By Aishwarya Thapa

Many of us keep our nails short due to various reasons, work, cleanliness, safety, or maybe a vice ( read: biting nails). But have you ever longingly looked at stylish nail art and wondered how it would look on your short nails? Well, we’ve got you a list of tips along with some really fun nail art designs you could try out with short nails.


Shape: For shorter nails, always go with designs that have a round or oval inkling in the patterns. It will make your nails and fingers look longer, more feminine and delicate. Don’t use boxy designs that cut your nail off further.

Accessories: Long nails can be accessorized very well in nail art because of the available length on the nail, however short nails have to go easy on adding too many accessories. You can use maybe just one if you really want, further, the accessory used should be a small one – a big accessory will look disproportionate on your nail and may make your nail look even shorter/smaller.

Colour: Nail art for short nails can explore a variety of colours. Natural shades look the best as they can create an illusion of your fingers being longer. Also dark shades look very good on short nails, the designs stand out well and give your look an extra edge. White, the chalky white, must be avoided for nail art on short nails though. It gets dirty easily, and affect the short nailed first, because it’ll make their fingers look stubbier.

Style: Right now, the negative space nail art is really in for short nails, it makes the nails and fingers look longer.

Here are a couple of ideas for you to try out:

6d76c64146773292f997cb07bf1981cb   15dbf89a84f6238a8faba271c7418ca5Two coloured nail art

Simple gold nail art design Funky nail art design