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Yellow Shirts For Men


A shirt is a cloth garment for the upper body (from the neck to the waist).

Originally, an undergarment worn exclusively by men, it has become, in American English, a catch-all term for a broad variety of upper-body garments and undergarments. In British English, a shirt is more specifically a garment with a collar, sleeves with cuffs, and a full vertical opening with buttons or snaps. A shirt can also be worn with a necktie under the shirt collar.

Types Of Yellow Shirts

  • Camp shirt – a loose, straight-cut, short-sleeved shirt or blouse with a simple placket front-opening and a "camp collar”
  • Dress shirt – shirt with a formal (somewhat stiff) collar, a full-length opening at the front from the collar to the hem (usually buttoned), and sleeves with cuffs
  • Polo shirt (also tennis shirt or golf shirt) – a pullover soft collar short-sleeved shirt with an abbreviated button placket at the neck and a longer back than front.

Parts Of Yellow Shirt

Many terms are used to describe and differentiate types of shirts (and upper-body garments in general) and their construction. The smallest differences may have significance to a cultural or occupational group. Recently, (late twentieth century, into the twenty-first century) it has become common to use tops as a form of advertisement.


There are two main categories of fibres used: natural fibre and man-made fibre (synthetics or petroleum based). Some natural fibres are linen, the first used historically, hemp, cotton, the most used, ramie, wool, silk and more recently bamboo or soya. Some synthetic fibres are polyester, tencel, viscose, etc. Polyester mixed with cotton (poly-cotton) is often used. Fabrics for shirts are called shirtings. The four main weaves for shirtings are plain weave, oxford, twill and satin. Broadcloth, poplin and end-on-end are variations of the plain weave. After weaving, finishing can be applied to the fabric.


Black and white pants, both will be suitable for yellow color shirts. When you dress for brighter colors (light denim, tops etc) intend to use bright colors throughout the entire outfit. Yellow is a bright color so I'd go for some light blue or white denim. According to the colour wheel, purple goes best with yellow. However, I personally feel that is a disgusting combination, well for dark purple at least. A lavender or bright violet shade is more preferable, in my opinion. Yellow is quite a summer color that will go efficiently with blue, black, and brown too. You can wear a yellow shirt with monochrome jeggings as well. Try to wear a yellow shirt with yellow pants. It will not look good and will make you look quite awful. So get the shirt at LIMEROAD. Yellow is a bright colour and matches with limited colours, yet if it's styled properly can be a banger look. Well, black jeans will look super cool with a yellow dress.

But if you want to have some other color except the black one, then pairing your yellow shirt with light tone jeans like light blue or navy blue will make a perfect pair.


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