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Buy Wool Shirts For Men And Women in India @ Limeroad

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Wool Shirts For Men And Women

Wool shirts are making a comeback and becoming a big trend as the plaid shirt or the classic flannel. The modern wool shirt is more of a redefining, it’s not just about the outdoor styles but also for dress and casual office wear. Wool shirts are available in the range from thin and sophisticated to thick and burly. The quality and construction of the modern wool shirts have changed such that they are now suitable even for summers.


In fact, the property of wool equates to keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather, even when the fabric is wet. Wools shirts do not cling to skin and pull moisture away from the body naturally. They do not wrinkle and also hold body odor like synthetic fabric or cotton do, so they require cleaning less often.

Trending Wool Shirts

Wool Plaid Shirt

It came into existence as a Celtic design in the 1500s, the wool print plaid shirt was worn mostly in the form of a kilt or blanket to protect the wearer from the harsh cold weather conditions.  You not only see them everywhere, but it also compliments any outfit and a low-risk option that you can pair with almost anything you already have in your wardrobe. There are endless ways you can pull off the stylish plaid shirt. At LimeRoad, you can choose a range of looks, from cool and subdued, to bold and bright.


Ways To Wear A Wool Plaid Shirt

  1. Go casual with your wool plaid shirt by pairing them up with jeans. You can choose among denim like black or light blue denim which will change up your vibe.
  2. For a formal look, try it with a suit. If you do not want the whole suit and checked shirt look, wear the wool shirt with tailored trousers instead.
  3. For the street style look, put the wool plaid shirt over a graphic tee with your shirt open for a relaxed feel. These can make up for cool college or casual day-out looks.

Wool Flannel Shirt

These shirts are made of a fabric called flannel that has been around for years. It is a soft, woven fabric that is typically made of good quality wool and slightly milled and raised for providing warmth. Flannel shirts are one of the fashionable shirts which never goes out of style and regularly spotted on the streets around the globe especially for their comfort and effortlessly cool style.


Ways To Wear A Wool Flannel Shirt

  1. Flannel wool shirts for casual looks: You can wear your flannel shirt buttoned-up or left unbuttoned either way for a relaxed look.  If the shirts feature light colors in its patter, a pair of dark wash jeans will complement the overall casual look. You can also pair the flannel wool shirt with khaki pants for a party or other casual gathering.
  2. Flannel wool shirts as Street style: Get creative in pairing your graphic tee and flannel shirt combinations. On LimeRoad, you can choose flannel wool shirts among classic colors such as red, green, white, grey, and brown. Pair with a t-shirt in bolder patterns and colors. Complete the look with ripped or distressed denim for a funky street style.