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BuyXXXL Suits For Women in India @ Limeroad

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XXXL Suits For Women


The 21st century not only is the era of advancement of our society but also a very big step towards feminism and self love. Gone are the days when only skinny people were fashionable and sexy. We at Limeroad offer a wide variety of fashionable attires for women of every shape and size. Suits not only bring out the culture in us but also its a statement on how even after all this advancement in our society we are still deep rooted to our tradition.


Ever since the times are changing the types have suits have been increased and modified according to your fashion buds to meet your styling needs while staying connected to your roots. Although suits are considered to be a more punjabi thing in india but nowadays women in almost all around india and world are wearing different kinds of suits. One of the good things about our fashion industry is that you can wear all the culture you want and you can still be stylish and that's no less than a bliss to all of us.


Mostly being a plus sized woman myself I face a lot of problem while choosing clothes. But with the variety of XXXL suits on Limeroad my problem is solved forever. From unstitched to semi stitched,from synthetic to pure cotton you can pick the material of your choice and stay ready to blow the minds of everyone you meet.


Gone are the days when your size was a problem to stay fashionable now you can be of any shape or size and no one judges you, we all care for your style and fashion and we understand how important it is for all of us to look beautiful and elegant and wear pretty clothes. We love you as a woman and we understand your needs and we're here for you with the latest fashion to gear up your wardrobe with fashionable ethnic wear.


Choose 'the suit' for you.


Being a woman myself I understand how important it is to choose the best stuff, the right colour and the perfect amount of embroidery for us. But here's some pro tips on choosing the perfect dress for the perfect occassion.


  1. If you're going to a casual picnic with family / friends choose a subtle colour with little or no embroidery and pair it with a flaired plazzo and flats. Replace your white handbag with nude colour because it goes well with most of the colours and also makes you look sophisticated.


2.If you're planning on wearing a suit for a festival or a family function you might wanngo with a vibrant colour like maroon, black or dark green. Make sure it has a considerate amount of embroidery and instead of wearing a traditional salwar maybe keep kurta long and team it up with a long skirt and a medium heavy dupatta.


And you're ready to astonish everyone this festive season with the amazing traditional yet classy wardrobe of yours.



Frequently asked questions
I want to wear a suit for my cousin's wedding what should I wear?
You should go for a nice A line front slit suit teamed up with a plazo and a heavy dupatta.
1 answers
I have a long length printed sky blue kurti I am confused between wearing it with a pajami or a plazo.
I think you should go for a white flared plazo and try on a white net dupatta with it, it will look more elegant and stylish than a pajami.
1 answers
I am plus sized and I'm not sure if a plazo suit will look good on me please suggest.
It's not a problem if you're plus sized and the best part about plazo suits is that they hide your unwanted curves and make you look sophisticated and stylish.
1 answers
I wanna know how short should i keep my kurti with a patiala salwar.
Hey,I think go for a moderate knee length kurti because no matter what they show in songs or movies I don't think really short kurtis go with punjabi suits and stuff.
1 answers
I am really confused about wearing a silk suit to a wedding. Do you think silk suits are still in style?
I think silk suits are not a problem but you can rather wear a suit a normal cotton fabric and pair it with a silk shrug that way it looks more elegant and leaves an impression on other people.
1 answers
How many kinds of salwars are there to experiment with?
There are a no. of salwars e.g. patiala, afghani, semi patiala, dhoti salwar, churidar salwar, harrom salwar, aladdin salwar and so on. You can see what goes best with the type of kurti and the type of occasion.
1 answers
Since contrasts are so in what kind of colours can I experiment with?
You can definitely try orange and pink, light green and dark green, blue and purple or orange and maroon.
1 answers
I've always faced a problem with the fitting of a suit kurti. When it's a proper fit it looks tight and when it's a little loose obviously there's no fitting. What do you suggest?
I think it depends on the type of kurti you're wearing but if you're wearing it as a suit keep it just a half inch difference from your original size and it should fit well.
1 answers
What stuff is best for a patiala suit?
My personal favourite is cotton because of its weather resistance and comfort. Plus there's a large variety of cotton suits to choose from and it provides a comfort that synthetic fibers do not.
1 answers
Should I wear a short jacket shrug with my patiala suit or a long one?
I think you should wear a short one it gives you a proper punjabi bhangra look. Long one will hide the essence of the whole thing.
1 answers