and inert to every such condition.
  • Because of its conducting property, steel spoons can become hot when in contact with food and you even might end up burning your hands but no such problems arise with wooden spoons. They are easy to handle and a very safe alternative to avoid such incidents.
  • They unlike other spoons does not scratch your utensils.
  • Because of these properties, these are durable and lasts for a very long time.
  • Last but not the least, they are eco friendly and the healthiest option thereby maintaining a perfect balance with nature.

These wooden spoons apart from having food, are used for other kitchen chores as well. There are different types of wooden spoons available varying from the flat spoon to the round circular one- every type serves it's very own purpose.


The different types of spoons available in the market are:

  1. Teaspoon: This is a mini spoon may be used to adding sugar, tea , spices or eating curd, yoghurt and food specifically from a container or a plate.
  2. Tablespoon: This is a large spoon used for eating as well as serving. They are bigger than a teaspoon but vary in a range of size itself.
  3. Soupspoon: This is a round deep spoon may be used to have soup and other liquid gravy items on the menu.
  4. Dessert Spoon: This is a kind of table spoon specifically designed and dedicated for dessert items.
  5. Long Drink Spoon: designed with long handles is specifically used and carved for drinks and mocktails served in big or elongated glasses to mix the content thoroughly as the usual spoon might drown in the container because of it's small size.
  6. Serving spoon: These are the biggest size of spoons available in the market used for the sole purpose of serving food from big utensils wherein the big size of these spoons holds a good amount of food in it.

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Frequently asked questions
What are wooden spoons?
A wooden spoon is a type of spoon made out of wooden material that not commonly seen in every household these days but are used for mixing and stirring sauces and spices while cooking.
1 answers
Are wooden spoons durable?
Wooden spoons are thick and very strong and do not break easily if dropped but they do need a little care with the material they are made up of which is wood. Depending upon the care and usage, they are crafted to last longer than the other materials used for making spoons.
1 answers
Are these wooden spoons sanitary?
Wooden spoons have pores and they do require a little attention when it comes to sanitation. Because of these tiny pores they sip oil and water while cooking which if not washed properly attracts bacteria and so it is necessary to soak these wooden spoons in hot water and soap to filter out all the harmful and invisible germs and other bacterias.
1 answers
What is the size of a wooden spoon?
They vary in sizes and are available in different expanse and the largest one being 14 inches as they are only for cooking so are generally bigger than other spoons.
1 answers
Which spoon to use - wooden spoon or metal?
With every item having its own purpose to serve, Non stick cookware requires wooden spoon as metal might scratch the non stick surface and they do not react unlike metal spoons and also they do not conduct.
1 answers
Why do we use wooden spoons?
We use wooden spoon for stirring and mixing sauces while cooking food as they are lightweight and does not scratch cookware they are must to keep it in your kitchen.
1 answers
Is a wooden spoon affordable?
Wooden spoons are not so cheap but are affordable and using wooden spoons may save you a lot of money because they are gentle to your cookware thus increases the life of your cookwares.
1 answers
Are wooden spoons made up of wood only?
Yes they are only made up of wood but the ones used are not the everyday wood but woods like beechwood, maple are generally used for kitchen utensils.
1 answers
Do they come in sets or a single piece?
Yes they come in sets of 4 and each piece is different from other and also available as a single piece.
1 answers
How do you take care of a wooden spoon ?
You can soak them in hot water with soap and rinse properly and also used lemon juice to clear out the smell of sauces.
1 answers