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Floor Wipers


As the very famous says and quite popular among physicians and health conscious persons is, an ounce of prevention is better than cure. This definitely applies to the wiping of flooring at your own home or workplace, where dust and grit can act as an abrasive on hard and soft surfaces alike. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life and look of your floors, so you can avoid spending your repair budget on unnecessary flooring replacement costs.The treatment needed for different types of floors is very different as in some places have wooden floor, carpet floor, cement floors, tiles,marble flooring etc.  As minute dust accumulates slipping is a common safety hazard for cleaning methods that involve water or other liquids, especially if the floor is left wet or left unwiped for a very long time. In some places particles like sawdust is used on some floors to absorb any liquids that fall rather than trying to prevent them being spilt. The sawdust is swept up and replaced each day which is an age old practices which was common in the past in places like pubs , dance floors which is still used in some butchers and fishmongers.


There are also a number of options  providing floor cleaning available today such as floor buffers, wipers, floor scrubbers and dust extractors for carpeted flooring in much less time. So, whether one prefers to hire a professional floor cleaner or do the job yourself, the fact is our floors need to be cleaned to lead a healthy life. They get dirty, attract scuffs and accumulate spills but what kind of cleaner one should use for different types of floors and type of wipers used for everyday cleaning makes a large visible difference.


Why Choose LimeRoad?


Limeroad offers branded and quality floor wipers at various lengths suitable for every purpose  at the best price possible in the market at just one click. One of the best selling type of floor cleaner is the floor mop which  is a collection of mass or bundle of coarse strings, soft cloth like material or yarn, or just a piece of cloth, sponge, or any other absorbent material, attached to a pole or stick of reasonable length. Floor mop is used to soak up in the cleaning liquid, for cleaning floors and other surfaces, to mop up dust, or for other cleaning purposes. The dry mop type in many instances replace a broom which has the capability to hold a limited amount of dust or sand within itself. On the other hand a wet mop type is the most preferred one for professional type of cleaning, used as in the second step in the cleaning of a surface. The wet mop used to absorb dust . A mop handle consists of a long piece of wood or aluminium tubing fitted with a specific mount for the mop. The handle can be attached for mounting a mop on it by means of clamp, hanger which has number of  strands doubled over the hanger , plastic claws which are attached to the strands or as a pouch which is attached with many professional flat mops, screwing as with the classic yarn mop, velcro as with many professional flat mops. Ultimately a floor cleaner or wiper is manufactured with the ability to clean effectively so choose a mop that has looped ends to ensure thorough coverage. A mop with a tailband, which is stitched at the bottom of the mop above the loops medium weighted will give the user more control over the mop.