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Buy Chromozome Joggers For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Chromozome Joggers For Men


Track pants for men which are also called joggers or sweatpants are a casual variety of soft trousers which are used for comfort and for running, jogging, gyming and other athletic purposes. Although there is a slight difference between Joggers and track pants is that joggers are a bit loose and allows the body to breathe whereas track pants are much thicker in comparison. These Joggers for men are usually made of cotton and polyester often of a heavy knit. As cotton is a very soft and comfortable fabric to be used in Joggers for men and is meant to absorb the body heat and keep the body cool so this fabric is mostly used in Joggers as Joggers are mainly used for athletic purposes  and gyming and running in which people are meant to sweat a lot. These Joggers often comes with elastic waist bands and drawstrings and might have pockets or might not have pockets. Some Joggers also have elasticized cuffs at the hem of the leg.Joggers are available in various different colours like grey,black,white,blue and some even comes with designs and patterns on them. There are many brands which offer very comfortable joggers for men.


Chromozome is one such brand which offers some of the coolest and most comfortable joggers for men. Limeroad offers a cool collection of best in class, designs and comfort and fitted joggers for men from Chromozome available in their online shopping site for you at a discounted rate which is much less than the actual market price of these Joggers. So pick your favourite Chromozome joggers for men from Limeroad and get ready to hit the gym and stay fit and fine.




Here we will check out the different style and colour in Chromozome joggers for men available in Limeroad.


  1. Blue Cotton Joggers by Chromozome-The cool designed blue coloured joggers for men comes with a bright elastic waistband as well as drawstring closure and has a smart design it which has the name of the brand imprinted.This smart choice in blue cotton joggers is a very comfortably jogger for men and comes with 2 pockets and a elastic cuff hem design on the leg.In order to retain the look of the jogger you need to machine wash it at 40 degree celcius.Limeroad offers this cool and bright joggers for men for a very affordable price and different size options.
  2. Grey Cotton Joggers by Chromozome- Chromozome brings for you a smart looking grey coloured joggers with bright orange elastic waistband along with drawstring closure.This grey coloured joggers for men comes with 2 pockets and also has a bright orange elastic cuff on the leg.Made of good quality cotton fabric which makes the joggers very comfortable to wear.Limeroad offers this grey coloured cotton joggers for men which makes you jogging un for a slashed in price offer and also makes it available for different sizes.You can tag you joggers with a polo t shirt and sports shoes and hit the track in style.
Frequently asked questions
What are joggers for men?
This style of tapered sweatpants are most in trend in recent times among men. The legs of this joggers featured elastic bands and are designed to fall just above the ankles. Some of the joggers comes with side and back pockets while they are others which are devoid of any pockets.
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What are joggers used for?
Joggers for men are mainly used for athletic activities and are also used in doing running, jogging doing brisk walks. Joggers are used for doing several rigorous exercises. Joggers are used in several sporting activities for men. There are several kind of joggers available for men in recent times
1 answers
What are the different materials used in joggers?
Joggers for men are made of several types of materials like polyester, nylon and cotton. A polyester and nylon track pant for men are mainly used for sporting activities and gymming purposes. These material are wrinkle resistant and durable and stays the same even after multiple washes. Cotton is another material which is used in joggers.
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What are the different colours of joggers for men?
There are various colours which is used in joggers for men but mostly dark shades of colours are used in track pants. So darker shades of blue, black, brown, green, beige, maroon, yellow and at times white. There are also joggers for men which comes in different blocks or prints and have designs and patterns on them.
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What is the main difference between a joggers and track pants?
Although there is not much difference that lies between joggers and track pants for men. But the main difference lies in its style and that is joggers are a bit loose in style and just not stick much to the skin whereas track pants are a bit thick and tapered fit.
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What are blue cotton joggers by Chromozome?
The blue coloured cotton joggers comes with two pockets which has yellow lining to them which makes them quite bright and stylish in looks along with an elastic waistband and yellow coloured drawstring closure. This cotton blue coloured joggers has an elastic cuff on its bottom which allows the jogger a perfect fit. Limeroad offers this blue coloured joggers for a pocket friendly price option and in many different size to choose from.
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What are the different brands which make joggers for men?
There are many brands which make some of the most comfortable and best joggers for men. Some of the most popular brands are Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Jockey, HRX by Hrithik, United Colours of Benetton and Roadster. These joggers for men are a very comfortable wear while exercising and doing other physical activities.
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How to wash the joggers for men?
There are several joggers which comes with several prints on them those joggers needs to be washed in mild detergent inside out and if your joggers are light in colour then you should wash the dark colours separately from the dark colours in order to avoid any colours stains on the joggers.
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Can you wear a shirt with joggers?
You can wear polo neck t shirt of and oxford or denim version t shirt along with your joggers and not the office shirts with joggers. Leaving your t-shirts untucked will let you have the cool and casual look with joggers and your canvas shoes tagged along with to groove in style.
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Where to buy the most affordable joggers for men?
Limeroad, the online shopping site provides some of most comfortable joggers which is best in fit and also does not pinch the pockets of the customers. Joggers for men are available in various colours and vary in different material in Limeroad and also offered by the best brands in the market.
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