With the festive season just around the corner, you must be looking for some interesting mehndi designs for weddings. We bring to you some popular designs, and tips to have a beautiful mehndi that is rich and stays for long.

The Arabic Mehndi

Arabic Mehndi Design for wedding
Arabic Mehndi Design for wedding

One of the best mehndi designs has to be the Arabic mehndi as it is more bold and promoinent as compared to the Indian style. It is black in color where the outline or borders are clearly demarcated unlike the usual red mehndi. The designs are also fairly easy and feminine. Pick this for your bridal day in case you like it.

Traditional Design

traditional mehndi designs

You will never get a chance to choose this as your mehndi design ever after your own wedding. So, the quintessential bride and groom depicting the two most essential elements of a wedding is simply perfect for your hands on your big day. Do not think twice before getting this on your hands along with the whole doli representation of the vidaai on the arms.

Just for Shagan

Simple mehndi Design
Simple Design

If you also belong to the category of girls who doesn’t like mehndi too much or your fianc√© is not too fond of it, then there is no reason for you to overdo it. Everything you do around your wedding is for your own happiness so if putting a lot of henna on your hands makes you unhappy, you can take Dia Mirza’s approach. She has put the right amount of mehndi surely considering her other professional commitments or personal reasons.A beautiful chakra in the centre with design on the fingers is one of the perfectly appropriate mehndi designs for wedding.


Colored Mehndi Design

Multi Color Mehendi Designs Or Glitter Mehndi
Multi Color Mehendi Designs Or Glitter Mehndi

Coloured mehndi designs are one of the best mehndi designs. So, check out a variety of colors in the glitter cones for your mehndi design to match with your bridal outfit. Think pink, red, coral, silver or gold and have it on your hand to match your beautiful designer outfit.


Mehndi Stickers

Bridal Mehndi Sticker
Bridal Mehndi Sticker

It is a kind of a temporary tattoo art that can be changed almost every week. Since, it is easy to apply and looks really pretty with Indian attires, you can go for the time-saving tattoo stickers. You can also find beaded mehndi stickers in case you are looking to match it with your clothes.

Apart from choosing your favourite mehndi designs for wedding, you must also know the secret techniques to improve your mehndi design as well!


  • Invest in a good quality cone.¬†Ask your mehndi wala to arrange a cone from Hyderabad as it is world famous for its dark colour and ability to last longer.
  • While picking a design, go for a design that has thicker lines as it gives a darker shade rather than the more intricate or thin ones.
  • After your mehndi dries, apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar over it as it helps your skin absorb the color. Reapply it 2-3 times and take it off the next day.
  • Use baby oil to scrub mehndi instead of water or soap. Scrape the mehdni gently instead of washing away your hands directly under the tap.
  • Apply mustard oil after you apply mehndi as it helps to stimulate the colour. Also, heat a pan with a few cloves on it. Let your mehndi take the steam that comes off the pan.
  • Glitter and rhinestones can be added to your mehndi design to make it more glamorous and interesting. The best mehndi designs are usually the ones that have beautiful colours shining out of it.

Be it your own wedding or a friend’s wedding or just an Indian get together, decorate your hand sin the most beautiful and some of the best mehndi designs that are sure to get you compliments!