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Buy Wool Shirts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Wool Shirts For Men

Wool shirts come in different styles and colours for both men and women. It is very cozy and warm, especially during the winter, but can be worn on other days as well. It makes the wearer feel comfortable, as well as look good.


The different colours and styles all focus towards the autumn and winter, and therefore, is dark, and has a lot of warm tone. You have the striped shirts of contrasting colours, the flannel shirts, or even single coloured sweaters. The shirts with ‘colour-block’ looks cool and is the newest trend, therefore being a good buy.


Why Choose Them?

  1. These shirts are long and covers your entire body, being a protective shield against the atmosphere.
  2. The comfort makes it easier for you to wear it and go to work, no matter the circumstances, and can also be worn on a day in.
  3. It is good for both outdoors and indoors, and it would be perfect to pack one of these on a vacation.
  4. It is a must-have, in everyone’s wardrobe, throughout the year, especially if you are someone who looks for both fashion and comfort, in your clothing.
  5. These shirts are one of the best solution for cold days, and the colour range is very good and has a lot of options for the buyer.

How To Wear Them?


You can half-tuck one of these shirts in your jeans and can even pair it with a black belt, and some leather shoes. For men, wear it with a bucket hat, and a brown, wooden pant, that brings a good contrast and elevates your outfit.


When going out for parties, pair a solid coloured wool shirt with a high waisted, white trousers and a belt with a gold buckle, to have a more sophisticated, elegant look. The top has some cool texture on it and also comes in the form of sleeveless, cami or full sleeved tops.


They come in different colours and styles, and has a adult demography and is a good option for working adults who needs more style options in their closet. It caters to adults and students who want a more effortless look.


All students, and adults alike are seen wearing crepe tops, and is apparently the ‘go-to’ top for any occasion. Do not worry about looking out of place, because this top is loved and admired by all. It is appreciated across the globe and is a must have in your wardrobe. Without it, half of your outfits would be incomplete. Wool shirts are the perfect fit for any outfit you make, for any occasion.


What Are The Types?


It is one of the most stylish and fashionable tops and doesn’t take a hit on your allowance. It can be found in solid colours, stripes and also in various prints. The printed tops look very intricate and beautiful. It is tasteful and visually pleasing. It is also the easiest thing to wear and requires minimal effort in making this outfit.


Find these different styles of wool shirt on lime road, and you can find them with the sleeves and necklines of your choice.