Summer Trends for Petite Women

Summer Trends for Petite Women

Being not-so-tall is not as-bad-you as think; especially, when you have a magical wand called LimeRoad by your side. You can make your appearance your strength by knowing what wear and what not to. You may at times wonder, lucky tall women don’t really bother about keeping up with latest fashion trends, as they are blessed with a frame that makes them look haute every season. But this doesn’t mean petite women have less dressing options. Today I am going to discuss about latest fashion picks that would blow off fashion blues for petite women.

I’ve been dreaming of spring and anticipating the onset of fresh new summer trends for different body frames. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share my views through this much awaited post of the season. So all you petite folks stop feeling conscious about your body and let’s look at some stylish dressing ideas for you.

Wonder Prints


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Look a lil taller with delicate brush strokes, giant daubs of paint, wafting flowing canvases and more. You might seem to have virtually reached your art school with wide variety of prints. Print dresses not only add color and vibrancy to your wardrobe but also cover some pain points like oversized parts of your body. These patterns are here to make you feel bold and beautiful from within. Choose neat heels, definite-shaped handbag and fun wayfarers to go with this look.

Beautiful Blouses


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Breathe new life into your wardrobe with beautiful blouses that are bursting with summer spirit and zest. Take the power plunge with a sexy black blouse with well-fit pants whether you’re heading to your fun-friendly-nest or just walking your way to work. Make friends with buzzing heels and pick a handy purse to carry your stuff.

A-line Mini Skirt


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An A-line mini skirt is definitely sent from heaven especially for this season for a very simple reason – it doesn’t highlight your wide waist. Instead, it flows down to your legs rhythmically and leave very little chance of a fashion blunder. You would automatically feel a couple of inches taller with this skirt that goes loose through your hips and thighs. Team it with your favorite top, handy tote and elegant pumps.

High-low Maxis


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Don’t let your affinity for leg-baring high-low maxis ever die. Breezy maxi dresses are an ideal pick for you this summer as they simply make you forget all your figure-fix issues. Put on your best wedges and get the edge for your casual hangouts.

Follow the basic petite fashion rules of thumb irrespective of shifting seasonal trends. All you need to keep in mind is that you should choose fresh colors and light fabrics for all your outfits this summer. You have the power of sporting towering heels as they go well with your stature.

Skincare Tips For Summer

Skincare Tips For Summer

Sunshine, heat and long days! Yes, summer is officially here, and it’s important that you meet summer, armed with the right tips and tools for the job. There are plenty of summer skin issues you should consider if you spend any amount of time outdoors when the weather warms up. Whether you are spending a day at the beach, or a casual outing with friends, get the prettiest, glowy-est summer skin right now by following these simple skincare tips.

 Sunscreen All Day

BeFunky Collage2


Sunburn is probably the worst summer skin issues you might encounter. Obviously, you know it is caused by constant exposure to the sun for too long. However, repeated sunburns can cause skin cancer. Make sure you wear sunscreen every day on regular basis after you’ve properly educated yourself on which SPF is right for you.

For Your Lovely Tresses


All that time in the sun and the chlorine of the pool can really mess your tresses when it warms up outside. Use mild or baby shampoos to liven up your hair. When staying indoors, grab a jar of coconut oil and gently massage into your scalp and rinse. It works wonders! It does the same to the skin too. It’s the most moisturizing lotion ever and is perfect for summertime.

Pink Lips

BeFunky Collage3Courtesy:

Falling short of soft, tender baby lips? Neglect not that tiny pout! Just invest in a pocket-friendly lip balm with SPF, and you’ll be on the right track for the rest of the summer!

Stay Hydrated

BeFunky Collage4Courtesy:

Hydrating is so simple, yet it’s so often forgotten. During the chaos of our day-to-day lives, it can be easy to forget water, but don’t let that happen. Keep a track of your water intake by downloading apps that remind you to drink water time to time. You will be shocked at just how better your skin feels!

Fruitful Diet

BeFunky Collage5Courtesy:

Summer is the perfect time to stock up on those delicious and nutritious watermelons, berries, cantaloupes, and more. Gorging on fruits not only help keep your skin fresh, healthy and bright this season but also are packed with energizing nutrients! Great source of water as well! Stay hydrated and get an energy boost all at the same time by snacking on summer fruits between your meals.

Taking care of summer skin so much easier. You don’t have to worry about your skin drying out and getting gross. Have you tried any of these tips to take care of your skin this summer? Will you? Let me know in the comments!

Peach Perfection this Summer

Peach Perfection this Summer

Sweet, fresh and light is what describes one of my favorite fruits – peach; & that’s exactly how we would love to look this summer. Leading fashion designers depicted peach as one of the best signature colors this season. The beauty of this color reflects in everything from clothes, to make-up, footwear, and even food (F.Y.I: peaches are known to keep acid-reflux at bay). I am going to share some refreshingly fresh peach dressing combinations that would satiate your fashion pangs this summer.

Peach Extravaganza

Peach extravaganzaBuy this look!

Peach adds vibrancy to your wardrobe with its bright tangy burst of color and fine clues at feminine ferocity. Experience the peach extravaganza with a lovely a-line peach high-low shirt with floral detailing to go with light summer denims. You just can’t overlook the uncanny ability of this color to make you look stunning in whatever you team it with. Balance the color palette and look sublimely classy in these rose pumps. Get your hands on this trendy baby pink and white tote that’s spacious enough to stuff in your essentials!

Peach for Work

BeatifulBuy this look!

The color peach is humble, sharp, and, yes, pretty practical to wear to work. Pick up a peach bodycon dress that looks crisp and professional. Team with a pair of powerful pumps and big tote bag. Add beauty to your ears with pink and silver earrings. This outfit would be a great addition to your whimsical work wear and you would love to wear something so simple yet chic to work.

Breezy Rompers

Let it snowBuy this look!

I think you’ll just be drawn to the pops of color from ripe peaches this season. This is a great way to brighten up your sometimes drab summer wardrobe with breezy romper like dress.  Team it with some stylish pieces of jewelry from the new spring summer collection from Limeroad. Flatter your feet with comfortable snake print half textured peach ballerinas.

Peachy Dresses

Peachy dressesBuy this look!

Peach is a wonderful centerpiece to any of your summer looks. The first thing that you must hunt for is a nice all-day summer dress that suits several occasions. Make loads of a hearts flutter as you step out in this dual-toned summery dress. You would love the demure yet sensuous look offered this peach little dress.  Team it with some sexy stunning blue party sandals and gold stilettos wallet. Keep your face light with barely-there make-up and multicolored long neckpiece with stone, ceramic and glass fiber beads.

Perky Peach Pants

4Buy this look!

Looking for some easy going pants this summer? Carefree peach and white floral print cotton lycra pants coupled with a lovely pastel top are perfect for bright sunny days. Flaunt sharp minimalism with this sleeveless peach top with a crisp collar and a modish asymmetrical hemline. Pick pink shimmery finish loafers for your feet. You may consider sporting this perky peach look in the evenings too.

I assure you that this chic color will lift your style spirits like no other color would. You would find ample of variety in peach clothing here at Limeroad. It complements other colors like white, neutral, red and black. Scale your outfits to unimaginable levels with the flexibility offered by this magical color- peach. You can integrate it with existing clothes in your wardrobe and follow this fashion forward peach trend.

Spring Dresses For You

Spring Dresses For You

By Anu Upadhyayula

It’s nearly that time of the year again, after what feels like longest winter ever, many girls out there can’t wait to feel the spring fabrics! Start collecting them as the new spring collections pop up and hide away the winter clothes. Ring in the spring with bright and beautiful dresses, which make you feel feminine and wonderful in and out! The best part is they come in a variety of styles, and they’re perfect for any occasion!  At times, dressing for spring can be tricky to manoeuvre and requires transitional wardrobe. Worry not! We, the fashion team from LR are here to help you dress sending spring waves all over with our beautiful spring collection, all within your budget. Look at the adorable dresses we present you to welcome the spring with twinkling eyes and open arms!

 Peplum Dress

Peplum DressClick here to shop!

This hot dress trend is not fading away anytime soon and is believed to be in vogue forever now, which is perfect for both casual and formal outings. Also known as curve enhancer, this dress works for girls having small waistline. Crystal embellished sleeves are an add-on to this red-hot number! Step into block heels or pumps to pump up the look. Am sure, it promises you the warmth of spring adding to “oh-so-sexy” looks all over!

Aquatic Hues

Aquatic HuesClick here to shop!

Am sure you all have dreamt about how being a mermaid felt like. Surreal! Isn’t it? This aquatic blue sequined maxi dress fulfills your childhood dream of looking angelic and divine. Be it to a beach party or a candle-lit dinner with your boo, it never fails to impress. Sequined body really makes you feel like a true mermaid princess. Add some colour to the flowy outfit if you’d like to play with colours in the form of heels and step out. Clutch can’t go wrong!

Bandage Dress

Bandage DressClick here to shop!

Being tight-fitting and short, make bandage dresses ideal for spring. They are a perfect pick for a night out at the club or for a party with friends. If it’s an of-shoulder dress? Then, you are sure to experience swoon-worthy glances! This multi-coloured off-shoulder bandage dress is a wardrobe must-have. Pair it up with zip up boots or heels for ultimate spring look. For a more casual look, throw a hooded jacket on it and make sure to make a statement!

Lace Dress

Lace DressClick here to shop!

You all know that lace is a timeless classic. It stays there round the year and needs special mention during every season. It is so versatile that everybody can adorn this fabric with much ease irrespective of age. It just spells wonder once worn. This summery yellow lace dress does it all. Teamed with white lace in floral cut-work and flared at the waist, it is beyond gorgeous. A special mention to the cut-out back! Pick those strappy sandals from your shoedrobe and off you go!

Shift Dress

Shift DressClick here to shop!

Call it a t-shirt dress or a shift dress it’s all one and the same. It doesn’t have a defined waistline and widens as it shifts down. It makes you look leaner hiding those extra pounds. This two toned shift dress from LR is your right choice for a Sunday brunch on a summery afternoon or a casual day running errands. Gladiators for that extra punch else strappy sandals would do! And hey, sneakers for a cheesy look!

These are just some classic looks for upcoming spring. Spring wardrobe is all about embracing lighter, breezy and fresher fabrics and shedding those extra layers. Which look would you try this spring? Let us know!

Sweeten up your Summer with Pastels

Sweeten up your Summer with Pastels

By Harriet D’Costa

‘Pastel shades’ is something that pops-up in my mind when I think of warm summer days here in India. Light hues and airy fabrics have had a deep connection with the sultry humid summers. It’s time you start filling your wardrobe with delicious mint greens, baby blues, lavender roots and blush pinks. I am going to share some cool ideas along with everything that you need to know about pastels before you finally take the plunge:

Irresistible Blouses

Irresistible BouseClick here to shop!

You’ll look at summer with a completely different angle with irresistible pastel blouses. Pastel blouses give you a trendy edge over solid stereotype hues stacked in your wardrobe. This pink sleeveless lacey top coupled with a classic black bow skirt looks awesome, doesn’t it? Captivate the world with this Istanbul pigeon street graphic clutch box. Strappy heels add drama to this outfit. You can also go with cover-me sleeves or off-shoulder blouses as per your need.

Pastel Pants

Pastel PantsClick here to shop!

Pastel Pants are a must-have this season. I was astonished with the variety of prints available in statement pastel pants. I chose not to go over-board and picked up this subtle aqua cool-blue denim pants to begin with. This double layered loose-fit chiffon top goes well with the pants. Blue floral studs with pearl drops add feminine finesse to your ears.I recommend that you ditch your heels and choose stylish blue suede loafers instead. You get little floral prints to overwhelmingly voguish patterns. To put this in perspective, you have a pastel pant for every occasion.

Impressive LBD’s

feature image

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Pastels are cooler than anything else this summer. These subtle shades have broken all the conventions and are no more labeled as ‘girlie-girl-fashion-picks’. This impeccably crafted lightweight blue dress is made up of crepe. It adds an element of sheer elegance and flaunts its stylish racer back design. Keep the best of your modish metal clutches aside and pick up a humble blue spacious galloping horse artsy box clutch. I have added plush purple haze necklace that add eternal charm to the look. Think beyond your classic LBD’s in solid colors and try to integrate pastels for a refreshing upgrade to your wardrobe.

Flirty High-Low Skirts

Firlty floral skirtClick here to shop!

Skirts and summer go hand-in-hand. I am pretty sure skirts make a lot of sense to all of us when we think of summers. This pretty skirt with fine floral print is comfortable for all body types. Navy blue net top goes pretty well with the skirt. Don’t shy away from flaunting your perfect red pout. Strappy heels would help you in conquering the rest of the world. You are sure to find perfect flirty pastel skirts even if you find your style to be more sporty than sweet.

Edgy Glam

edgy glam

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You would need fresh jackets that pep-up your style and are refreshing enough to carry you through the season. That’s why I‘ve handpicked this season’s best outerwear especially for you. Toughen up your girly-cool soft pastel hues with rocking jackets and outerwear. This quirky jacket in light hues of aquamarine looks out of this world. It is perfect when you team them up with khaki cotton skinnies. Add subtle sparkle to this look with barely-there make-up and glittery drops.

There’s no better recipe to look hotter and score a more polished look this summer. Think fresh and get a seasonal upgrade to your style. Stick to sleeker silhouettes and sweeten up your summer with delectable pastel hues like sweet sorbets to soft fairy floss pinks.

Seamlessly Stylish Jumpsuits

Seamlessly Stylish Jumpsuits

By Harriet D’Costa

Jumpsuits and rompers are undeniably one of the most comfortable fashion-picks this season. Since summer is right around the corner, I have been looking for effortless clothing options. Versatility of these one-piece silhouettes makes it appropriate for any occasion, whether you are heading out for a dinner date, a formal meeting or a cocktail party.  I have fallen in love with this pretty trend for its multi-purpose transitional features.

Jumpsuits have been one of the top searched keywords on Google since the past couple of years. Let’s have a look at some of the popular jumpsuit style trends this season.

Summer Special

Summer SpecialClick here to shop!

Rompers are a no-brainer for a summery day-out. Choose stylish prints in cotton and you are set to beat the heat throughout the day. This black light-weight, tribal print thigh-length romper coupled with brink pink moccasins is perfect if you are looking for a casual yet trendy option. Pick up stylish shades and a carmine pink sling to complement the look.

Boho Chic

Boho ChicClick here to shop!

Get the Boho chic vibe with this great earthy staple. Stick to solid colors; if you want to wear it for a casual evening. This wide-leg airy silhouette flows freely over your curves. Use subtle make-up with colorful earrings and a blue embellished ring. Team it up with a pair of whimsical peep toes and bright blue pleated pattern sling bag for a head-turning look.

Hybrid Jumpsuit

Hybrid JumsuitsClick here to shop! 

If you find yourself to be a jumpsuit novice, select a conventionally styled hybrid one. Look stunning with this floor sweeping wide-leg blue jumpsuit. Its corset finish makes it perfect for an evening party.  Add your feminine flair to this outfit with classic pumps, black envelope clutch and antique gold brown mesmerizing jewelry.

Cocktail Edition

Cocktail EditionClick here to shop!

Show off your curves in a slim styled jumpsuit. Ditch your ‘little black dress’ and pick this black beauty instead. Surprisingly it can be a fun alternative to a sexy cocktail dress. Get the rising-star look with sheer detailing, v-neck cut-out back and sober neckline. I have added a silver-black ring and a brown crystal bracelet to add elegance to the look.

Eternal Rompers

Eternal RomperClick here to shop!

If you are still trying to break the ice with this crazy jumpsuit trend then I recommend you to try it in eternal fabrics like polyester or lycra. Wear this chic cobalt blue romper and you don’t have look for change until bedtime. Be a leggy lass and sport beige peep toes; a floral cocktail ring is good enough to accessorize. Carry a basic black multi-compartment wallet for your everyday essentials.

By now you would have realized that the flamboyant jumpsuit phenomenon has come back with a bang from early 70’s.  Renewed interest in this trend has opened several avenues for the designers to experiment. Getting the jumpsuit look right is all about choosing the right fabric. You must pay attention to the shape of the jumpsuit. For instance, go for tapered leg bottoms if you are fond of skinny jeans. You will be spoilt for choices as there’s plenty of stock available here. Shop this super stylish silhouette right here at Limeroad.

Trend Alert: Midi

Trend Alert: Midi

By Anu

It’s that time of the year to start looking for sunny days, warm weather, spring flowers and of course midi dresses/tea-length dresses. This reincarnated classic is fast picking up this spring and emerged as the hero in almost all fashion weeks. Crowned as the most popular and stylish ensemble, they’re perfect if you want a longer dress but aren’t ready to commit to floor-sweeping lengths of a maxi. This ladylike garment works wonders on all occasions with a bit of styling and stands high on the contemporary front. Apparently, A-line midi skirts were the season’s fresh silhouette propositions. Nonetheless, there are so many different ideas and options you can try out, and this list will help you so much with midi style inspiration that you won’t know where to start!

Retro Midi


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Recreate that retro style in your wardrobe with this midi skirt which sends statement style across and beyond. What makes this skirt extra special is it’s lining till mid-thigh and flowy fabric. Kaftan crop top adds a little bit of pizzazz to the typical casual top outfit. Flats and double-illusion studs for the day time will do with the outfit. Good pair of wedges and a clutch is a good bet for a party.

Pleated Pleats

2Click here to shop!

This classic can be a go-to pleated skirt in your closet that you can always pull out for those last-minute events. It has an interesting cut and a waistband detailing makes it look outstanding. This flaired skirt comes in a quirky colour that can be paired with tons of different tops in your closet. To look uber stylish, wear it with an off shoulder crop top or a full sleeved pleated crop top seen here. Crop tops and pleated skirts are so in! Flair and dance like everyone is watching you!

Style Files

3Click here to shop!

Shopping on a summery afternoon without any commitments? Grab this breezy light lime green midi skirt which keeps the trend-o-meter soaring high. Wear it with all-green pieces to work this season’s must-have monochrome trend or team it with tank tops or tucked in tops for a nautical inspired look. Strappy sandels or pop coloured flats enhance the look.

Trendy Chic

4Click here to shop!

 Are you a college going teen? Or just turned 30? This pleated aquamarine skirt just makes you look right regardless of your age. It simply shuns your age and lends you that oh-so-chic glances all around. Neon coloured collared shirt gives you that indo-urban look and makes you look super stylish for any occasion. Hand cuff and a statement neckpiece never look overboard.

These are just a few of the stunners you’ll find out this season- I assure you I could go on all day long about the different details and textures, but it’s time to set you out for shopping. Whether you prefer something edgy or elegant, these midi skirts/dresses will have you covered. It’s just a matter of styling them as you see fit!  Find your go-to midi and let us know what do you think of these looks? How would you style them?

Monochromatic Summer Love

Monochromatic Summer Love

Everyone’s favourite colour palette in the winter/fall is the deeper set of colours. While black and white remain the classic go-to’s, it’s one of the few basic elements of your wardrobe that never get turned away from, irrespective of the season. For the summer ahead, I’ve picked out five styles you must own and have in your wardrobe. Keep reading!

The Classic Tube Dress


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This one is something you can wear to the derby, or to a sexy date night. Being one of the classic solid dresses, this English cut is something you’ve got to have in your wardrobe. Add some shine to it with a neckpiece or a pair of earrings and you’re good to go!

Office Gear

office gearClick here to shop!

Have to head to work and need to attend that important meeting? Well, here’s your best bet! You need to get your hands on this sleeveless dress that’s perfect for a big day around your colleagues. You can add dimension to this look with a red blazer and a bold lip, or simply leave it neutral with a pair of Aztec flats.

The Essentials List


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A versatile shirt is something we’ve all got to have in our wardrobes, so naturally, this black and white pick is something I’m totally digging for my closet. You could wear this tucked in a skirt, a pair of trousers and even bead it up with pearls for a formal day look.

Keep It Simple, Think Different

hClick here to shop!

If you thought black and white were boring colours, you thought wrong! A sleeveless top with a fine fit is something you’re going to love to pair up with a pair of jeggings. You can also add up a gold scarf to make this look feel complete and classy.

For the Indian Wedding


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We attend weddings in all seasons here in India, and it would be great to have an idealistic, modern cut to the otherwise traditional take. With the amazing gold details and gorgeous overall work, this one has made it to my favourites’ list for the ethnic moods I might be in over summer!

Trotting in White Tees

Trotting in White Tees

You probably don’t want me to rant about how incomplete your wardrobe looks without a statement white tee. As cliché as it may sound, but white tees do come in various shapes and sizes. These all-season staple tees can be worn on any day of the year. They go with absolutely anything whether you slip on to your classic old denims or funky hot pants.



Click here to buy pristine white tees!

So how well can you wear your white tees? Let’s take a quick look at the various style options these white tees have to offer –

The Summer-ready White Tee

You probably don’t want me to rant about how incomplete your wardrobe looks without a statement white tee. As cliché as it may sound, but white tees do come in various shapes and sizes. These all-season staple tees can be worn on any day of the year. They go with absolutely anything whether you slip on to your classic old denims or funky hot pants.   So how well can you wear your white tees? Let’s take a quick look at the various style options these white tees have to offer -   The ‘summer ready’ white tee look: Be summer ready with this humble graphic tee featuring motifs of several religions. This tee promotes freedom of religion with the statement “God is too big to fit into one”. Let your bottom breathe easy with these turquoise shorts. You can also try pairing the white tee with hot pants or airy colorful shorts. Printed handbags are vital this season. This leatherite versatile New York print handbag adds drama to your overall look. You can carry this all-day long look comfortably with atomic tangerine moccasins. The best thing about moccasins is that you get the best of both style as well as comfort.

Click  here to shop! 

Be summer ready with this humble graphic tee featuring motifs of several religions. This tee promotes freedom of religion with the statement “God is too big to fit into one”. Let your bottom breathe easy with these turquoise shorts. You can also try pairing the white tee with hot pants or airy colorful shorts. Printed handbags are vital this season. This leatherite versatile New York print handbag adds drama to your overall look. You can carry this all-day long look comfortably with atomic tangerine moccasins. The best thing about moccasins is that you get the best of both style as well as comfort.

The Biker-chic White Tee

biker chic

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Conventional combination of a white tee with indigo blue denims can never go wrong. Dig into your wardrobe to find a basic short sleeve round neck white tee along with your all time favorite skinny blue denims. Add a tinge of vintage style and adventure with this rugged zipper biker jacket. Stop starring at those immaculately crafted gorgeous black boots and wear them more often. These boots with metal details are a must-have for every wardrobe.

The Summer-girl White Tee

summery girl

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Minis and wrap arounds are here to stay this season. Beat the heat with this absolutely eye soothing front bow skirt. This skirt has everything right from elegant pleats to a dramatic front bow that makes it perfect for a casual brunch. Hunt for an exemplary long sleeved white tee to go with this skirt. You would gradually feel the need of adding a nautical striped blue scarf as summer progresses. A graceful white sling clutch coupled with almond toe azure pumps would add finesse to this look.

The Baby-pink-panther White Tee

pink panther

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Give your blue denims a well deserved break and bring in these subdued princess pink pants to go with your sassy sleeved white tee. These stretchable lycra pants are perfect for all occasions between dawn and dusk. The classic white sling purse adds an element of luxury and sophistication. This beautifully styled layered neck piece studded with pearl white beads and baker-miller pink drops adds sheer elegance to this look.

The I’m-ready-for-Holi White Tee

holi look

Click  here to shop these jeggings, shoes and sunglasses!

Holi is all about colors and unconventional style; surprisingly, a color as bland as white is integral to this festival. You would find everyone dressed up in sheer crisp whites to simply get immersed into fun colors. Gone are the days when you used to work hard to save your dull whites for this festive season. Get ready to sport the hot-chic look this Holi with a rose print white tee. Coquelicot jeggings go very well this white tee. Pick silver strapped flats that would be ideal for this look. Don’t forget to carry your favorite metallic aviators to protect your eyes from dust and colors.

Don’t let your white tees be an overlooked item in your wardrobe; it’s time to experiment gals!

5 Prints We’re Totally Digging Right Now

5 Prints We’re Totally Digging Right Now

Like water colours on a canvas, prints add a dimension to any look! The LimeRoad Ladies sat and came up with top five favourites for the current season that will also work well into Spring-Summer.

The Checkered Top


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Colourful and perfect for Spring/Summer, this look with a checkered top and perfect shorts- screams beachy. Wear is with a pair of cool flip-flops- you’re going to blend in at the beaches perfectly!

Mickey Print


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With some of the biggest names in the business of fashion tying up with Disney, the Mickey print is huge this season! Make sure you own at least one piece this summer – the one I’ve picked is an easy breezy scarf would look great around wrapped around the neck or even on your head to keep you away from the harsh sunlight at the beach.

Eternal Florals


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The English pink florals are perfect for summer.It’s super chic, girlie and looks very elegant to wear for a day look. Pair these up with a pair of comfy leggings and you’re ready with a feminine look.

Ethnic, Paisley Loving


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Paisley prints are a classic for the ethnic taste buds we all know we love and have. In the bright shades of prints this saree comes with, you’ll ace the modern yet traditionally twisted look with so much grace and style!

The Quirky Favourite


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The quirky side of me loves the sassy, psy prints that are super fun to look at! The bright burst of lemon yellow with bubble gum pink make it to my favourites’ list for the simple fact of how fun this look is! What do you think?