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Cocktail Glasses


Whether you’re only starting to explore the world of mixed drinks, or are a hobbyist mixologist looking to strop your art, there’s something new to learn (or sip!) always. Inventing great cocktails at home is so very easy once you have some basic tools, recipes, and a handful of tips. But it’s not all about the taste these days. Presentation matters just as much as what there is inside. So be ready to receive a ton load of compliments for your art the next time you host a party, with these amazing cocktail glasses from Limeroad.


Mix Em Up Real Good  


Cocktails scream holidays. But it’s not true that they are limited to holidays only. Mixing drinks is supposed to be fun and a way to elevate your average home drinking experience (while saving the money you'd maybe spend at the bar). It is somewhat similar to cooking for pleasure, but the experiments take a lot less time and sure are a whole lot more fun. The journey takes you from one tasty drink to the next. There might be some you don't like and some you might screw up and make a mess at times, but that's okay! As varied as these drinks are, their presentations are different too. So naturally, one kind of glass does not go with every drink. Don’t fret if you don’t know what kinds of glasses you need to have.


Just keep reading, we’re here to help you out:

  • Rocks Glass: These are known for the old-fashioned “on the rocks” kind of drinks. They are also called "lowball glasses" at times. Usually, the heavier a rocks glass is, the more expensive it is. Rocks glasses are great to use larger ice cubes that melt slower, so a glass that's too small might not actually fit a large ice cube.
  • Collins Glass: The Collins glass gets its name from Tom Collins, that is made with gin, lemonade, and soda water. Drinks that are served over ice and topped off with soda water or something else fizzy are best served with these kinds of glasses because they have a narrow base and won’t let the fizz fade away soon.
  • Hurricane Glass: These are originally made for serving the Hurricane cocktails but these are great for serving Pina Coladas or other long, tropical drinks as well. They have a lampshade like glass with a stem that helps in holding the glass comfortably.
  • Martini Glass: These have an inverted triangular shape that is actually intended to enhance the aroma of the drinks. Recently we have seen these glasses become top-heavy and cumbersome.
  • Snifter: This glass is used to serve brown drinks like bourbon, rum, scotch etc. It warms the drink up with your body heat as you hold the snifter in your hand, making it evaporate. Because of the narrow top, the vapors get trapped inside the glass and thus enhances the aroma of the drink.

Every cocktail glass is designed with a specific purpose and drink in mind. Now that you have the cheat sheet ready, get your kitchen party ready with the amazing collection of glasses from Limeroad.