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Buy Woolen Kurtas for women in India @ Limeroad

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Woolen Kurtas for women


Come winter and fashion goes into hibernation. But when women have their game face on, it is not difficult to break the death spell cast by winter on fashion. ‘Woollen means bulky’ is a thing of the past. Women can make woollen trendy and just right. One such Indian innovation is woollen kurta. They simply sum up the comfort and fashion needs of winter. World produces 2 million tonnes of wool annually. Of which, 60% is utilized in apparel. This fact stands evidence to the global acceptability of woollen garments.


So, first of all, why woollen clothes ?


Wool traps pockets of air in between the fabric and restricts its movement. Air being a bad conductor of heat, prevents body heat from escaping. Thus, keeping us warm.  Woollen is known for its crimps, elasticity and moisture absorbing capability. An allergic reaction to woollen products could be the only possible excuse for not having a woollen garment. So, all non allergic fashionistas are lucky to surf the waves of woollen options.


Okay. But, of all the garment styles, why kurta ?


Kurta provides cover for a greater body surface area with full sleeves and knee length fabric. This saves us from winter shivers without the need for extra cover like bulky sweater or jacket.


To break the dull run and bring back haute couture to winter, Woollen Kurta is a must try. Here is all the information you need to update your wardrobe with breathtaking patterns and hottest hues of woollen kurtas.



  1. High neck kurtas
  2. A full cover from the top of the neck to wrists and knees, assures cosy comfort on winter days. A high bun tied up hair do complements the design. Also, it prevents hair from getting stuck on adhesive woollen fabric and makes the maintenance part easier.
  3. A scarf neck kurta is a variant of high neck. The extended collar appears like a falling scarf around the neck.
  4. Ultra fit kurtas
  5. The face of this kurtas sport an overcoat model with double breasted fit pattern. They give a wrapped up comfort but just with a single layer garment.
  6. Neck work kurtas
  7. Neck work is a way to highlight the neck portion of kurta continuing to the front half using mirrors, threads or any other motifs. This gives the lean shoulders an enhanced look.
  8. Dual layer kurtas
  9. A single piece of kurta can sport 2 layers. One design is to have a full running inner layer and a high waist front cut upper layer.
  10. Another design is to have a half shirt attached to full sleeve cardigan.
  11. They are functional in keeping you extra warm and also save you the pain of continuously checking the alignment when you put on separate multiple layers of garments.
  12. Asymmetrical kurtas
  13. A thigh high slit on a floor length kurta
  14. Uneven lower end of Anarkali kurta inclining towards one direction - either backwards or sidewards.
  15. These kurtas make the best of standing and walking postures. They can be perfect for the seminar, field work or buffet meal. Just make sure you pick subtle colours with simple or no additional design.
  16. Chinese collar / Mandarin neck woollen kurtas
  17. This particular neck type surrounds the lower neck line, giving it a formal appeal. A plain, single coloured mandarin neck kurta is second to no formal shirt. Only catch is to have a perfect fit.
  18. Embroidered kurtas
  19. Embroidery adds richness to the garment. There can be small motifs all over the kurta or just heavy embroidery on the neck and lower border of hands and kurta. The downside of embroidery is it makes kurta heavier and longer periods of wearing can be tiresome. For short appearances, they help you ace grandeur comfortably.
  20. Western kurtas
  21. These skinny pieces stick to your body and elevate its outline physique. The length usually is upto mid thigh to perfectly complement the curvy physique..
  22. Center print kurtas
  23. Woollen kurtas with digital prints on the front centre break the dull monochrome look and add statement to your style. Emoticon faces, block prints, memes, logos or face prints of famous personalities - anything can happen to a center print kurta.

You can also find woolen fabric in combination with silk to create jaw dropping pieces. Opt for woollen kurtas with front pockets, so that your hands can cave into these pockets for warmth. Why carry gloves unnecessarily ?


How to style woolen kurtas ?


In this era of ‘mix and match’, styling includes numerous permutations and combinations of bottoms, footwear, scarfs, accessories, hair styles etc.


Let us explore the bottom variants for woolen kurtas.

  1. The modern day hybrid child of jeans and leggings, i.e Jeggings can be the perfect match for woollen kurtas. The thick denim fabric keeps warmth and the stretchable quality easens the leg movement.
  2. Jeans may not be a good pair  for skin tight woollen kurtas. Woollen being elastic takes the imprints of highs and lows of the garment underneath. However, free flow asymmetrical, princess cut kurtas can be paired with skinny ankle length jeans.
  3. Palazzos are another great choice to keep you warm and free in winter. Satin/ velvet or silk double layered palazzos complete the thick woollen look with sheen and shine.


Footwear has the capability to alter the boundaries of your style between casual/ high street/ occasional.

  1. Patrons of ‘less is more’ can team up knee length skinny woollen kurtas with stockings and high boots. This saves both time and energy to search for the perfect bottom match. With such possible styles winter dressing up can never be boring.
  2. Flat casual shoe and sole socks are enough to overcome mild winter. These shoe with floral patterns or printed designs can be in sync with floral embroidered woollen kurtas or even plain mono coloured kurtas.
  3. High top boots are made for winter. Just make sure there is no clash between the bottom of your pants and top of your shoe. This way you can amplify the combination. Merging areas kill the individual styles and might portray a totally unwanted style
  4. Flat chappals are still an option to consider if your winters are bearable. Nothing complements ethnic kurtas like flats. One of my favourite picks for this winter is flat half shoes that completely cover the front part of the foot and give a fitting strap around the upper part of the foot heel.


Accessorizing woolen kurtas

  1. Sleeveless woollen kurtas can be coupled with seperate thin shrugs, leaving you the comfort of adjusting to fluctuating temperatures.
  2. Scarfs and stoles
  3. Scarfs are long and narrow while stoles are smaller version of shawls. If you haven’t watched youtube tutorials on how to wear a stole in ‘n’ different ways, then you are definitely missing something. These wraps around the neck always come to rescue. Whether to add style, colour, texture, warmth or just to cover unwanted deep necklines. Lighter materials like chiffon, silk, cotton could attenuate your style to anywhere between formal, casual and occasional.
  4. If your intention is to not enhance your shoulder and bust area, play it down with dark coloured stole / scarf. On the other hand, if you intend to draw attention to your upper body, use bright coloured or patterned stole.
  5. There is no point wearing a neck ornament if you retain yourself in the scarf. However if you for a reason that you can take off the stole indoors, make it a point not to wear any rough textured neckwear like stone or metal necklaces.Beads with smooth finish can save you a lot of time by avoiding tangles caused in cloth pieces due to rough neck and ear accessories.
  6. Although black metal, silver ornaments give that rustic touch to winter fashion, better to stick with smooth finished beads, gems or pearls in bright colours that cater youthful energy to dull winters. Don’t hesitate to carry on that funky casual look. As long as you are happy and confident, everything looks good on you.
  7. If at all, you need heavy accessories for parties and other occasions, focus on areas that don’t collide with your woollen cloth. Heavy hanging earrings, studded footwear, designer hair clips can be few such saviours. Highlight your face using slight shimmer makeup so that it compensates enough for lack of other ornaments.


Other things to be noted

  1. Right inner wear is a prerequisite to give that stunner woman look. Woolen clothes over thermal wear makes you look bulky. Only causes more suffocation. Use a regular padded bra because even sleek woolen garments like kurtas don’t nullify the outward pointing extras.
  2. Light hand wash or dry wash is preferable. Machine wash or excessive twisting can stretches the fabric and makes it hard to retain the shape. Don’t use a brush as it only makes the garment frizzy.

Brands that have produced some of the best woollen kurta designs include Aurelia, Ziyaa, Indibelle, Fabster etc.  They offer an extensive price range between Rs 200 to Rs 10000. These seasonal choices can see to it that compliments come your way. Check Limeroad for best collections at discounted prices, to save both time and money.