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Slim Fit Blazers For Women

Blazers are the best way to spice up your boring winter wear. A great statement piece to add to your wardrobe and the ideal way is the slim fit blazer. A fitted blazer gives women the option to change dresses hanging in their closets. It easily goes well with your dresses.



Shape And Cut


A fitted blazer does not need to be super tight to look good. The bottom part of the blazer should be fitted to counteract the slight bulkiness of the top. The perfect slim fit blazer should enhance your features without overdoing on fit.




For winter wear ideal would be wool blended fabrics to give you the much needed warmth. Wool, tweed, for winters and cotton, linen for summer.


The fitted blazer comes with tailored look. The style looks structured and is the one you should opt for in formal settings. The slim fit blazer makes your everyday wear an interesting affair.


Some ways in which you can style your slim fit blazer this winter are:

  • With formal trousers- This is one of the classic way of wearing your slim fit blazer with formal trousers and blouse for that powerful business woman look. Complete the look with high ponytail, silver jewellery and pump.
  • With ankle length pants- Pair your ankle length trousers with button down shirt and complete the look with khaki blazers- for the business look. This outfit can easily be worn at your workplace if ankle length is not restricted or a day out.
  • With denim jeans- For that ultra chic look pair your jeans with blazer for that no effort appeal. Team it with posh clutch, preferably envelope and complete the look by wearing nude pumps.
  • With ripped jeans- If you love experimenting new looks try this one- slim fitted blazers with ripped jeans. An amalgamation of formal fitted blazers with the funky ripped jeans.
  • With chinos- The slim fit chino pants with similar fit blazer will visually make you look slim. Ideal for heavy built girls. But be careful of not overdoing it.
  • With formal skirt- Make your office wear interesting by styling your A- line skirt and ruffle blouse with a matching suede blazer. This look give you a professional appeal while showing the feminine side of you. Stylish hairdo, pop of lipstick, high heels will restore your confidence.
  • With mini skirt- The  beautiful combination of lace skirts, printed tees and floral fitted blazer are an outfit to kill. Add some long pendant chains, chunky jewellery and you are out to conquer.
  • With long skirt- Pump your fashionable long skirt and top with an elegant, structure blazer. The look would be a blend of classy and street style. Accessories with a pretty sling bag and wedges.
  • With jumpsuits - The current trend for jumpsuits, and if you have a liking for it, then select a bold shape jumpsuit and pair it with your fit blazer. The LimeRoad designer tip is to go for contrasting hue blazer which creates an exuberance to your jumpsuit.

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So have you decided where to shop slim fit blazers from? Still wondering, are you? Head over to LimeRoad and make this fashion platform your one-stop destination! Also, don’t forget to download our mobile app to avail the occasional discounts and offers! Happy Shopping!!!

Frequently asked questions
What is a Blazer?
A blazer is a type of jacket resembles a suit jacket. A blazer is used as a more formal garment and tailored from solid colour fabrics. A blazer's cloth is usually durable Blazers often have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their origins as jackets. A blazer is generally differentiated from a sport coat. Blazers intended as outdoor wear, are often part of a uniform for example, an airline's employees, pupils of a particular school, members of sports clubs, or sportsmen and women on a particular team.
1 answers
What fit to choose for Blazer for women?
There are many options in blazers to choose. Patterned blazers have different prints and colours. There are some types of blazers for women which has front styling such as Single-Breasted Blazer, Double-Breasted Blazer, and Tuxedo. These types of blazers for women are usually Slim Fit, Regular Fit and Tailored Fit. Blazers generally come with crop length and regular length. These blazers are usually worn for casual and formal.
1 answers
What type of materials used for Blazers?
There are different materials used for Blazers. For outwear, Blazers are made of materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Scuba, Fleece, Crepe, Hosiery, Jersey, Wool, Rayon, Velvet, Linen, Satin, Georgette, Khadi, Khadi Cotton, Lace, Net etc. These materials are more comfortable and elegant for women because they are water resistance. For occasion, Blazers are made of soft materials that are more flexible and lighter like Velvet, Linen, Satin, Georgette, etc, They are light and give stylish look.. For different purposes you can choose any of the materials that suits you to look fashionable, functional and perfect.
1 answers
What is a Single-Breasted Blazers for women?
Single-breasted blazers may be either fastened or unfastened. In two-button single breasted blazers, the bottom button is traditionally left unfastened except with certain unusual cuts of jacket. When sitting down to avoid an ugly drape with a single-breasted suit, it is proper to have the buttons unfastened.
1 answers
What is a Double-Breasted Blazers for women?
A good double-breasted blazer is usually able to be left buttoned, to avoid the difficulty of constantly redoing the inner button when standing up. Double-breasted blazers are almost always kept buttoned. When there is more than one functional buttonhole, only one button need be fastened. Some three-button blazers were cut so that all three could be fastened without the drape. A four-button blazer is untraditional and uncommon. The one button blazer has regained some popularity. The button should always be fastened while standing.
1 answers
What are the different types of Blazers for women?
The best designers made new designs of Blazers for women every season. There are huge collection of Blazers with wide range of varieties. Below are the different types of Blazers available in the market. Single-Breasted Blazer Women Solid Casual Blazer Single-Breasted Casual Blazer Women Front Open Blazer Women Printed Casual Blazer Women Solid Casual Blazer Floral Print Front-Open Blazer Women Double-Breasted Blazer Corduroy Front Open Blazer Striped Cropped Blazer
1 answers
Are Blazers for women are affordable?
Every woman wants to afford Blazers to have formal, ethnic and party wear purpose and look trendy. So, the Blazers price ranges from Rs.999 to so on. Blazers price differs based on material, size, inner material used, patterns, designs, jackets, notch lapel, buttons and zippers. Blazers price depends on brands and type of fabric whether it is hard material or soft material.
1 answers
Which brands to choose for Blazers?
The best designers come with top brands. The most stunning and prettiest Blazers for women are designed by the top brands. Blazers for women of top brands are expensive but yet they are good in quality of fabric and designs. These type of Blazers are more flexible and fashionable. The brands you can choose for women are Aaliya Woman Abony Besiva Broadstar Campus Sutra Cottinfab Deal Jeans Entease Harpa Just Wow Martini Kamal Kakdi Peptrends
1 answers
What are the sizes available for Blazers for women?
Blazers for women have wide variety of sizes available in the market and online shopping. The purpose of using Blazers made designers come with different sizes depends on women of different age groups. The most women select suits as per their age and personality. Here are some blazers with sizes are from XS, 2XS, XL, 2XL, 3XL,4XL, 5XL, XXL. Also there are sizes like as mentioned below Small Medium Large
1 answers
Which Blazers are Party wear?
There are many colours and patterns used for Party wear blazers. Some of the blazers include: Sequined Open Front Blazer Sailor Blazer Women Sequined Blazer Women Single-Breasted Blazer Women Double-Breasted Blazer Women Slim Fit Blazer The most attractive one for women is Grey party blazer, has a peaked lapel, single-breasted with double button closure, long sleeves, three pockets, an attached lining with four pockets with Grey mid-rise blazers, has four pockets, a zip fly with a hook-and-bar and a button closure, a waistband with belt loops.
1 answers