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Buy Silver Bracelets For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Silver Bracelets For Men

Bracelets alike any handwear can be worn regularly. It all depends on which occasion or place you are leaving for. The dressier bracelets are formal and suit more to the formal events. With a variety of materials, silver is one among the most likable due to its rich grace and extravagance look. A silver bracelet is a casual accessory and it actually pronounces your personality way beyond the average look.

There are multiple reasons listed why men should consider strapping a gleaming Silver bracelet. This might be a rumor that they are very shiny and look quite exaggerating, but this is not true. It always depends on your choice whether you want a sober look silver accessory or the one which is shiny enough.


You might wear bracelets to be the most fashionable men among your team or the one who believes that bracelets look good on men.

You Feel That It's Fun To Wear Them!

Silver Bracelet is a  great way to add some charm to your outfit. They can be dressed up or down. A silver bracelet is versatile and can match almost any color from your shirt pattern, t-shirts design and is appropriate in formal environments either.

Slip the classy silver bracelet around your wrist for a shiny Sunday brunch or a  barbecue night in your backyard.


Ideas To Slip A Sterling Silver Bracelet Around Your Wrist


The sizzling silver bracelets are getting a lot of popularity lately. They are hyped among various Hollywood celebrities, and international sports stars, and of course is also trending among the Bollywood stars.


Silver bracelets play a vital role in enhancing the overall look of a man personality. However, it becomes difficult to choose, how to pair this accent wear perfectly. And this adds more stream to pick the right type or silver bracelet.

Well, you Don't worry. We at Limeroad will help you to get the scoop! Toodles. We will no-fail ideas to rock any silver bracelet.

Layered Bracelets


Layered silver bracelets are among the other most old accessory worn by the celebrities backdate. Earlier it came with thick pieces and now a thin cord has become the choice of today's men. A sterling silver bracelet along with classic white shirt is a rare personified option and can be worn in corporate ambiance too. Thin cord silver bracelets are more advisable than the one with thick tangles to give an absolute luxurious look.


The Corporate Sterling


The corporate silver bracelets for men are really sophisticated and distinctively professional-looking. That is the reason they work best to accent environment and formal attire. They are perfect to match with Daily suits and tie.

For corporate and upscale attire, Choose a wide single stud bracelet. It will give you more bold and masculine appearance.


The will keep you sleek sober and yet stylish. Only one silver metal bracelet is perfect to display a little more swag.

Under Long Sleeves


Silver bracelets should be worn in the same way as you wear watches under the long sleeves. It might let you feel that it is defeating the look but it will serve the very purpose to embrace the accent of your outfit.

Sterling silver bracelet will definitely gleam up your personality at the right moments, that too very brightly. Just flaunt your shiny bracelet when you're handing your team those files or grabbing a cup of coffee in from your colleagues.

Pair your sterling silver bracelets with blazers or leather jackets at informal events. You can also pull it off with outfits that have short sleeves in the summer months.





Wearing accessory on single wrist appears much better than on both. This rule is extended if you're layering many pieces either. The general idea is to wear it on one wrist and keep one hand bare rather than spreading out pieces. Always go for Single sleek bracelets Rather choosing thick cuff bracelets. Men should not wear much jewelry as a simple and one bracelet in enough to add that more swag.

Frequently asked questions
What are different types of sterling silver bracelet?
B square, Link Me men, Brawny bike, Roman link, Easy rider, Greek to me link are different types of silver bracelet available. They have one in thing common- the material is silver but is meant to wear in different environments and places. Some are ideal to wear in informal events and few are in corporate culture.
1 answers
Which will be best type of silver bracelet to be worn in informal occasions?
Silver sterling bracelets are best suitable for any informal events, but the one with a single solid chain, twisted chain, thick cord layers are more preferable. They upscale your look with any outfit you wear and emphasize your personality. In the contemporary era different style of silver bracelet have been introduced, single chain braided, dragon clasps, thin cord sleek are other spunky bracelets to amp up your look.
1 answers
Are there any bracelet which have minimum silver coating or material?
Modern era is nowhere left behind in the rage of fashion. So, yes there are bracelets with minimal silver layer on it, including: Half and half cuff bracelet for men-the stylish half cuff and half leather bracelet, a refreshing change and worth a closer look. Leather strap is tangled around a silver cuff giving a unexpected texture to the bangle. Black leather silver bracelet- this is a unique style, the braided leather strap is twisted till it’s reaching the stainless clasps giving a stiff deal to all fashionable me. An added feature is this that it is unisex, can be worn by both men and women. 3. Biblical silver bracelet- A distinctive style of bracelet which has prayer embedded on it, is for people who more religiously tilted. This, however, has silver all over but more than half of the portion is black in colour.
1 answers
How can we pair our silver bracelet?
It strictly depend on the type of clothes you are wearing. If you are wearing a full sleeves shirt with square patterns you can choose a sleek, thin cord silver bracelet. Riding a bike wearing jacket, a braided thick cuff bracelet will look really spunky and gothic.
1 answers
Should we wear bangles in both wrists?
It is not advisable to wear bracelets or any accessory in both hand, especially men should spare that look. Wearing bracelet in one hand in more than enough to add extra panache, keeping one hand bare. Layering many jewelleries is not something that matches a masculine gender.
1 answers
How to Wear and exhibit a Bracelet?
The basic problem with bracelets for men is that most formal menswear spare no room for the bracelets to be worn. You need to get your sleeves tailored with the bracelets in mind, shirt cuffs and suit and have to manage it to wear along with watch if needed. Here are some basic guidelines on how to wear a bracelet being mocked. Bracelets are like wrist watches — they stick against the wrist, beneath any sleeves, which are big enough to cover them. Thin cord bracelets are much better to stack up on the same wrist rather, wearing thick pieces to look awkward. Wear a wristwatch to add modish look along with thin cord bracelets, don’t pair it with a thick metal one. And follow one band rule don't wear more than one thick metal band on the same wrist.
1 answers
What type of silver bracelets are perfect to pair with t-shirts?
Since t-shirts are part of informal wearing and are of short sleeves so pairing bracelets with them is easy and quick. Whether thick or big, thin or broad silver band are complementary to your informal look. With t-shirts you can wear : Broad silver metal bracelets Strings and rope metal bands Dragon roll and roll silver bracelets Leather silver cuffs Half and half metal cuff band
1 answers