While getting ready to go out may imply searching for the best dress and shoes, it shouldn’t take you too long to decide your hairdo. Simply because here is a collection of different types of hairstyles so flattering, that you’ll want to try them out right away.

The Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail for long hair
Twisted Ponytail


While scouting for innovative ways to experiment with Indian hairstyles for long hair, the twisted ponytail is surely the one to be really practical, useful yet stylish. All you have to do is to tease the top of your head and gather the hair in a ponytail. Simply divide the tail in two and twist the sections in opposite direction. Do not twist them in the same direction as it is likely to unravel every time you try. Now, twist the right section around the left and pull it up tightly as the braid will drop a little. Take out your favorite elastic and tie it up. Let some flyways stay the way they are as this look is a messy one.

The Side Twist

Casual Side Twist hairstyle
Casual Side Twist

Whether you have shiny straight or bouncy curly hair, a side twist adds a lot of playfulness to your hair. Simply blow dry your hair, and gather a small section of your hair above the ear on one side, and twist. Secure them tight with matching pins. If you are not too excited about the braid, then just part some bit of your hair and clip it after twisting.Feel free to try this one as it is one of the easiest to sport out of the different types of hairstyles that exist.

Effortless Top Knot

Formal Top Knots hairstyle
Formal Top Knots

One of the most elegant Indian hairstyles for long hair has to be the bun or chignon. But, if you are looking for a more relaxed approach when it comes to tying up your long hair, then go for a top knot. Start by misting your hair with a flat brush. Flip your head over and brush the underside. Pick up your head and gather all your hair into a ponytail at the top of your hair in the center. Now, twist the ponytail near the base, tuck the ends and clamp with bobby pins. Let your loose hair be.

Beautiful Bun



Bun with Flowers for long hair
Bun with Flowers


A regular bun can look quite mature so make sure you pick a style that is a perfect blend of elegant and cool. Simply bring together your hair in a bun but do not forget to top it with an accessory. Wear a headband by teasing your hair at the crown. You can also add a vintage clip or flowers to dress it up even further.

Accessorize your way



Bun with a hair band
Bun with a hair band

Wear a statement hair band on pain blow-dried hair, an embroidered hair band with a saree or place a headband with a bun in a way that is different. A cool accessory worn differently is one of the best Indian hairstyles for long hair. Simply gather your hair into a low or loose chignon, and place a beautiful headpiece around it for an unusual effect. You can even go for a variety of floral tiaras for different types of hairstyles.


Hope these flattering and feminine Indian hairstyles for long hair, happen to be simply perfect for your first date, cocktail night or just a casual lunch…you get the idea!