Eight Ways To Winterize Your Skirts

Eight Ways To Winterize Your Skirts

Skirts! Do you also feel the pain seeing your skirts crawling deep inside your closets and disappearing with onset of winters? If yes, then cheer up girl. There are certain classy ways of styling and flaunting your skirts even during winters.

The temperature may drop down to even zero outside, but still you can put on your favorite skirts. By just adding some layers, some boots or sweaters, you can winterize your skirts with endless possibilities. Actually skirts are quite versatile in that regard. In fact, if styled carefully, skirts can look way better in their winter avatar than the summer’s one. So let’s have a look at some of super trendy ways of styling your skirts during winters.

Pairing the skater skirts


Skater skirts are undoubtedly the most versatile of them all. So, you can play around with them a lot. All you need is a pair of comfy tights and you are good to go.

The best way of wearing your skater skirt and not being frostbitten is to wear it with tights, a sweater and a hat. You can wear oxford shoes with it to add a peppy vibe to the whole look.

Leather boots

High leather boots can never go wrong in winters. They not just keep the legs warm, but they also add a very good texture to the whole look. So you can wear your favorite skirt with high boots. Even the most basic pair of high boots looks classy.



Oversize sweater


Ditch tucking your oversize sweater and let your it flow over your skirt. Just add the ankle boots to look stunningly gorgeous.

Leather jacket


Leather jacket does not always give you that tough biker babe look. It can also look elegant and strong if paired with the right skirt and pumps.

Sweater and sneakers


If you like to sport a  casual look, then you can just pull out the most basic pullover from your wardrobe and pair it with your skater skirt. Add the casual sneakers for a carefree look.

Mini skirt


Yes girl you heard it right! Mini skirt can also see the sunlight during winters. Bold colored top with mini skirt makes a killer combination. Isn’t it?

Beanie and turtle neck


For less cold days, drop your tights and go for thigh high boots. Add a turtleneck and beanie and you are all set to make all the heads turn.

Layer it up


For the extremely cold days, add a lot of layers. High socks, boots, tights, jacket and checked shirt will give you a toughened look.

So just rack your brains a bit to style your skirt in phenomenal ways. Happy winters!

Chic Winter Jackets to Quirk up your Wardrobe

Chic Winter Jackets to Quirk up your Wardrobe

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We have arrived just in time before we say good-bye to winter, with this post on Chic Winter Jackets.  With Oh-so-chill weather embracing everywhere and the beautiful you left with no option but to wrap-up against all the shivering and quivering, making a style statement can be tough – this is where winter Jackets and coats come to your rescue.

Chic winter jackets

 Courtesy: pinterest.com

Options are plenty – capes, coats, down jackets in leather, woolen, faux fur, denim, so on and so forth. Whilst style is important, making sure the jacket is adequate enough to keep you warm and comfortable is a necessity. Also, get something that’s long lasting and durable. So read on and then go grab your favourite jackets before you miss them on the “end-of- season-sale”!!

Leather lust

Leather jackets not only provide protection against cold but are also sleek, stylish and contemporary. The chic factor here comes with embellished, metal studded leather jackets which have now made their presence felt on the ramp and streets alike.

leather jacket outfit

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Leather jacket

Courtesy: Limeroad.com.


Wool wonder

Just two words to describe Woolen and fur jackets – Cozy and Comfy. All the girls love it, want it and can’t get enough of it. Printed woolen and fur jackets are the attention grabbers now. Patterned double-breasted woolen coats are perfect cheat for your casual as well as formal winter wear.

wool double breasted coat fur jacket

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Fur jacket


Downs give a damn!

When temperatures are dipping below freezing point, Down jackets or coats are your way for survival. It is a quilted jacket filled with down feathers and outer layer is mostly made of nylon or polyester. Down jackets are extremely efficient in insulating against the cold, resistant to wear and tear and are waterproof too. Inherently known for being not as fashionably appealing as others, choose a variant that is nipped at waist or a printed quilt for a more feminine look. 

down jacket

Courtesy: pinterest.com





Perk up with Parkas

Parka – A winter jacket with quilted thick lining and a hood that is lined with fur or faux fur. Its length may vary anywhere between thighs to knees. Perfect for moderately cold temperatures, these are one of the most common and comfortable jackets out there and are never out of fashion.

Parka outift


Courtesy: pinterest.com


Cape Couture

It’s a synonym for royalty. A sleeveless draping outfit, covering the back and the chest and fastens at the neck. On a cold winter day out when you are looking for some Sophistication , Cape coat all you need; after all it is high on couture value and the in-thing in winter wear these days.

Cape coat cape outift

Courtesy: pinterest.com

Celeb spotting

Here’s how some our bollywood beauties rocked the winter jackets in this season:


Priyanka kareena kapoor

Kareena kapoor going casual in a metal studded jacket

Sonam kapoor


A vintage Sonam Kapoor in Lilac silk Jacket





Priyanka Chopra stylish in a fur vest


Deepika Padukone wearing a personalized Burberry CapePriyanka

Pictures courtesy: highheelconfidential.com

And if you have really missed the sale, you can always grab all the chic winter jackets from here 


Grab your winter look NOW!

Grab your winter look NOW!

Winter’s here and most of us have already settled on the look that we would want to sport this season. I am all for the jackets! But in case you’re still wondering what winter look to sport this season, then I have a few suggestions for you.  Here’s a style guide to get you through this winter, fashionably!

 Neatly knit formal tops

red knit top

Image courtesy: fashion.ekstrax.com

Look stunning in neatly knit formal tops. Soft woolen tops are easy to wear. Keep the sleeves long to protect yourself from the chill. Polo neck helps you in sporting a minimalist look and saves you from the hassle of adding a neck piece that would go well with your top.

Trench Coats

 trench coat

 Image courtesy: pinterest.com

Trench Coats add to the elegance and complete your classic winter look. You are free to keep it buttoned or let loose. This is an absolute winter wardrobe staple.

Faux Fur Wraps

 faux leather

 Image courtesy: indulgy.com

At times it only takes a piece of faux fur to completely transform your look. Leave your vegan worries at bay as faux fur is made up of synthetic fiber. This wrap is going to sooth your nape with its soft fabrication. Pair this faux fur wrap with any of your favorite overcoats for a timelessly sophisticated winter look.

Knee high boots:

knee high boots

Image courtesy: pinterest.com

Knee high boots are an absolute stunner with polished leather finish.  Most of the boots come with a comfortable curved panel with single buckle to double buckle options. Side zipper makes it easy to wear and take off in no time. The stitch detail adds further to its beauty. Find yourself a pair from the widest range of leather boots.

Oversized Sweaters

oversized sweaters

 Image courtesy: indulgy.com

Oversized Sweaters are a hit this winter. Grab a couple of oversized sweaters that would not just help you stay warm but also complete your winter look.  Oversized sweaters make you feel comfortable even in dire chills and of course stylish all the time. It goes pretty well with all your outfits ranging from casual to formal.

Beat the chill with Leather


Image courtesy: pinger.pl

Nothing gets better than a black leather jacket with leather skinnies. Dress up as per your mood by keeping it basic or add color. Quality leather stuff ensures perfect fit and is an instant hit.

Woolen scarves


Image courtesy: pinterest.com

Layer it up with super soft woolen scarves. Scarves are a must have this season. It would easily go well with any of your outfits. Loosely wrap it around the neck to get that perfect layered look.

To sum it up, fall winter season is the best time to accessorize. Specially crafted winter wear including oversized jackets, sweaters, scarves, glasses and so on help you get an outstanding winter look. Go ahead grab your winter look now! Pick up some of these amazing style pieces and be a stunner this winter!

One winter trend to swear by

One winter trend to swear by

Winter is here with its chills and thrills and a whole lot of fashion! If you’ve managed to look hot this season (pun intended!) then you’ve pretty much got the look, and a million second looks as well. However, if you’re still struggling trying to figure out what works best for you this season, then you stumbled upon the right article!

The trending style this winter season is none other than the classic leather jacket!

Sport them in black, brown, maroon or white, they’re going to be your savior, especially during the chilly nights!

There are several looks that you can flaunt wearing a leather jacket. Let’s take a glance at a few.

Winter trend for the biker chic: Bikes and leather jackets always go hand in hand. If you have a ride of your own, or even if you are a pillion rider, this is one look that will go naturally with your swag. Team it up with smart boots, skinnies and shades to make it one hell of a ride!

black leather jacket with complimenting accessories for a bikers look

Image courtesy : www.prettydesigns.com

The high street Madame: Short skirt or a petite little dress, full length boots, aviators, a classy handbag pulled in together with a sassy brown leather jacket will indeed make way for you in a crowded place. This look is perfect for a casual outing. The leather jacket and long boots ensure you are kept warm, while still having the appearance of sporting minimal wear.

brown leather jacket with complimenting accessories

Image courtesy: www.prettydesigns.com

The casual rock star: For all you ladies who really don’t care and want a quick winter wear option that is still very fashionable, then you can sport the classic denim and jacket combination. You can either keep it simple or experiment with colors on the tee shirt you choose to wear under a rugged or basic leather jacket. You know for sure, the rock star look, NEVER goes out of style!

casual brown leather jacket

Image courtesy: www.dhgate.com

This is only a gist of what the all time fashion statement – the leather jacket, can do for you this winter This is also why Limeroad thinks that the leather jacket is indeed one winter trend to swear by! Create your own winter look and make heads turn this season by choosing the best jacket that suits your style.




Howdie ladies, enjoying the plush winter wear? Are you feeling the December chill already? Well, if you ask me, I am in a dilemma these days, trying to figure out an attire that is neither too summery, that’ll make me feel cold, nor too warm because it isn’t freezing yet. These pleasant days, before the actual winter begins are the hardest wardrobe moments for me. Lets get down to brass tacks and come to some conclusions so that we don’t fuse out our brains every time we open our closets and ponder upon those outwears.

First figure out, where do you need more fabric:
  1. If your answer is ARMS, then you fall in the not so lucky category, like me, because we can’t wear without sleeves cardigans or half sleeves tunics, we have to cover our arms with something to hide those goose bumps. But it isn’t all that bad with all the cute winter wear.
  • Pair your rugged denims with a summer tee and a light blazer or a jacket to complete the look. We can also put on a chic hat if we are going to an outdoor place. This is a never fail look and one of my casual favs.

blazer Image Courtesy: www.wavygirlhairstyles.com

blazer Image Courtesy: www.prettydesigns.com

jacket Image Courtesy: www.lamodellamafia.com

jacket Image Courtesy: www.lookbook.nu

Shop this winter wear look!

  • As legs aren’t a problem for us, so why not wear a skirt or a dress with ankle length boots and complement it with a nice leather jacket or a smart sweater.

skirt  Image Courtesy: www.lollipuff.com

skirt  Image Courtesy: www.lookbook.com

Shop this look!

  1. Some people feel cold on their NECK and FEET. No worries, fashion has a room for all.
  • Mufflers, scarves, snoods and boots are your winter must haves. Try a plain top + jeans with a printed scarf/muffler and team it up with boots of any length. You can also wear scarves in several different ways to look new whenever you step out of your doorstep.

scarves Image Courtesy: www.inonit.in

scarves Image Courtesy: www.trends4ever.com

Shop this winter wear look!

  1. Its time for LEGS. My personal style statement. Wear a woolen tunic, plain or printed, and pair it with those warm stockings available in all brands / shopping malls these days. Flat ballerinas will go the best with this look. You could adorn a sleek belt over the tunic to give finesse to your style.

tunic  Image Courtesy: www.aliexpress.com

tunic Image Courtesy: www.aliexpress.com

tunic Image Courtesy: www.dhgate.com

Shop this winter wear look!

Winter Fashion Trends to Keep You Warm And Stylish

Winter Fashion Trends to Keep You Warm And Stylish

We all have amazing collection of dresses, accessories and footwear for summers and we want to maintain our stylish and trendy look during the winters as well. It’s pretty hard to bundle up, brace yourself in multiple layers and still look great. There are plenty of cold weather accessories and abundant variety of jumpers, sweaters, pullovers, coats, jackets and boots that may leave you looking like a totally disorganized woman if you’re not careful about how to wear them.

So this winter, instead of compromising on style over comfort, we picked up a list of some amazing winter wear ideas for you – that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time when the temperature drops down.

Here are some of the tips for staying – warm and comfortable while keeping it stylish.

Accessorize in style

Scarves, knitted caps, hats and gloves are some accessories that are purely stylish and they keep you warm as well. Add some bright colors of scarves to your wardrobe this winter. The best part about scarves are you can easily leave them on as a part of your outfit and may top it off with a cool hat. It could be a floppy style hat or a cute knitted style cap. Choose your favorite ones with different outfits and rock these winter fashion trends with trendy accessories.

f398f750ccb8f6146bc0dfdf2e9504eb   72902176f39ec4650d3196ae457aa86e    36e7e0d9ce492694d79d51d2e4299b18


Hello Cashmere

If you want to give a luxurious and elegant look to your wardrobe this winter – Say hello to cashmere. Cashmere is one the finest and softest wool available. It keeps you warm and never goes out of trend. The best part about cashmere is; it’s light in weight. So, if you have phobia from bulky winter sweaters and coats- a light weight cashmere cardigan, drape or coat is simply designed for you. The soft texture keeps you warm and will certainly add more elegance to your look.

7abd25125b3218067d5059408f5e9488    33f162648e10b2d20b189f2c8933e1e5   08c35d08f9792c07c035755fd644c88b


Luxurious Leather

As they say, ‘Leather is the new denim.’ It is cool, classy, bold and stylish in it’s on way and keeps you warm as well. Leather is a faithful choice for the style set. Why not, add a pair of leather leggings, leather pants, leather skits and leather jackets to your wardrobe this winter and rock the world with a super bold look.  Be it a business meeting or a casual meet up, leather never fails to leave an impression. You can always trust upon leather for keeping you warm and hot.

85e3cc18110e89dcfb160784e341446d    9cff907b61d2ef3c2ba9b99404507676    b70b896b0cf97ef09ee38135ed4f2673


Pick a perfect ‘Neon Pea coat’

Thigh length pea coats have been in fashion since forever. They are perfect fit for cold weather and classy look. However, let us add a little color to our traditional pea coat collection this winter. A perfect neon shade pea coat would give you a perfect trendy. Let’s not forget winter is not all about – grays, blacks and blues, So it’s time to say goodbye to the old fashioned pea coats and experiment something new.

efec6fe17e53278a6b0a60dd654fe7ac    20a30a5a6106edcd8cc7152a215d5766     69c03dae85fe96c3b6f95baa01887d23


Fashionable Fur

Nothing could make you look glamorous, gorgeous and classy like fur. The soft and silky look of fur maintain your stylish look ; while keeping you warm at the same time. Remember the Golden Era when fur jackets and coats used to be a major style statement. How about adding some stylish fur to your wardrobe this winter and walk down the streets carrying a vintage look. e824a0415da088b7a35e9d126479ed49    e583fb73b5036a639c72cab98ba9006c   62200522d2351192b70a3e306a011992


Bold & beautiful ‘Animal Print’

Sexy animal prints have always been in style – Add some hot and trendy animal print to your bucket list this winter season.  An animal printed jacket or a pair of leggings are probably the easiest and simplest way to add trendy and edgy look to your outfit. Even if you are wearing an old pair of jeans and an plain top an animal print jacket or coat could make you look pulled together. So, walk on the wild side this winter season.


6b49407e7055004c1a0a5f066ccc5f30   a899f566ead18067fb3a178586acc145    0d0e507196e935e5c6571d997e3327cf


So ladies, these were few winter fashion trends to get you out of the dressing dilemma, use these to keep yourself warm while staying stylish.

8 Things you need to add to your Wardrobe this Winter

8 Things you need to add to your Wardrobe this Winter

Every season brings along something to cherish with it. With winters come winter wear for women, sweaters and jackets of mouth-watering colours and designs. There is so much you could do with just a little bit of clothes. Team them up differently, and create your own style, that’s what fashion is all about anyway right? You create your own code with clothes that you’re comfortable with. So, update your wardrobe this winter and become a diva. Have a look at our must haves this season for winter wear for women.

A pair of chic leggings

if you don’t have ’em you know you need to get a pair, like, right now. Leggings are taking the world by storm and we’re telling you they’re not a fad. They are coming in all the prints that you could think of. From flowery to asymmetric patterns, it’s all about colour and patterns to brighten up the cold winter. Team them up with a pair of hot shorts or a skirt and an oversized sweater and you’re ready to rock the day.

Chic leggingswww.refinedstylefashion.com

 A cashmere sweater

Long or short, fitted or loose, this is a must have in your wardrobe this winter. Especially when you love to create layers with clothes. You could pair up the fitted ones with shirts and a pair of jeans. Loose ones give a more girly appeal, team them up with a bustier or a basic t-shirt, a pair of leggings and you’ve created a statement. ‘Nuff said.

Cashmere sweatshirtwww.majawyh.com/

Knee high boots

Who doesn’t love a pair these bad boys? These are the perfect footwear to have in winters for women, because not only are they chic, they serve the very purpose of wintery shoes, isn’t it? No more cold feet (no pun intended!). The trick would be to stay with neutral colours unless you’ve saved up for that one pair of statement red boots (wink wink)

Knee high boots www.workoutfitstyles.com


Whether you’re trying to dress up casually, or more formally, you know you need a coat. While long coats show a certain charm and class, short ones could be a little chic and playful. What’s more? You could team up a coat even with a dress if you’re one of those adventurous souls. Let’s go shopping.

Coats for winter




Scarves are all about style and one thing is for sure, they’ll never go out of fashion. Infinity scarves have been ruling the market and the best part is that you could get them knitted. Save on money and have as many as you want. A must add to your winter wear collection.

Stylish scarves www.littleblondebook.com

Button down cardigan

Just like cashmere sweaters, button down cardigans bring out the girly charm and adds to the style statement as well. The only difference is that these cardigans give a more of an exquisite feel, a feminine one. One is absolutely necessary, because, come on, they match with practically anything!

Button down cardiganwww.fashion.ekstrax.com


These are the all-time favourite. Hoodies never go out of style. And though the design is changing, the basic concept of the hoodie is still the same. What’s an added advantage is that you could borrow your brothers’ as well. We still suggest you buy one.

 Fun and stylish hoodieswww.pinterest.com


Yet another classic. Do we need to say more about this? You need to have one, or maybe more. It’s winter and this one here is a winter essential.

 Jackets www.glamradar.com







This winter, layering is going to take centre stage. How do you flaunt your clothes and keep yourself warm? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to layer through the winter.

How to style your Jeans

When layering clothes with your jeans, the options are limitless.  For a casual look, depending on how cold it is, you can start off with a thermal t-shirt or a long camisole. Wear the top you want over it, add in your favourite scarf around your neck, and top it off with your woollen sweater of jacket.

For a formal look, start with the thermal and move on to a crisp white shirt over it. To keep yourself warm you could stick to the traditional formal jacket or coat – but we encourage you to try wearing a smart crop sweater-top over it. If your legs aren’t warm enough, experiment with leg warmers over your jeans under the boots or knee high boots.

Traditional coats for winter

Jackets for winter

Image Courtesy: www.viewfrom5ft2.com

Stylish printed tops

 Image Courtesy: www.bloglovin.com

How to style your Skirts

Don’t miss out on your skirts during the winter, because of the fear of the cold. There are multiple ways you can still rock the minis in this weather.

Once again, depending on how cold it is, you could try treating your sweater as a top itself and either tuck it into your skirt or leave it out. Now, here is when your thermal leggings come into place – keep them handy! Wear the leggings, add on a scarf or a woollen head band and boots/any shoe of your choice to complete the look.

Another stylish look is for the adventurous, you think you can bare a little skin against the winter wind? Wear your skirt, put on your tee and sweater – but instead of leggings try knee-high socks with your shoes. Alternatively leg warmers are also an option.

Different ways to style your skirts


Image Courtesy: tumblr.com


How to style your Dress?

This is much like styling the skirt, important part is keeping those legs warm. Keep your leggings or warm stockings out. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated silhouette, layer your dress with a waist coat and a long winter trench coat.  If you’re looking for an informal look, pair your dress with leggings, a scarf and a loose sweater.

Scarf with a dress

Winter caps that goes with your dress


Image Courtesy: refinedstylefashion.com, www.shopbop.com

How to style your Shorts?

Love your comfy hot shorts, but it’s too cold, eh? Story of all our lives. Wear your leggings first and put on your shorts over them. It’ll still hold true to the shorts effect- bring out those sexy legs. Just like the skirt layering, you could either wear your sweater as your top or throw over a scarf with a jacket. Experiment with different heighted socks over your leggings to add extra warmth.


Shorts over leggings

Ways to style your shorts this winter

Image Courtesy: media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com, www.elle.com




Come Winter and all your favourite clothes get hidden under layers of jackets or sweaters. What could you do differently this winter? We’ve got you a quick checklist of must-haves and also some inspiration from all around the globe on how to style your existing winter wear and still look like your fashionable self.


We’ve all got our scarves, during the summer we use it to cover our faces from tanning, in the monsoon it’s our hair it saves and during the winter it’s wrapped around our neck for warmth.

Additionally, oversized woollen scarves are really in this season. Instead of patterned scarves, women are opting for plain colours like cream, grey, beige and pale pink and blue. You can up your style points just by trying out new ways of wearing a scarf too – tie it into a nice big bow or layer it in circles around your neck without any lose ends hanging out. We urge you to get on with this trend – they look cozy, comfy and stylish.

Scarves for winter

Image Courtesy: www.etsy.com

Thermal Leggings

Take your thermal leggings out of the dusty old box, and keep them prepared because they are going to be ridiculously important this winter. If you thought you couldn’t wear your dresses, skirts and shorts anymore – guess again – pair them with your thermal leggings and jacket to look like hot amidst chilly weather.

Before you pick up any other colour, make sure you have black leggings first.

Thermal leggings

Image Courtesy: lolobu.com


You always need something to cover your ears with in the winter! Generally you’d wear winter knitted caps, but this time we want you to try out winter head bands! They are broad woollen head bands that look almost like hair accessories but they also do their job! Get basic colours like grey or cream to match them with anything you wear, or you could buy the same colour as your scarf.

You could tie your hair up in a messy bun or leave your hair open; either way we guarantee this to be an uber cool winter look.

Stylish headwear this winter

Image Courtesy: www.etsy.com


Take out your jackets and sweaters. Check up what still fits you and keep ‘em ready, or get yourself new ones. Bright reds are really in, along with the classic blacks for well fitted jackets. Sweaters this season are going to be of a loose fit, colour no bar! Pair them with your scarf, leggings and you’ve got yourself a cute winter look, right there!

Trendy jackets


Image Courtesy: www.loveitsomuch.com


Showing off your style in the winter is ALL about layering – but for that we need a lot more space. So catch up on layering in our next article.