Is Your Home Winter-Ready? Five Hacks to Help You through Winter!

Is Your Home Winter-Ready? Five Hacks to Help You through Winter!

The temperature is dropping and so is the humidity. You catch yourself shivering in the mornings and the dryness is alright. This means only one thing: winter is coming! You’ve already started trying layered looks. After all, you’re a fashionista. You know when to don a light cardigan or a heavy coat. You know when it’s time for boots and gloves. You also know the best moisturizers and wintry makeup looks (dark lipsticks anyone?).

But what about keeping your home warm and your clothes dry? If you happen to live in the chiller parts of the country, keeping warm and dry is essential in this season. Limeroad brings you some tips and tricks to get you through the winter.

Image Courtesy: villageassociates
Image Courtesy: villageassociates

Seal Windows and Doors


Insulate your house by sealing all the windows and doors. You can get this done professionally, but if you’re in a pinch, DIY is the way to go. Lining your windows and doors with bubble wrap (from all that online shopping…recycling!) will keep out cold drafts. If there are rooms you don’t use much, you can throw a towel on the floor to cover all the cracks.


Fold Sweaters

Courtesy: The Coveteur
Courtesy: The Coveteur

It is time for the sweaters to come out! They are essential to keeping warm. There are sooo many jumpers and cardigans to choose from that you surely can’t have too many! Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them to keep them from stretching.


Protect Your Boots


I don’t know about you, but boots are my favorite part of winter. They are fashionable and practical! Keep your boots standing tall even when you aren’t wearing them by using (used) wine bottles or (read) rolled up magazines – basically anything sturdy and cylindrical. This will prevent your boots from folding over and developing creases.


If you happen to experience trudging through snow, slush, or rain, keep your boots dry by putting together a DIY moisture-draining tray. All you have to do is fill a tray with pebbles, place your wet boots on top, and let the wet drain away.


Thaw Your Lock


You have just pulled up outside your house. You are freezing. All you want is warmth and cup of hot chocolate. But your lock is jammed frozen. Simply warm up your key with a lighter and let yourself in.


Hang Dry Your Winter Accessories…


…using a curtain rod. Because you’ll need dry gloves, scarves, and hats each time you step out. And throwing them in a pile will not help this cause.

Hope these tips help to make your home warmer and cosier this winter season!

There you have it: five easy ways to help you around the house in the winter!

Welcoming Marsala to your wardrobe

Welcoming Marsala to your wardrobe

Have you heard? Marsala has been officially announced as the color of the year by Pantone. Yes, I know, the first thing that hits your mind when you hear about this color is red wine! Indeed, Marsala bears a striking resemblance to the color of red wine. The color is so unique that I really can’t seem to place it right on the color spectrum! I’d say, the color is dusty and lies somewhere in between the color of a dried brick and a native rose. I suggest, do not stress so much on the formation of this color, all you need to do is wear it right, flaunt it and stay chic!

Just FYI, Marsala consists of a blend of many colors that include hues of red, grey, brown and maroon.

Getting back to what concerns us most – fashion, here’s a list of ways which can help you in welcoming Marsala to your wardrobe.

Even though this color is rich and exuberant, it is quite a basic one, in the sense, it would take no time for you to pick the best piece of clothing for yourself, given this shade it is also pretty wearable unlike other bewildering colors that may give you an absolute tough time finding the right clothing and accessories to go with it.

So here’s my list on how to flaunt Marsala:

Bodycon dresses

1 st

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Power your fashion needs with dazzling ‘after-dark’ clothing in Marsala. It is going to help you stay current with the latest fashion trends during the year. I know each one of us is a secret admirer of the concept of bodycon dresses so a well fit Marsala bodycon dress is sure to help you stand out in any occasion.

Snazzy outerwear

2 nd

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Embrace the season with Marsala by adding volume to your winter wardrobe by simply picking up a loose overcoat or sweater. Stay warm with this precisely cut silhouette. You are never going to regret this spend, as this overcoat is going to rescue you from harsh weathers throughout the year. Don’t forget Marsala is going to remain the trend for the rest of 2015.

Funky jumpsuits and bottoms

3 rd

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Choose from skirts to pants, trousers to jumpsuits, you would easily find funky bottoms in Marsala that would go with any shirt or top. Team it with your best pair of heels to finish the look. Do not shy away from accessorizing as the color is quite subtle and welcoming. 

Evergreen picks

4 th

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Evergreen picks in Marsala include long dresses and gowns. These picks would never go off the list of happening trends this year. You can try many variations in dresses ranging from long, short, frilly, body hugging, red carpet wear, layered clothing and lot more. Evergreen picks also include accessories ranging from footwear, belts, hats, paints, lip colors and so on.



Bags are every girl’s best friend. No matter who you are or what you do you are bound to be fond of the latest fashion trends. Sport a Marsala bag, purse or clutch, in some of the finest shapes and sizes that will help you truly carry the color of year with your best attitude.

Make-up:  Juice it up with Marsala


Dare to wear dark mocha hues on your lips with a dab of subtle blush-on to look hot and vibrant this season. Light undertones would help you in effortlessly covering the pain areas and blemishes on the face. Use a thick eye-liner to add definition and finesse to your look. It would take very little effort in getting things right with the color of the year being Marsala.

Marsala is going to dictate fashion trends for the year 2015. So stop being a slacker and be an early adopter!

Chic Winter Jackets to Quirk up your Wardrobe

Chic Winter Jackets to Quirk up your Wardrobe

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We have arrived just in time before we say good-bye to winter, with this post on Chic Winter Jackets.  With Oh-so-chill weather embracing everywhere and the beautiful you left with no option but to wrap-up against all the shivering and quivering, making a style statement can be tough – this is where winter Jackets and coats come to your rescue.

Chic winter jackets


Options are plenty – capes, coats, down jackets in leather, woolen, faux fur, denim, so on and so forth. Whilst style is important, making sure the jacket is adequate enough to keep you warm and comfortable is a necessity. Also, get something that’s long lasting and durable. So read on and then go grab your favourite jackets before you miss them on the “end-of- season-sale”!!

Leather lust

Leather jackets not only provide protection against cold but are also sleek, stylish and contemporary. The chic factor here comes with embellished, metal studded leather jackets which have now made their presence felt on the ramp and streets alike.

leather jacket outfit


Leather jacket



Wool wonder

Just two words to describe Woolen and fur jackets – Cozy and Comfy. All the girls love it, want it and can’t get enough of it. Printed woolen and fur jackets are the attention grabbers now. Patterned double-breasted woolen coats are perfect cheat for your casual as well as formal winter wear.

wool double breasted coat fur jacket


Fur jacket


Downs give a damn!

When temperatures are dipping below freezing point, Down jackets or coats are your way for survival. It is a quilted jacket filled with down feathers and outer layer is mostly made of nylon or polyester. Down jackets are extremely efficient in insulating against the cold, resistant to wear and tear and are waterproof too. Inherently known for being not as fashionably appealing as others, choose a variant that is nipped at waist or a printed quilt for a more feminine look. 

down jacket






Perk up with Parkas

Parka – A winter jacket with quilted thick lining and a hood that is lined with fur or faux fur. Its length may vary anywhere between thighs to knees. Perfect for moderately cold temperatures, these are one of the most common and comfortable jackets out there and are never out of fashion.

Parka outift




Cape Couture

It’s a synonym for royalty. A sleeveless draping outfit, covering the back and the chest and fastens at the neck. On a cold winter day out when you are looking for some Sophistication , Cape coat all you need; after all it is high on couture value and the in-thing in winter wear these days.

Cape coat cape outift


Celeb spotting

Here’s how some our bollywood beauties rocked the winter jackets in this season:


Priyanka kareena kapoor

Kareena kapoor going casual in a metal studded jacket

Sonam kapoor


A vintage Sonam Kapoor in Lilac silk Jacket





Priyanka Chopra stylish in a fur vest


Deepika Padukone wearing a personalized Burberry CapePriyanka

Pictures courtesy:

And if you have really missed the sale, you can always grab all the chic winter jackets from here 


Evening Wear – Top Trends This Holiday Season

Evening Wear – Top Trends This Holiday Season

December brings in exciting events for us all, Christmas, followed by New Year’s Eve and a whole lot of weddings in between.  No wonder it is one of the most awaited months in the year because of the festivities and excitement that come along with it. With fun and frolic it also brings along certain multifarious decisions for our wardrobe. We always fall short of the right kind of clothes despite our wardrobe being filled with fancy stuff. Indeed, this is the time when we stand and stare at things that we have and things that we ought to have in our wardrobe especially this festive season!

Keep your wardrobe worries at bay as I’m here to help you get a quick solution to this season’s biggest crises!


 high low dress

Image courtesy:

Sexy high low dresses: Make a magnificent entrance this New Year’s eve with a sleek high low dress. A high low dress gets you the best of both worlds by giving you a glamorous look along with a youthful style and the comfort of a short dress. This dress type displays a unique style with asymmetric hemline. It is a must-have if you are someone who is always on the move, as it goes well on both formal after-hours events as well as casual parties.


red gown

Image courtesy:

 Red carpet style gowns: Wouldn’t you look like an absolute stunner when you enter the Christmas party dressed in a red carpet style body hugging gown? Gowns with silhouette-skimming shape and gently falling frill accentuate your lady curves thereby bringing out the best in your appearance. Ascend your style quotient by choosing a gown for your special occasion this winter.


 white dress


 Image courtesy:

Stylish knee length dress: If we put together all our favorite feminist ingredients we are sure to come up with a floral dress that is elegant yet sassy. Consider this oh-so-pretty ivory dress for instance. It has a subdued neckline with 3/4th sleeves that make you feel extremely comfortable in chilly winter nights. An open back adds to definition to its lacy bodice. All you need to do is team it up with nude stilettos to complete a splendid look.


blue slit dress

 Image courtesy:

Halter neck gown: The halter neck gowns will always be a woman’s classic choice in gowns. It provides an effortlessly classic look.  The floor-sweeping length adds to its glamour.  Show off your flawless legs with a front split halter gown. The halter neck gowns are known to be versatile enough to make a quick switch from noon to night with a simple change of shoes and supporting accessories such as a clutch.


black sequence dress

Image courtesy:

Classic off shoulder sequenced gown: Classic off shoulder sequenced gowns are an all time favorite for an evening wear. This spotlight stealing off shoulder gown is designed for a firm-clinching fit. All you need is a sassy envelope clutch and a hot lip color. The off shoulder gowns call for sophisticated high heels so don’t forget to team it with some best-in-class stilettos.

So, now you comfortably have a few evening wear styles to choose from to become the show stopper.  Find these dresses in your favorite color to bring out the party animal in you!


Easy Skin Care Tips For Winter

Easy Skin Care Tips For Winter

Skin care is one of things that might not interest everyone; but something we should all take very seriously. We take the way our clothes look on us super seriously; correct? So why not think of the way your skin is going to look, feel, breathe? It’s the part of your body that’s always going to be around, irrespective of ‘trends’ and ‘seasons’ and other fashion fads.

Few basic pointers for skin care:

Moisturise: The simplest of the lot, you just need to make sure you’re constantly looking after your skin by this one step process. Moisturise your skin once, and if possible, twice a day. Make sure you look into your special areas like knees, elbows, upper backs and any areas that may have pigmentation. You’ll be surprised with how this super easy tip can do to help clear your skin up in no time! Moisturising in generous quantities and spreading your lotion well also helps in preventing break outs and other skin issues.

DSCI5560 - 60ml-600x600

Remove your makeup: No matter what – never sleep with your makeup on. My go to? Baby oil! Nothing is as gentle as a baby, or oil that’s meant for them. Baby oil is a great way to cleanse and moisturise your skin in one go, and it’s perfect for eye makeup removal, too. For your eyes, both upper and lower lid areas, use a ear bud and you’ll see how simple it is to treat this area with careful precision.

baby oil

Sunscreen: It may not be as sunny as the summers, but always make sure you’re well sun-proofed. Keep on some sun screen, and apply ours at least thirty minutes before leaving the house.


Look after the mane: Let’s not forget that your scalp gets dry, too, it’s not just your body skin. Oil your hair and massage it once it ten days and watch your hair look shinier and feel better.

hair oil

Lip lip: Last but definitely not the least – avoid your lips from getting dry. No one at work, college or at home wants to see you subconsciously licking your lips a hundred times over. Keep a lip balm handy and you’ll see how naturally pink your lips get by the end of the season!


Revamp your skin care regime and thanks us while you glow!

Christmas Recipe: Chicken Roast on Mashed Veggies

Christmas Recipe: Chicken Roast on Mashed Veggies

It’s that time of the year again when the air outside is crisp and chilly, when lush oranges and bright-coloured vegetables flood the market and every conversation you seem to have is delightfully punctuated with “Would you like another cup of tea?” Christmas is finally round the corner folks! As the temperature dips outside all I want to do is get back home from work as soon as possible, snuggle up cosily in my woollens and enjoy a hearty meal with my family. Now I don’t know if it’s true or not but I have been assured by a friend that it’s OK to skip calorie counting during Winters because our bodies use up the excess calorie to keep us warm! It’s almost like an internal workout without having to do anything! I would love to believe it’s true though I really cannot vouch for its veracity. I have however found a midway where I can indulge myself in all those delicious things people crave during Christmas without having to worry too much about the calories (smart eh?)

here is one such Christmas recipe for you’ll called Chicken Roast on Boiled Veggies

Chicken Roast on mashed veggies


Chicken Thighs: 5 pieces with the skin on

Ginger Garlic Paste: 1 tbsp

Sunflower Oil

For the Rub

Worcestershire sauce: 1 tsp

American Barbecue Sauce: 2 tbsp

Mustard Powder: 1/2 tsp

Red Chili Powder: a pinch

For the Glaze

Coarsely Ground pepper: 1/4 tsp

Honey: a nice dollop

Thyme: 1/2 tsp

Mashed Veggies

Boil beat root and sweet potatoes and bring it together with hung curd, mustard sauce, salt and pepper.

Keep the chicken thighs marinated at least for 2 hours in the ginger garlic paste. Make a sauce for the rub with all the Rub ingredients (Worcestershire Sauce, American Barbecue Sauce, Mustard Powder and Red Chili Powder). Add salt to taste and 2 tsp sunflower oil. Add this to the marinated chicken.

Heat the girdle pan. Add 2 tsp of sunflower oil to each piece of chicken (to avoid sticking) before placing them on the pan. Grill till they get cooked and start getting those nice grill marks. They should roughly take 5 minutes on each side on a medium to high flame.

In a separate bowl mix honey, Pepper and Thyme and add 2 tsp oil. This is the glaze that has to be smeared over the already grilled chicken but only on one side.

Grill the chicken pieces in a micro oven with the glaze side on top till the honey dries and creates a nice shiny caramelized coat!


Enjoy this Christmas recipe and let us know how you like it 🙂



chicken roast

Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decoration ideas

By Abhinaya

Hello December!! As we all gear up to welcome the last month before we can say good-bye to the year gone by, it is time to bask in the glory and merry of Christmas, a commemoration of the birth of Christ.  The first things that come to mind with Christmas are Santa Claus, gifts, Carols and hymns and of course Xmas tree and decorations!!

The season of Christmas may prove to be tough on your wallet as it involves travelling, partying and shopping for lot of other things apart from decking up your home.  So make priorities and stick to your budget while going into the decoration mode.The good news is a lot of it is DIY stuff.

Christmas decoration fireplace




Christmas colors

Heart red, pine green (evergreen) and snow white are the traditional colors of Christmas. From X’mas tree to bauble to garland to wreath… these three are the predominant colors of the season. Apart from this Gold and Aqua have also been used as Christmas colors to add some sparkle to the winter darkness. So stick to these colors in your ornamentation without going for lot of experiments to accentuate the spirit of X’mas.

Christmas colors


Christmas tree

It goes without saying that Christmas tree is the most exciting part and takes most attention in Christmas decoration. It is a decorated tree of a conifer evergreen family like pine, spruce or fir. It is totally your preference either to go for a natural tree or a fake one or you want to go for a green theme or a snow white theme. Which ever you choose, these are the few things you must consider in your Christmas tree decoration:

  • Make sure the tree is symmetric, tapers at the top and has evenly spaced out branches which makes decoration easier and looks better.
  • Pick a color scheme – classic red-green or wintry silver-blue or metallic gold-silver or a diverse mix of classic and metallic.
  • Choose a topper for your tree. Here are a few options – a classic star, a cute bow, holly berries and leaves, an angel, a Christian cross, a large snowflake, a jingle bell, a Santa hat or a cute little snowman.

snowman topper



  • Hang up the lights. Go from top to bottom with the light strands well apart, evenly spaced out and a color that compliments the decoration.
  • Wrap your tree with garlands and ribbons which should go under the ornaments. Fluffy tinsels are not stylish anymore. Go for more classy and cheesy options like metallic beads garland or a white popcorn garland or a wired or meshed ribbon with small bows evenly distributed along the length of the ribbon.
  • The last step is putting up the ornaments that should on the tree. The must haves are baubles, stars, bells, gifts, miniature Santa Claus, snowflakes to name a few. Stockings, candy cane, little hearts and peace sign are some cheeky options as well. Also, use can use your collectibles during major life events as ornaments for your Chirstmas tree. Howzzat for an idea to make every Christmas a memorable one?


Christmas tree Collage


Christmas lights

One of the all time favourite ways to light up the season is with a gorgeous array of easy-to-make-at-home paper luminaries. All you may need is a colorful collection of star lights hanging from the roof or a simple arrangement of snowflake paper luminaries along the front walks, driveways or porches for your festive illumination.

Christmas lights


Soft lighting and sparkling mercury accents provide the right kind of festive charm. Easy on the eyes, warmer to the heart is the way to go. It may just be as effortless as grouping of Candles and flowers in glistening votive holders and vases.

Candle votive


You can also add some element of fun with these uber cute snowman or Santa candle votive. Instant love!

Fun Christmas candle votive

Courtesy: and



Wreath is a very essential part of outdoor décor. If you are really not going all out with your Christmas decoration, just adding this one thing on the front door is enough to welcome the Christmas spirit. Usually they are made from real or artificial conifer branches or other broadleaf evergreens like holly with pine cones and spray of berries along with other Christmas ornaments and constructed to resemble a ring. Give a personal touch by making one on your own… even better!! Look at this whimsical Wreath with elves’ feet… quite adorable.

mychristmas wreath



So for all those going crazy about planning your Christmas decorations at home or workplace, hope these insights help you all in bringing in Christmas with all the right flare and zing!! We at LimeRoad wish you all a Merry and Memorable Christmas. It’s time to Jingle all the way!!!

Winter Skincare for the Beautiful You

Winter Skincare for the Beautiful You

By Abhinaya

It’s time to say hello to winter – the season of cold weather, cozy sweaters, scarves, hot chocolate, Christmas, snow, bonfire and Dry Skin!! Young or old, women or men, dry skin is one problem that cuts across all age groups, genders and skin types during winter. Skin care in winter is imperative to even people who don’t have a skin condition. It is necessary to go that extra mile to keep your skin from getting dry, itchy and flaky.The skin demands attention and it is important you give its due.

Here are some useful tips for skin care in winter that will help in keeping that dryness in check:

  • Moisturizer is your best friend. To keep winter air from drying out your skin, make sure you apply a moisturizer daily. An oil-based moisturizer will help in retaining the moisture better, than a water-based moisturizer. The best time to apply it is after bathing, while the skin is slightly damp, so that it will lock moisture into the skin. Winter sun may prove to be just as damaging as the summer sun. If you are getting exposed to sun, apply a sunscreen moisturizer with SPF 30 or above, to the exposed areas.

Winter moisturizer

  • Avoid hot showers and baths. A hot water shower may be very inviting after a day out in chilly weather but it may actually be very bad for your skin as it can strip the skin off natural oils. To prevent this, use lukewarm water and avoid long showers. Keep away from antibacterial soaps, perfumed soaps and deodorant soaps. Instead, use a mild, fragrance-free soap or moisturizing body wash.
  • Dress up. Dress yourself up to protect the skin from getting exposed to the cold dry air, harsh winds and dipping temperatures. Those cozy woolen sweaters may be your favorite but it can cause irritation when it rubs against your skin. So make sure you use it over a layer of cotton or silk shirt. Use a hat and a scarf when you head outdoors. Also, grabbing your sunglasses is not a bad idea to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

Dress up for winter

  • ‘C’ the vitamin in your diet. Skin care in winter not only involves external application but also some internal care. Watch your vitamin intake. Vitamin-C helps in boosting the body’s production of Collagen – a structural protein part of the connective tissue that maintains the skin and helps in renewal of skin cells. So, make sure you load up on Vitamin-C rich food like  citrus fruits, berries, bell peppers, broccoli, dark leafy greens  and papayas to name a few.

Winter skincare Vitamin-C

Follow these simple yet significant tips for your skin care in winter. We are sure it will take the dry days away and make your skin flaunt-worthy!!



This winter, layering is going to take centre stage. How do you flaunt your clothes and keep yourself warm? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to layer through the winter.

How to style your Jeans

When layering clothes with your jeans, the options are limitless.  For a casual look, depending on how cold it is, you can start off with a thermal t-shirt or a long camisole. Wear the top you want over it, add in your favourite scarf around your neck, and top it off with your woollen sweater of jacket.

For a formal look, start with the thermal and move on to a crisp white shirt over it. To keep yourself warm you could stick to the traditional formal jacket or coat – but we encourage you to try wearing a smart crop sweater-top over it. If your legs aren’t warm enough, experiment with leg warmers over your jeans under the boots or knee high boots.

Traditional coats for winter

Jackets for winter

Image Courtesy:

Stylish printed tops

 Image Courtesy:

How to style your Skirts

Don’t miss out on your skirts during the winter, because of the fear of the cold. There are multiple ways you can still rock the minis in this weather.

Once again, depending on how cold it is, you could try treating your sweater as a top itself and either tuck it into your skirt or leave it out. Now, here is when your thermal leggings come into place – keep them handy! Wear the leggings, add on a scarf or a woollen head band and boots/any shoe of your choice to complete the look.

Another stylish look is for the adventurous, you think you can bare a little skin against the winter wind? Wear your skirt, put on your tee and sweater – but instead of leggings try knee-high socks with your shoes. Alternatively leg warmers are also an option.

Different ways to style your skirts


Image Courtesy:


How to style your Dress?

This is much like styling the skirt, important part is keeping those legs warm. Keep your leggings or warm stockings out. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated silhouette, layer your dress with a waist coat and a long winter trench coat.  If you’re looking for an informal look, pair your dress with leggings, a scarf and a loose sweater.

Scarf with a dress

Winter caps that goes with your dress


Image Courtesy:,

How to style your Shorts?

Love your comfy hot shorts, but it’s too cold, eh? Story of all our lives. Wear your leggings first and put on your shorts over them. It’ll still hold true to the shorts effect- bring out those sexy legs. Just like the skirt layering, you could either wear your sweater as your top or throw over a scarf with a jacket. Experiment with different heighted socks over your leggings to add extra warmth.


Shorts over leggings

Ways to style your shorts this winter

Image Courtesy:,