Hey overpacker, I’m talking to you! I know you’ve been planning your honeymoon since the time you got engaged (or even before that) just to make it one of the most memorable timeouts of your life.

But this doesn’t mean you’ll carry the world with you. I know you’ve carrying “the perfectionist” tag with sheer pride all your life, but believe me less is more when it comes to an affair as private as this! Read on to find out more about things you shouldn’t pack for honeymoon.


Intruding gadgets:

Courtesy: thinkstockphotos.com.au

This is for all the multi-tasking work fanatics who believe in making the most of time. Keep your laptops and office phones off your packing list. Don’t let your boss or team mates bother you with those untimely requests.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want your spouse to feel left out.


Too many clothes:

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You must have heard this universal irony a gazillion times that we spend our lives gathering exquisite labels for our wardrobes but the best moments are spent without clothes. So keep this at the back of your mind while packing those extra clothes that suit your mood swings.


Footwear standbys:

Shoes jlo
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Don’t be a footwear freak, not on your honeymoon atleast. This advice is for all the newlyweds who are highly obsessed with footwear. Resist carrying too many standbys. Don’t you dare touch those unworn heels that are sure to leave you with sore feet!


Full size toiletries:

Courtesy: travelsort.com

Resist carrying bulky toiletries like body wash, aroma oils, lotions and beauty potions. You’d be able to get all of this wherever you go. Don’t unnecessarily add to your luggage.


Too much makeup:

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This is a reminder that all your formal camera events are over, now it’s time to be who you are. Don’t worry about looking picture perfect on your honeymoon. Relax; enjoy the scenic beauty over some exotic drinks or massage.



Courtesy: weddingmoment.xyz

Leave your diamond solitaires, platinum rings and other valuables at home. Though you must have booked the best of hotels but you wouldn’t want to leave your mind behind on the competence of that digital storage locker given by the hotel.


Identical suitcases:

Courtesy: purrsonalitydesigns.com


Identical suitcases are a big no! No matter how sharp you’re are identifying your stuff, there’s still a chance for some confusion. Apart from this, try neon labels that help you in tracing your luggage in an instant.


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