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Yardley Perfumes For Men



Many decades ago, a young man discovered the secret ingredient to a beautiful lingering fragrance-the charming, sunkissed Lavender flower. After being granted the royal warrant by the King Of England, King Charles I, this young man became the first entrepreneur to manufacture and sell Lavender soap in London. This young man’s name was William Yardley and this was the genesis of the quintessentially English brand Yardley. Years later, Yardley was officially appointed to be the perfumers for the royal family, and over the years, earned many royal warrants.


The House Of Yardley prides itself in crafting authentic, rich and iconic English fragrances, with Lavender being its signature. A young man named William Yardley acquires concession rights from King Charles 1st to manufacture and sell Lavender soaps for the city of London. The Great Fire of London 1666 destroys all particulars of the enterprise except the one important detail that Lavender was used to perfuming the Yardley soaps. Almost 390 years later, to the current date, English Lavender has stayed synonymous with Yardley London.


Yardley Fragrance


With the continued patronage of loyal consumers across the globe, Yardley continues to contemporize and adapt to changing times with new fragrances every year. With an intriguing, masculine scent, it is no wonder that the Gentleman Classic Body Spray by the House Of Yardley is one of the most popular. Complementing the nature of a sophisticated and utterly desirable man, this fragrance blends its top notes of citrus accents with a hint of white chocolate at the heart, making it distinctive. The Yardley Gentleman Deo has a very sharp and distinct fragrance the instant you spray it. It’s initially, reminiscent of the classic Brut smell-but slightly better.


Once the fragrance begins to settle in, you can sense the complexity of its ingredients. This one has a very interesting mix of ingredients- citrus, black pepper and spicy cardamom. It evidently lasts for 4+ hours. The fragrance feels light, fresh (more aqua-like) and definitely a day wear. The personification of sophistication, the Gentleman Classic Eau De Toilette from the House Of Yardley is a signature. With addictive notes of lime and mint at the top and a heart of pepper and rose, this scent is the mark of a true gentleman. GM is a fresh and sensual blend of woody and spicy notes which makes it absolute masculine. The fragrance lasts and keeps you fresh all day long.




With a blend of spicy notes and citrus accents, the Gentleman Classic Perfumed Talc by Yardley is for the masculine English gentleman. With a woody accord and just a hint of white chocolate, this will leave you feeling fresh and delectably scented all day long. Start your day on a fresh note with Yardley’s Gold Perfumed Talc. A gentle, distinctive fragrance that keeps you cool and breezy no matter how high the temperatures soar, this talc is for the quintessential Englishman of action. Floral and fruity notes blend beautifully with woody base notes in the Gentleman Legend Body Spray from the House Of Yardley. Perfect for the confident man of style, the Legend Body Spray is a long-lasting, refreshing fragrance that helps you make your presence felt.


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