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Buy Wrangler Jeans For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Wrangler Jeans For Men


Everyone has jeans in their closet. They can get you through any event. Red carpet to grocery shopping, jeans are suitable for everything. The world’s first jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. They were meant to be a workwear for men who worked in mines and construction and thus needed strong long lasting clothes. But jeans have come a long way since then. They make a statement every time you wear them. Shop on Limeroad for jeans and make your own statement!


Wrangler - A Pioneer


A man by name C. C. Hudson found a company called Hudson Overall Company along with his brother Homer in 1904. In 1919, they decided to move the company to a bigger headquarter in Greensburg and then they named it Blue Bell Overall Company. It was then purchased by Bid Ben Manufacturing of Kentucky for a $585,000. Blue Bell then introduced “Super Big Ben Overalls” which was made of a 100% Sanforized fabric that has shrinkage less than 1%. Thus, it became a trendsetter. Wrangler was officially founded in 1943 when Blue Bell acquired Casey Jones Company that manufactured work clothes.


Wrangler was introduced in America in the 1940s. Jim Shoulders and some other boys did a wear test on them and they absolutely loved it. (Who wouldn’t!). Then Jim Shoulders became an official brand ambassador of Wrangler. It was in the 1960s that Blue Bell opened its first factory in Europe. It was in Belgium and soon it became a youth icon.  In 1986, Blue Bell Merged with VR Crop and thus Wrangler was launched as it’s own entity.


Today, every jeans lover recognizes that “W” on the back pockets of the jeans they buy. The brand has grown exponentially among others and yet never losing its authenticity and quality. Whether you’re a cowboy or a rockstar, Wrangler gives you everything you can ask for. They always create fresh concepts and campaigns. Have you heard about the Wrangler Spa jeans that were launched a few years ago? As the name implies, it has skin treatments inside of jeans! They help you get rid of cellulite while moisturizing your skin! That’s amazing, isn’t it? It is innovations like these that keep Wrangler up and running.


Buy Your Own Pair Of Wrangler Jeans On Limeroad


Wrangler has been a pioneer since the time it came into being. Wrangler jeans offer trendy designs, classy colors, and comfortable fit. “Real. Comfortable. Jeans” is their slogan and they truly stand by it at all times. You will definitely find exactly what you are looking for, without a doubt. Such are Wrangler’s standards. For formal wear, go for darker shades with minimal distress on the jeans. For casual wear, well, you know better.


Buying Wrangler jeans has never been so easy. Pair your jeans with the right footwear and accessories to rock your everyday look! Go through Limeroad’s exclusive content and find your best match. Let this be a valued addition to your style quotient. Happy shopping!