Hello! Hello! All the pretty College girls out there!! Are you one of those who spend a lot of time staring at your wardrobe every morning, taking a deep breath and sighing with self-pity on how you have nothing to wear?? Yes. We get it, we get it… it’s the eternal girl-thingy. It can be really tough… What do I wear today? How can I look different yet not stand out? Did I wear this color yesterday? Problems..Problems!! So here we are with five looks for the campus – Monday to Friday – that will help in minimizing your wardrobe woes.


Beat the Monday morning blues with a pair of jeans. Nothing worth than spending a few bucks on getting yourself some well fitted and long lasting pair of jeans. This is pretty much your go-to thing on the days you are confused on what to pick for college. Pair them with either a checked cotton shirt or a coloured silk long top. Go for ballet flats or a pretty pair of moccasins for your feet. Simplicity at its best!

 College casuals Monday shirtsCourtesy: pinterest.com


Give a taste of ethnicity on Tuesday with a simple cotton kurti either printed or plain. Pair it with matching legging or even with jeans for the perfect Indo-Urban look. Finish out with a beautiful pair of metal earrings, wooden bangles and chic strappy flat sandals. Every college girl can pull of this look, I bet!!

.  College casuals Tuesday kurtisCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com



Wow! everyone on Wednesday with layered look. A legging – sometimes print, sometimes solid-depending on your mood, a simple long tunic, a cardigan and pretty ankle boots. Pep it up with a cool scarf, a stunning pair of studs and your favorite satchel. We are sure some stares from fellow campus fashionistas beckon you.

College casuals Wednesday layersCourtesy: pinterest.com


Go full on Indian with a simple short top matched with a light long skirt. Accessorize with a chic stole, earthy or terracotta earrings or a metal bracelet, a traditional jhola bag and gota work chappals. Thursdays will never be boring again!!

College casuals Thursday skirtsCourtesy: fashionlivre and pinterest.com




Get sporty with a cotton striped long-sleeve top or chic graphic printed tee.  A classic with every girl, these are wardrobe must-haves. These go well with pretty much any kind of pants – denims, trousers, velvet pants, jeggings et al. Don’t forget to add your favourite jacket on colder days. Finish off with your favourite pair of sneakers. TGIF is all we have to say!!

College casuals Friday sportyCourtesy: pinterest.com


We are sure you can add more these 5 looks. Never hold back from experimenting. College days are the best time to know your sense of style. However, the most important thing to remember is pick the clothing that you are most comfortable in, as you are bound to spend long hours in them, pretty much from dawn to dusk. We hope all you college girls have now got some inspiration on how to go about your look. Have more ideas? Feel free to write to us.