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Buy Silver Necklaces For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Silver Necklaces


Are you someone who always wants to be the “up to trend” chic? Well, silver jewellery is what will keep you in the pace of the fashion world no matter when you don it on!


Silver Necklaces are made with extreme pride and moulded into the most graceful shapes and designs. Not only this, but with the hep designs, comes great durability, long life, and a class above all. Silver necklaces come in the most subtle designs with astonishing variations of stones, pearls, etc. Their blendable colour gives them an edge over other jewellery as they can be matched with any outfit. A little care of polishing and considerate storing can last your silver jewellery a lifetime. So have you bought yours yet?


What Does it Go With?


A Silver Necklace is usually made in a generic design that allows it to be teamed with both Western and Indian attires. However, certain variations here and there also add charm to the necklaces and make them more ideal for one style or the other. If you're looking for something extremely dressy without going too dramatic, Silver Jewellery is a perfect balance.


  1. With Western Wear - Silver Chain Pendants are the most elegant looking neck pieces. They go well both with casual and formal dresses and add a spark to your personality. Apart from this, heavier necklaces with imitation diamonds and other stones are also offered by Fayon, Aradhya Jewellery, and others, only at Limeroad! These go well with solid colour dresses when you just want to add a little glamour to your ensemble. On the other hand, if you're looking for a bolder look, the chic Silver Choker by Ayesha will make you feel confident and classy when paired with sexy rope earrings.
  2. With Indian Wear - Indian Occasions are all about decking up to the fullest. However, sometimes one feels like straying from the usual and styling a different look. Apart from the customary “Sone Ki Chamak”, Chandi will also be a sure head turner at your favourite cousin's wedding! Silver Necklaces in Bib style add a special grace to light coloured lehengas. Pair these with a complete set of heavy dangler earrings and silver anklets, and you're ready to go. Also, check out bold ethnic designs offered by Aamoddhini and other brands at Limeroad. The subtle silver colour ornated with bright and solid colour stones makes silver necklaces go well with all kinds of jewellery and attires.When it comes to silver, necklace designs also vary a great deal. Many silver necklaces are moulded with tribal depictions and hippie carvings to give an edgy look. Such Necklaces go well with Kadhas and slim silver bangles.

While there is a variety of silver and silver plated jewellery that has carried on its legacy since generations, silver imitation jewellery is a trend that is fast catching up these days. Firstly, it is lighter in weight and thus easier to handle. Secondly, it carries off the same charm as real jewellery, within a lower price. Thirdly, it requires lesser maintenance as compared to real Silver.


So at the next big party, you know what your style statement is going to be!