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Buy Kesari Belts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Kesari Belts For Men


Belts from the brand Kesari, don't just rely on a trusted name but they've also got the design and quality credentials to back it up.


Limeroad is offering Kesari Men Black, brown, tan and many other Classic Buckle Belt at reasonable range.


This branded belt is exclusively designed for those stylish men who love to experiment.

Material & Design


Made From Quality Vegan Leather and many other materials as per the requirement. Specially Designed And Manufactured by Skilled Handicraft Man for those who do not like to wear Animal Leather Product. The best feature of Kesari belt is that they are reversible. Thus, Just pull and turnbuckle and use it any color you want for your attire from Brown and Black side both.


Most are made from smooth, precision-cut Fabric, but similarities end there with each style displaying the kind of diverse and attention-grabbing design of Kesari that has enabled the brand to stay at the forefront of menswear belt for so long.




Kesari belt can divide your body making the appearance of a flattering shape. When going for more proportion, use this belt and go for a contrasting shade to your clothing for well-balanced looks. Alternatively, for those men who wish to appear taller or more elongated, opt for a Kesari belt which is the same colour to the other outfit tones of your look and can be concealed seamlessly. This will give them the illusion of a heightened look and proportion, thus this belt can also work to make you look taller and more trim.


Fashion And Trend


The general rule of a belt is to keep things minimalistic, simple and sleek with clean lines and unfussy textures. Black belt of Kesari is obviously the most appealing, given its complementation with a classic black suit and other more basic tones. Opt for sleek black Kesari belt with simple, slightly rounded buckles for a clean, classic way to cinch your look. Remember, more formal aesthetics pine for simple additions, so keep your men's Kesari belt relatively low-key, but still on trend.


Statement Belts

Brighter Kesari belts of men in iridescent colours will be helpful for brightening up casual looks simply. The important tip for statement belts? Keep other elements of your look relatively diluted and simplistic, which will allow a focal point for your belt to create a statement. Brighter tones of Kesari brand classic colours will work tremendously but also be ready of more modern Kesari belts which will add an amazing touch.