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Buy Wool Quilts & Blankets For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

Wool Blankets


The winter season is around the corner and we all want to stay cozy and wrapped up to keep ourselves warm. It’s time to dress up your room this winter.


With the wide variety of blankets available at Limeroad in different geometric and floral pattern dress up your bed and keep yourself warm!


Whether you are curling under your blankets or using it only hill station trips, it has numerous uses around the home and is beneficial for you in so many ways.


We are all aware of the very customary use of the wool blankets, however, it not only serves the purpose of thermal conductivity in winters, but it can also be used on chilly evenings, outdoor adventurous vacations or even on picnics in the hills.


Okay so here is what all you need to know about the functioning of the wool. Since wool is the permeable fabric, it allows the moisture (perspiration) to pass through the fibre cores. It is because of this ability of this fabric your body is able to regulate its own temperature! As a result you feel dry and warm when it is cold outside and cool, but not sweaty when the temperature rises a little!


Wool is good for you as it is a naturally obtained fibre, it is biodegradable and durable which makes it a great option for your bedding!


The Benefits Of Having A Wool Blanket


  • As described above, wool blankets, unlike those made up of synthetic fibres that might make us feel hot or even sweaty, allows your body to breathe comfortably.
  • It absorbs almost 33% moisture which is returned to the atmosphere during the daytime. So if you experience any sweat during night time it will be dissipated to the air in the morning.   
  • The wool blanket draped over your body will keep you cozy but it won’t make you stuffy.
  • With insulation, it will give you a pleasant feeling rather than being hefty.
  • The wool has some superhero powers as it in-built fire repelling qualities.  
  • Having a wool blanket rather than a synthetic fibre one is also very environment-friendly as it is obtained from the sheep, is biodegradable and has minimal effects on the environment.
  • Wool is believed to improve the quality of sleep and time of sleep.
  • Unlike other synthetic fabrics that may prove to cause rashes or skin irritations or itchiness, wool is gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skins.
  • The most attractive thing about it will be the different designs and colour you will buy them in. it will not only look attractive but also might put life into your room as a new dress-up on the beds.
  • And at the end, it will hug you warm to throughput the sleep!


So, you are just a click away from having one of the most beautiful wool blankets of different brands for your bedroom this winter season! Limeroad helps you fill your cart at very reasonable and affordable prices with exciting ‘end of the season” sale offers!