Silver Jewellery certainly has the power of seduction over anyone looking or wearing one. You’re mesmerized and hooked. It is their elegance, refinement and luxe that just make you cringe at the thought of having to part with such a piece of art. Or the desire to buy one and wear it all the time, overwhelms you.

And why not indulge in such pleasures after all?  They do stand the test of time in fashion, beauty, class and especially value. It’s the perfect synonym for glamour, beauty, stunning and shimmering. And when it comes to Silver Jewellery there are such astonishing options that are sure to grab you some lime light at those rocking parties.

Modernized or Heritage designs, anything in Silver looks as beautiful as a dream. Perfect when paired with a Solid White or Black (or any solid colour) Ethnic apparel. It doesn’t fail giving that perfect Indian boho feel.

Jewellery from ETA JEWELS – Ahmedabad.

An Earring & Ring set in its most simplistic form, but the amount of bold appeal it makes, is marvellous. Such pieces are meant to make your boring ethnics go OOHH-LA-LA!




For those of you who are literal gold diggers, such options are the best. Nothing better than a Gold & Silver combination. The elegance quotient is sure to rise with such master pieces & so is your beauty. 




Delicate darlings who love those trinket-ish pieces with intricate designs & are huge fan of layering must try such styles. Wearing these pretty silver pieces on a high neck top or kurta could allow your jewellery to dominate and let it do the talking. A simple colour play of contrasts never harmed anyone, in fact enhances the look.


If you aim to have that head turning moment & earn some jealous filled stares from around, go for a silver STATEMENT PIECE. Some intricate heritage inspired designs could work best for that matter. In this case, it’s important to let your outfit be extra subtle & single-hue to achieve best effects.


You can always look synonymous to elegance when you adorn something that is breath-taking & priceless & adds up to your beauty. These silver beauties need no company to seek attention. They are sheer amalgamation of delicate with bold appearance.


You are sure to be a hot topic around when you go bold with a long Silver chunky piece. They have this super power to make anyone look gorgeous. Wear it with a saree, kurta, western top or gowns, it can make any outfit look more appealing than it actually is.


So ladies, remember… as Diamonds have been our friends since ages, silver could be as powerful as they are. So glam up your festive & wedding looks this new year with a dash of Silver only at LimeRoad!

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Till then, signing off – Vishwa Bhavsar from A CUP OF VISH!


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