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Cloth Dryer

The smell and feel of freshly washed clothes whether it is machine washed or by a traditional hand method by drying out in the sun is always wonderful. But in this busy world, people are increasingly moving to electric based dryers to dry up their clothes. These have a number of drawbacks like high electricity charges and it also causes weakening of the cloth fibers that shortens the lifespan of  your favourite clothes.

What Is A Cloth Dryer?

To most of us, a cloth dryer is just  a metal box that takes up wet clothes and makes them nice and dry, so we can wear them effortlessly. But unlike other appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, clothes dryers are not afforded as a whole lot of consideration in terms of variety or differences between models. With any type of appliance, there’s quite a variety that is found among different clothes dryers as how they are powered, size or any of the other factors.

On the other hand, chemical-free drying out of clothes in the warm sun works as the best natural disinfectant of all and it gives a natural new fresh look to the clothes. Choosing a cloth rack means taking into account many different factors as pre-assembled or DIY racks, space constraints in the home, amount of laundry to be washed and dried regularly which varies with the number of people in the house and the like. To help solve your mundane yet practical real life problem, a variety of drying cloth racks are available to make life easier. The different types of cloth dryers come in a range of sizes, functions and features. Drying racks are one of those simple things that make simple everyday life with it’s the traditional yet brilliant solution when you need some space for your wet clothes to dry.  There are different types of cloth dryers that come in a various range of sizes, functions and features as suited based on individual’s need.

Freestanding clothes drying racks tend to be very large and are perfect for a home that relies on a drying rack for most of their drying needs. When not in use for storage space, most of the other freestanding drying racks are so large that once they are installed, it is too much of an effort to break them back down. When looking for a freestanding drying rack, you may want to consider getting one with wheels, as it will allow you to move it easily in and out of storage.The wall mounted type of cloth rack to your drying problems is a best option than a freestanding drying rack, because they are actually screwed into the wall of your home, making it very difficult to relocate them later on. They offer all of the same other benefits you will enjoy from a drying rack, but are great if you don’t have a lot of space in your room to store your drying rack. Users love that once installed on the wall they will fold up into themselves, saving space and keeping the floor nice and clear of any items.     


The ceiling mounted type of cloth drying racks take advantage of the fact that warm air helps to dry clothes a lot faster than they would if they were on a rack that was closer to the ground.These drying racks are unique in that they will have a series of strings that allow the user to lower the drying rack. Hanging type of cloth racks are much smaller clothes drying racks than the other ones that are available, and are generally used for smaller items. All types of  cloth drying racks are available with limeroad with assured best quality range of all possible sizes, colour ranges and designs as suited for placing in the indoors, outdoors such as balcony, washing area or some small type of driers to hung in the bathrooms.