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Buy boat neck suit sets for girls in India @ Limeroad

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Boat Neck Suit For Girls


Girls from the very young age want to look exceptionally beautiful and every time they put equal efforts to just be the eye catcher for everyone.

Also the young girls love to play with dupattas. They take their mummy's favourite chuni and play with it for the entire day.


To make sure that every girl gets her own style of dress and is ready to embrace herself, Limeroad gets to you the amazing collection of the suits exclusively for the young kids.


Every child is special and so should be her dress and her appearance. There should be nothing that makes her feel less impressive than others.

What is Boat Neck ?


Boat neck is a  type of wide neckline on a suit that sits just below the collarbone. The boat neck is comfortable wear and looks good on the young girls.

Boat Neck Suits


When it comes to suits, every design has been made in a way that it gives a princess look to the girl. If the work is too much or a different piece of cloth is used to make the same, then it might end up becoming a mature piece of suit.


So to keep it girlish and make sure that the kids adore them, and is comfortable it is made out from soft and light material.


Cloth  piece which generally has self print with lovely border  looks good on the little girls and they make them look like the princess. There are enormous design and work available. Moreover suits can be worn in every season is  also soft on the kids skin. It is comfortable and is easy for the young girls to carry them around.


There are colorful pieces available which are beautifully handworked. Piece of cloth is made more beautiful by using lovely border which increase the appeal of the suit. There is option of straight suit, anarkali, patiala salwars, pajami suits, and much more. The dupattas are made light and impressive to make sure that the girls can carry them easily and can play around the same.

Colors and Patterns


There are some options to choose from the different colors and patterns that are available. Options of half, full ,quarter and cut sleeves is also available. Every pattern and every color is unique and is selected keeping In mind the age and appearance of a kid.

Why Opt For LimeRoad?

When it comes to get the best of what you want then nothing can beat the assurity of limeroad . We at limeroad are committed to provide you the best of everything.

Reasons to buy from Limeroad:

  1. Best Quality: Every product on limeroad goes through the quality test, which helps to make sure that the every piece that reaches our customer has the best of the quality so that you guys have never to sacrifice on the same.

  2. Affordable price: everything seems good when it is never too heavy on pocket.  We at limeroad make sure to give you the best at very affordable price. The discount and special coupons reach you on time with timely update just to make sure that you are served the best. Most importantly you would never have to think anything before buying.

  3. Easy return policy/Exchange: We have always works towards keeping our policies customer friendly and convenient. The easy return policy allows you to try every product you want without any hesitation. You can return it within ten days if you don’t like it or you find your product is not as per your expectations. In