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Buy Disney T-Shirts for Boys in India @ Limeroad

Disney T-Shirts for Boys


No matter how old we grow up to be, we will never get bored with watching our favorite Disney characters on the screen. That is the case with adults. Children are obsessed with Disney characters, big time. Who says Disney is just for girls or princesses? There are so many more characters that your son might absolutely adore. Who doesn't like Mickey Mouse!


The World Of Disney


The Walt Disney Company was founded by the Disney brothers, Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney in 1923. The first successful cartoon they launched was Mickey Mouse in 1928 and that became everybody’s favorite in no time. Even today, the clippings from the Mickey Mouse with the famous Steamboat Willie appears in the intros of many movies that are produced by the company. This revolutionized the field of cartoons by featuring synchronized sound. That was the beginning of the success story of the Walt Disney Company. It then took off to make and break so many milestones to reach the position it is in now. Today it is a leading producer and provider of quality movies, music and stage play across the entire world. The company runs television channels like the Disney channel, ESPN, ABC etc. The world-famous Disney theme parks are one of the favorite holiday destinations for kids across the world.


Disney is a home to many characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan and so many more. Disney movies are appropriate to all age groups, from toddlers to adults. Obviously, kids love all these movies and cartoons and owning merchandise that represents these is a matter of pride to them. They are colorful, cheerful and teach kids the morals in a light-hearted, happy way (the way without scary villains!).


Dive Into Disneyland


Since Disney has a plethora of characters, and they are introducing even more as time goes by, it is necessary to keep up with them and own merchandise accordingly. After all, who wouldn't love to go watch their favorite characters on screen while wearing t-shirts with the same prints, right? Fandom is something that comes real easy for kids because they are so expressive and love everything around them without a second thought. So, make your kids fall in love with their clothes by surprising them with a t-shirt of their favorite Disney characters on them.


Limeroad has all the Disney merchandise you can think of. Our collection of boys’ t-shirts are the best and so varied that you’ll never get bored with them. Who says boys clothes are boring?! We’ve got everything, from Mickey Mouse to the Incredibles. There is something for every boy in Disney and so on Limeroad. The prints are extremely attractive, the fabric is very soft and durable with colors that won’t fade off. These are the staples for kids wear because kids tend to get dirty real quick during all the little adventures they go on, just like their favorite Disney characters.