A woman feels like a queen on the special day of her wedding. It is very important for the bride to look the best on that day with unique wedding hairstyles and a perfect ensemble. She spends a good time of her life planning and dreaming about the perfect wedding while rest of the life is spent recalling the beautiful old memories that embraces the present.

Her bridal wear and hairstyles are the two most essential factors of her day apart from the sizzling hot makeup. There must be a perfect synchronization between the bridal dress and her wedding hairstyle. The customary rituals and ceremonies of Indian wedding can be complemented only with traditional designer bridal hairdo that can adorn her hair like a crown for the main day. The hairstyles must make her feel truly special, and that she can rock with confidence on pre-wedding ceremonies and reception. 

Talking of the most amazing wedding hairstyles, we have the following trendy ones that are popular all over the world.

Roll Buns:

Roll Buns
Roll Buns

Designer buns with concentric rolls can add an extra volume to the hair when done with utter perfection. It is a celebrated designer wedding hairstyle of all time as it goes amazingly with a sober wedding gown as well as the gorgeous Indian bridal dresses. Parts of the hair are separated and pulled away to form respective buns by rolling the hair and then finally pinning them up together.

Bohemian Curls:

Bohemian Curls for wedding
Bohemian Curls

Bohemian curls provide a completely different yet extraordinary look to the bride. She can go with this particular hair style if she has medium to flowing long hair. It an easy hairstyle, once you are done with the Velcro curls. Set the curls in proper place and then put a band or crown around your head to leave the long strands loose at back, away from your face.

Side and Pinned Buns:

Sonam Kapoor in Side Bun
Side Bun

When some hair from the top of the head are twisted and turned to form an illusion of a real bun, it is known as pinned bun. They go amazingly well with Indian wedding dresses like Lehengas and Shararas. This bun is a perfect choice for the ones who want a big bun yet don’t have enough long hair. The legendary high bun or side bun is another popular Indian bridal hairdo that sometimes can go well with off shoulder wedding gowns as well. Women with big, prominent eyes along with puffy cheeks can choose this style to enhance her look on the special day of her life.

Designer Braid:

Designer Side Braid
Designer Side Braid

Bun is the patent wedding hairstyle for Indian women, especially the ones with extremely long hair. Designer braids of three or more bunch of hairs look amazing when designed with fresh flowers along every twist. There are classic Indian jewelled accessories as well that exactly complements a thick embellished braid. The forehead can also be ornamented with exclusive Indian jewellery.

Spanish Updo:

Spanish Updo
Spanish Updo

When you have thick and long hair you can always choose to style your hair with the Spanish updo, an important part of the variety of wedding hairstyles. The hair is horizontally parted into two halves when the upper part is designed with beautiful styles like rolls and twists while the lower half is left as it is or might be curled. The upper updo can be decorated with fake crystals, bows or even glittering hair-clips.

Hope you like our collection of designer Wedding Hairstyles, and will experiment with them soon!