Just Why the New Mom, Kareena Kapoor Khan Inspires Us

The Bebo of Bollywood and the Begum of Pataudi parivaar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, recently gave birth to her first baby. Just a few days old in the world and baby boy Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi has attached himself to utmost royalty. The baby celeb is in the public eye of for his name. Despite his luck of being born in the royal family of B-town, what makes him luckier is the fact that he is son to a super woman. The new mom Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been breaking the bogus and embracing her own style instincts. She amazed the otherwise body shaming style world with her strength and belief in her own body. She embraced her pregnancy like no other. Here are just 5 of the many ways in which Kareena Kapoor Khan stunned the style world and inspired us with her pregnancy:

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Woman Crush Wednesday: We’re Totally Crushing Over Kalki Koechlin For Her Latest Video

Our #WCW for this Wednesday has got to be Kalki Koechlin championing a very important cause (Watch it NOW!)

In the words of Blush describing this video –“ This powerful piece with its rising crescendo reveals the hollow and robotic production and consumption of news by a generation blinded by its vulgar hunger for juicy headlines. Read more

RIP Sadhna Ji—A Tribute To Sadhna-Inspired Fashion

RIP Sadhna Ji—A Tribute To Sadhna-Inspired Fashion

Christmas 2015 will be memorable for Bollywood and Hindi film buffs for something more than celebrations or colors. It saw Sadhna Ji, a renowned and much-respected actress of yesteryears, pass away after a long battle with cancer. While tweets and tributes galore poured in on 25th December mourning the sudden death of Sadhna, we think we can best honor her by saluting the fashion trends she rocked. In fact, down to this day, there has been no one who can do these looks up perfectly! Here’s looking back at Sadhna-inspired fashion.

The Sadhna Cut

Sadhna Cut Fashion Trends Sadhna

While the West saw Audrey Hepburn scorching town in her fringe cut, our very own Sadhna chose to introduce the Sadhna-cut back then. The haircut was a casual fringe grazing her forehead. No locks, no bangs—as we call it today—just a fringy cut that stays hot even now. No wonder, Sadhna was a cut above the rest—pun intended!

Statement Earpieces

Statement Earrings fashion trennds Sadhna.

Statement Earrings fashion trennds Sadhna

Yesteryear Bollywood was much about bright colors, retro patterns and baubles for the ear. Sadhna added a fresh chapter by flaunting and rocking statement earpieces that were way different than the average ear studs other actresses wore.

Classic Pearl Mala

Pearl  Mala Fashion Trends Sadhna

Yes, Sadhna had many a films wherein she flaunted that very Bollywood-y chiffon with a braid placed on her shoulder. And she did not forget to prep up the classy look with an elegant string of pearls. Sometimes—in a single strand, sometimes in multiple strands! This look will remain a classic, even eons from today.

The A-Line Churidaar All Accessorized

Sadhna is well known for having kicked off and taken forward the A-line churidar-jooti look. Not many actresses rocked the tight fitted short-churidar look. Sadhna ensured she looked like a million bucks while also introducing the concept of matching her jootis with the churidar.

Hair Accessories

Flower Bun- Fashion Trends Sadhna


When an actress is as well known for her skills as her hair cut, we need to dig into whether she had a thing for hair accessories. For Sadhna, the answer is yes, she did. She was often seen flaunting a small flower or a gajra made of florets below her bun or in her plait. Seen here is a classic yellow look I desire to flaunt someday.

While Sadhna remains no more, her memories, her work, her films and of course, her fashion will be cherished for generations to come. We loved her, we loved her looks and we loved her fashion quotient. RIP Sadhna Ji—there will not be many who can rock fashion trends the way you did.

Image Credits- Pinterest.com

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‘Dilwale’- SRK & Kajol’s Perfect Diwali Gift To Fans!

‘Dilwale’- SRK & Kajol’s Perfect Diwali Gift To Fans!

Bollywood’s romantic capers are made of gorgeous locales, dreamy sets, foot-tapping numbers, and trendsetting clothes and of course, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol! Yes, you heard that right. Every super hit romantic film that’s been made in this era (i.e. 90s until now), it starred King Khan and super stunning Kajol. If not, then we wished they did the film anyways. Because nobody can beat Shahrukh’s dimply charm and Kajol’s intense looks.


Well, the Gods have answered our prayers and their messenger (not) Rohit Shetty roped in the most romantic pair SRK – Kajol in Dilwale. Releasing on 18th December 2015, Dilwale also stars Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon. So get ready for some action, drama, crazy stunts, cool chemistry, epic romance, even some bromance and comedy as Dilwale is all set to storm the theatres in mid-December! You have to watch the trailer!

So Much For A ‘Perfect Life’- The Story Of Essena O’Neill

So Much For A ‘Perfect Life’- The Story Of Essena O’Neill

Social Media is addictive. It has the potential to take over your life completely, leaving you panting after it. This means whatever you do next, you do it for the many likes, shares and comments you are going to get. Don’t believe us? Ask any teenager or young adult person who is active on social media and they will tell you their story…

In fact, so overwhelming is social media that it can make you miserable…

Recently, Essena O’Neill, the 18-year old Instagram star, created waves across the globe after she quit social media (deleted her instagram account) calling users a ‘brainwashed generation.’

Picture Courtesy: The Independent

Essena is a ‘regular’ girl from the sunshine coast of Australia and according to most people, especially her followers and friends, she had the perfect life – great body, pretty face, perfect hair and an envious closet. Little did we know that this little miss perfect was actually miserable when the virtual world did not respond as she wanted.



“Yeah 16-year-old Essena would have been like ‘WTF girl you have the dream life,’” she wrote. “So why did I feel so lost, lonely and miserable?”

She, single-handedly built herself an army of people who looked upto her and felt inspired. She grew bigger and bigger in her social circle and soon made enough to sponsor her own self and be self sufficient. But amidst all these ‘too-good-to-be-true’ moments, Essena lost her own essence. She failed to recognize with her public self.


“I was addicted to what others thought of me, simply because it was so readily available,” she wrote. “I was severely addicted. I believed how many likes and followers I had correlated to how many people liked me. I didn’t even see it happening, but social media had become my sole identity. I didn’t even know what I was without it.”



It was only a matter of time that Essena understood the true meaning of things. She might have learnt the hard way but she made a bold move and did the unthinkable. She announced to her endless list of followers that she’d be quitting social media and edited the caption of her flawless pictures to actually unmask the bitter reality.

Turns out her ‘candid’ shots were not so candid. “…Stomach sucked in, strategic pose, pushed up boobs,” O’Neill wrote on one of her photos. “I just want younger girls to know this isn’t candid life, or cool or inspirational. It’s contrived perfection made to get attention.”


She later released a video on her YouTube channel to reach out to her fans and show them the real her.

Let us stand in her support for coming out as such a strong and fearless young woman. It takes courage to stand up to a world where people are shallow and judge you almost every day. Essena showed us how to be our own hero. Bravo girl…way to go!

Finally, Women Fighters In Indian Air Force!

Finally, Women Fighters In Indian Air Force!

Is that a bird, is that a plane… It’s a woman airforce pilot! Yes, this piece of news is worth celebrating as women are now being accepted as trainee fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force! In seven months’ time, women will begin to train as fighter pilots along with their male counterparts. This is a big boost for us as this move is creating some serious cracks in the bureaucracy’s glass ceiling that has been male-dominated since its inception.

After a successful training session, women combat pilots will be in the cockpits of frontline fighter jets by June 2017.

women pilots iaf

The Defence Ministry approved of this on Saturday and now women will be seen in a strong and authoritative light.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.24.51 pm


The selection of women candidates will be carried out from the present batch in the academy. A spokesperson from the Ministry proudly brought us this news on twitter and we have been overwhelmed ever since. This would lead to another round of intense advanced training finally culminating with the induction in June 2017.

This decision has been in the pipeline since October and we are it has yielded a fruitful outcome!

Here Are The Winners of Day 2 & 3 of the LimeRoad Dubsmash Contest!

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This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Inspiring Women Across The Country To Fight Against All Odds!

This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Inspiring Women Across The Country To Fight Against All Odds!


When life leaves you on crossroads, it’s up to you to transform the doldrums of destiny into sheer fortune. Meet Shweta & Jaya Shivkumar founders of a budding fashion portal “WhySoBlue”. We bring this startup story to you as it immediately caught our attention in an instant. Shweta lost her father in year 2012 & this served as one of the biggest emotional triggers for her to quit her studies & conceptualize her startup.

Shweta’s story:

Courtesy: yourstory.com

It was all on Shweta to decide the subsequent course of action which is when she said, “It didn’t make sense to pursue my higher studies at that point in time. Though it sounds very Bollywoodish, my mother’s distant cousin came to pay his last respects when my father passed away and he knew a person in his building who was looking for a person to take care of the Ad Sales department in Outlook’s Business magazine,”

Passion for fahion:

Shweta joined outlook & got hands on with media planning before she took the plunge. She drew inspiration from leading fashion blogs and magazines to serve some food for her innate passion for fashion. Though she wasn’t very keen on taking eccentric twists & turns, her mother encouraged her to bid adieu to her job and pursue her dreams. She quoted, “I would not be motivated to start up had it not been for my father’s untimely death. He had developed some infection in his liver and just when things started looked better after prolonged treatment, he passed away. Had he been around, I would have just delayed my starting up to a further date; I wouldn’t have had courage to start up.”

Starting up WhySoBlue:

WhySoBlue sounds atypical & I’m sure you’d wonder why would anyone choose a name as unsual as this? Shweta’s take, “Our brand stands for everything peppy and happy, something which will instantly lift the mood of the person donning the product.”


Jaya – Shweta’s source of strength:

Courtesy: yourstory.com

Her mother, Jaya Shivkumar was a pro at stitching. She managed her daughter’s wardrobe since childhood. Now she takes care of the design vertical at WhySoBlue while Shweta manages everything from sourcing fabrics to marketing.

“Financially we were not too stable when my husband passed away. Though I motivated her to quit her job, I knew in my heart that it was one of the biggest risks we were taking. But then she was very unhappy in her last role, so it didn’t make sense to continue there. We thought we would pull it over together,” said Jaya.

LimeRoad salutes the spirit of entrepreneurship & wishes good luck to the brains behind WhySoBlue!