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Buy Slim Fit Shirts for Women in India @ Limeroad

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Slim Fit Shirts for Women

Tired of tent-like t-shirts? Irritated by ill-fitting oxfords Shirt? No worries, picking a shirt that shows off your smartness, charm doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to know where to start and what to wear!

From work to travel, there are many ways to mix up or enhance your wardrobe with slim fit Shirts of Women which emphasize your unique qualities without breaking a sweat.


Whatever your size, shape and wherever you are purchasing a slim fit Shirt from, a few basic rules apply when choosing your dress shirt.


Style And Comfort


Slim-fit shirts for Women are so tailored they fit neatly inside the pants without a hint of bulkiness. The top button might have been open, or it might not have, that depends on the wearer. The small details don’t matter, because it is the line of the shirt which is breaking all the records of other shirts.

Slim fit shirts for Women gives the ultimate comfort to the wearer. They are also easy to manage and maintain. Whether it is on some occasion, a day out or even for the gym, slim fit shirt for Women are a perfect choice.


Numerous patterns and colors and models of slim fit shirts are designed. These slim fit shirts for women are in most demand and trendy today. Young women have often tried to differentiate their look from their colleagues while wearing it. At the same time, it has become socially acceptable to wear a dress slim fit shirt without a jacket, and therefore the look and fit of the shirt itself have made the look smart and thus it has become more important.

It is a lot more fashionable clothing because it eliminates excess fabric.


A slim fit shirt for women typically has an accentuated back with darts and a high armhole stance allowing for a shaped look that sits closer to the body but without being skin tight.


As the name implies, this shirt fit is not made only for slim people but also it is perfect for everyone as it gives a perfect look to everyone. But if you are in shape and young or young at heart, and you want to wear the shirt on its own and make your look charm, the slim fit look is for you.


If you’ve got a small frame and you’re looking for something to compliment your figure and shape, then it might be a good idea to have some slim fit shirt options in your wardrobe other than the oxford shirt. A fitted dress shirt or simple slim fit shirt could be a great addition and also would be applicable with both smart and casual looks.


Shop From LimeRoad


We do have all the latest shades, design and pattern and colors of slim fit Shirt for women on Limeroad. These are usable for every party, casual, professional occasion. Even for a meeting purpose, wear them with trousers and be ready to look smart and professional in a cool way.